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  1. Obviously, more wins than losses and playoff contention would be impressive. But it won't take that. Out of the coaching staff, I would like to see indications that they are putting players in a position to succeed and thus putting the team in a position to win. For years, we have lined our 22 up against the opponent's 22, and if we won enough of those matchups, we'd win. If not, we'd lose. Making adjustments was verboten, some sort of admission of defeat. Remmers will win the match against Miller or else. I'll be impressed if I can conclude those days are over and the coaching staff is capable of being the difference and can steal a win every now and then. Even if the adjustments aren't successful, if I can see how they could have been with more talent or more experience, I'll be fine with it. Out of the team, if they end the season as a more cohesive unit than they started the season and I can see progress, I'll be happy. If our draft choices show they can be the answer in their respective positions, I'll be very happy. We've deluded ourselves for several seasons thinking we were just a couple of pieces away. The truth is, 2015 was a lightning strike that was unlikely to repeat. Regardless of the odds, repeating it was beyond our coaching ability and personnel decisions, anyway. I'd like to end 2020 feeling like there actually is a plan in place. Patience, Grasshopper.
  2. Poor Cam.... https://sports.theonion.com/cam-newton-scrambling-to-get-up-to-speed-after-patriots-1844324700
  3. Look on the bright side. You won't have to bear watching the officials huddle around a display, looking at something that is clearly a catch, and after an eternity explain that even though it was clearly a catch, the pass is incomplete. Or march off 15 yards for a late hit on the QB, when the guy who actually knocked him on his butt was his own OL.
  4. Translated: We tried to call Cam and his agent. But the numbers I have must not be current. I left messages on the numbers I had, but neither ever called back. Had to be a mistake, because given what I did for him, I know he would have been eager to play here. Chalk it up to a missed opportunity. Not sure how New England found his current number.
  5. We are winos and had over 500 bottles in our "cellar." Had is the key word. About 75 of them are now empties. Mostly California reds, the majority Pinot Noirs. Our favorite of those is from Papapietro Perry, although Landmark is also in that mix. Aside from that, there are a couple of empty Hacienda gin bottles. Smoothest gin I have ever had, and I am a gin drinker. It is a potato gin. Various Tequilas have joined that mix. Mrs. Schultz has sample a vodka or two. Add a few regional stouts and it rounds out the casualties.
  6. I never got what they were thinking, either. There is some degree of unhappiness between Hoodie and Kraft over the Brady situation that has seeped through their offseason. Hoodie wanted to move on from Brady a few years ago, when Garoppolo was hitting critical mass. Kraft overruled him, they dealt Garoppolo, and the reality of the dynasty probably ending when Brady decided instead of transitioning and staying alive set in. The irony of that mess is that neither Hoodie, Kraft, nor Brady got what they wanted. So, the open confidence in Stidham may have been Hoodie's way of telling Kraft and the Pats faithful that this is the hand they are dealt, he didn't deal the hand, but he'll play it. Or he really thinks Stidham is Brady-lite. In which case all bets are off. Even though they mentioned a competition between Hoyer and Stidham (prior to Cam) for the starting spot, I did not see much other talk that Hoyer would actually be the day one starter. Cam gives them an out, if he proves healthy. "We like Stidham a lot, but we just happened to wander into a former MVP who is healthy again" plays a lot better than "Stidham is Brady-lite, but Hoyer is our starter."
  7. Eh, let's face it. Most people operate with the motto "I'm not happy unless your not happy."
  8. Glad for Cam. I was not expecting New England to pick him up, solely because their talk as of a month ago pretty strongly indicated they thought Stidham has a shot at being Tom Brady-lite. Maybe they still do, who knows? Not sure why, but then again I have not seen a single play with Stidham under center. But, I got the impression they had Hoyer around only because he spent his first few years in the organization and was familiar with things. The Pats are kind of a mess right now, roster-wise and particularly on offense. But, they have the advantage of being in a division that "kind of a mess" is usually enough. We'll see if Buffalo gets over the hump this year or not. Either way, the deal sounds low risk to everybody involved. For Cam, he will see more head coaching in 3 days there than he saw here in 9 years here. I honestly thought Cam would wind up a Raider, even after they signed Mariota. Chuckie made it sound like Carr was evil, and we all know how Chuckie's doghouse works. But, on balance, Cam is better off being a Patriot than a Raider. The Pats manage to find ways to turn questionable rosters into wins, while the Raiders tend to turn decent rosters into a struggle for mediocrity. Good luck to him, even if it is with the Pats. I hope he shows the NFL he has indeed returned.
  9. Hoodie can't get it. No self-respecting virus would get within 500 yards of him.
  10. Where do I sign? I'm staring down the barrel of 59 years old, in very good health, no underlying health conditions, and for a number of reasons I have a lot of confidence in my immune system. We have friends about my age or a few years older who, if I were in their general health, my answer would probably be different. Besides, even though I work out of my house and telecommute, I was traveling quite a bit when this thing emerged. I'm pretty sure I was exposed to it already. Given that, where do I collect?
  11. I could see myself just resigning to the idea of keeping my mouth shut.
  12. If he is looking for a model to follow, he should look at Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. The guy has the rare gift of making you feel like you are listening to him speak when he writes. Even if you don't agree with him on the topic, he makes you want to read the entire article to understand his perspective. I've read others who had that ability. None of them were athletes, and there are extremely few of them even among professional journalists/columnists.
  13. I've been wondering what is wrong with dating a poem star. I'm not into poetry, but I don't find it so awful that I would have walked away from a date just because she was good at it.
  14. I assume there was alcohol related to this post, and not just a little bit.
  15. It is a great message, I just wish I didn't get a headache reading it. Kind of like decoding a message. But the content is spot on. It ought to be required reading. If Cam can be a father figure to seven kids, whether they are his, adopted, or just a neighbors who he thinks needs his help, it speaks volumes about the man.
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