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  1. Not sure how I feel about this potential hire. Chargers’ OL hasn’t been anything to write home about either but maybe it was more about the lack of talent? Here’s hoping Rhule sees something we don’t - we have to get this one right.
  2. I wonder if they’d consider Suleiman for an executive VP role as the tweet indicated he’d be more than a capologist? And who else did we hire from the Steelers?
  3. Things make you go hmmmm. Still no official news on who the DC is?
  4. Good for him. He’s a excellent DL coach but nowhere close to qualified as a DC. Why Rivera couldn’t figure this out is beyond anyone with good eyes. I actually think RR is more to blame for his failures as a DC.
  5. I still think Hurney remains GM only to “transition” us through the next draft b4 he’s “reassigned” or resigns. No facts - just a feeling.
  6. It was beyond time for a change. This team became increasingly soft under Rivera and losing the leadership of Cam and TD didn’t help. I’m disappointed that Hurney’s been retained but the overhaul of this team had to start somewhere. I wish Riverboat well in DC but it’s time for a new era in Carolina.
  7. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if Hurney gets the Gettleman treatment and shown the door shortly after the 2020 draft. I hope Tepper rids this team of every trace of the old regime.
  8. It would be insane to ignore a HUGE need on the DL considering our putrid run defense and Brown would happen to be BPA at a position of need. I do agree we should never reach to fill a need and if Derrick Brown is off the table when we draft then BPA by all means.
  9. Miss CJ. Unfortunately this team’s “culture” is softer than Charmin tissue paper.
  10. I think it’s worth it for Thompson but a bit overpriced for Bradberry. If I had to pay one over the other though I’d go with Bradberry.
  11. I think you’re right based on what it may currently cost to sign a franchise QB.
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