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  1. Nice-Carolina-Chuck

    Now 2 good tickets available.......MNF

    Pm me
  2. Nice-Carolina-Chuck

    Two of Three

  3. Nice-Carolina-Chuck

    Which huddle conservative is most likely to be a potential mass shooter?

    @PhillyB and @TheRed
  4. Nice-Carolina-Chuck

    2018 Police Shooting Statistics Are In.

    Did you ever have to suck dick like Ron Rivera
  5. Nice-Carolina-Chuck

    Sunday Games Thread

    KK lived off Star. Star got KK fat rich.
  6. Nice-Carolina-Chuck

    Sunday Games Thread

    OHHH WOWWW. Another one possession game late in the 4th qt. NFL is so freakin stupid. Same script every game.
  7. Nice-Carolina-Chuck

    Before or After Highnoon?

    Rivera is a pro at sucking dicks. Tepper loves it like JR
  8. Nice-Carolina-Chuck

    2018 Police Shooting Statistics Are In.

    Are you a chickener
  9. Defense and Jacoby Jones won the SB.
  10. Nice-Carolina-Chuck

    2018 Police Shooting Statistics Are In.

    Youre a racist
  11. Nice-Carolina-Chuck

    What do you think of Rivera's shirt?

    Tepper already told him he’s not getting fired. Tepper is Jerry Richardson 2.0 untill I see his balls drop.
  12. Nice-Carolina-Chuck

    Sunday Games Thread

    Its a win when we dont play
  13. Nice-Carolina-Chuck

    To those claiming the NFL is rigged...

    Fake sport
  14. Nice-Carolina-Chuck

    MNF Two Tickets 90 Total

    Who buys tickets in Row 33 in the first place?