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  1. This. We have been in almost every game, even those where, on paper, we should have been running out the clock and running toward the exists after the first 20 minutes. I'll take the competitiveness we have shown this year. But, we just don't have the horses. We have some good DL talent, and we have put together a good WR corps, but the rest? The youth in the secondary could develop, but we are a long way away from a good roster. We need another good draft and perhaps a few judicious FA signings, plus another good offseason after that. Our saving grace could be the rest of the division may "have some 'splainin' to do." Atlanta is going to have some tough choices to make. Depending on what shakes out with the cap, they could be $25M over. The Saints numbers look like the national debt, with about $90M over the cap. Only Tampa has money to burn, but they better hope Brady wants another year.
  2. There were many reasons Gano was let go. One was concern over whether he would recover from his injury. If I am not mistaken, there were 4.3 million other reasons this year, and something in excess of 5 million next year. For a rebuilding team, Slye costs around $700k. As for yesterday, the big miss was not the 54 yarder to end the game. It was the blocked FG from under 30 earlier. That was not on him. I'm not defending Slye, and I don't think he is the guy we want when the rebuild takes shape. But, in a year when we were shedding dead weight and cap, justifying a kicker who was going to cost us around $9.5M over two seasons is tough to do.
  3. Ah, you are correct on Okung. I somehow wound up looking at his 2020 number. If it comes down to Paradis vs. Moton, I'd rather have Moton. I am hoping we wind up only shopping for four OL and not five!
  4. Depending on the final verdict about what the 2021 salary cap is (and beyond), this is not a great year to be a FA, nor a GM. All we know is the 2021 cap won't be less than $175M. If that is the number, that means there are at least $800M less dollars in the league to negotiate for (assuming a conservative 2021 cap would have been $200M, and it probably would have been higher) on the agent side, and $25M less than each GM was accounting for. I don't trust Hurney to navigate those waters for us. Last I saw, we were pretty much in the middle of the pack in terms of cap dollars available. I think our best option, based purely on the cap numbers, was to part company with Okung, which saves us along the lines of $13M. Paradis "ripens" after June 1, saving us around $5M. He costs us a few hundred thousand prior to June 1. I hate parting company with Okung more than Paradis, but the guy can't stay on the field and he is on the wrong side of 30 for that to improve.
  5. Wow, I didn't see that coming. Said absolutely no one.
  6. For years, we entered every draft needing a WR early. Sometimes we would draft one, then a year or two later we would still need a WR. While we were in that viscous cycle, our need for OL kept growing but nobody noticed, because we desperately needed WRs. As somebody said earlier, we may not be far from having a special DL. Burns donning the red cape and S on his chest this season has been huge. Most of the pieces are in place, assuming YGM comes along. We need a somebody next to Brown on the inside. I like Efe as depth on the end. Hopefully the secondary develops. Now about two of those linebackers......And who knows, maybe Shaq would be serviceable if there was somebody in the middle....anybody.
  7. The thing about CBs is almost all of them take time to develop to the NFL level. I think it is one of the toughest positions to make the transition from college to the pros because the difference in the speed of the game is probably the most apparent in WR - CB matchups. The guys that "burst onto the scene" are usually fast enough to make up for their mistakes. NFL receivers are quicker, smarter, and generally better route runners than what most CBs saw in college, except maybe in flashes. Not to mention the ball tends to get to receivers much more quickly due to QBs throwing the ball to where the receiver is going to be rather than waiting for him to break free.
  8. Unfortunately, it looks like he lost the fight. https://www.dallasnews.com/sports/cowboys/2020/11/25/cowboys-strength-and-conditioning-coach-markus-paul-dies-at-54/ RIP Markus.
  9. I like this. I'm not sure about a center in the first, because I think the few notables in this draft will be available to us in the second and maybe later, but regardless, good plan. But you omitted something obvious, that would be a causal factor on this plan.....Hurney is promoted to PR Director immediately after this season ends (like January 4th).
  10. The last report I saw was a few hours ago, that he is on life support. It was the most recent thing I could find. https://www.nj.com/giants/2020/11/cowboys-strength-and-conditioning-coach-markus-paul-ex-giants-and-jets-assistant-on-life-support.html It does not sound promising.
  11. Thanks for posting that. Here's hoping he can quote Mark Twain, "the report of my death was an exaggeration."
  12. Brady's personality is a known commodity. I watched the end of the first half and all of the second, and he did not look good. I read somewhere that he completed over 40% of his passes over 20 yards in their first 8 games, but in the last 3 he has been 1 for 19 on long passes. He was pretty far off on a few of those last night. That is not at all compatible with the offense Arians tries to run, and we know he is not going to change the offense. It's easier just to throw somebody under the bus. The Rams rattled him quite a few times with pressure in the second half. It wasn't constant, but they picked their spots and it was effective.
  13. It's an oldie but a goodie. I guess the best way to describe this topic is that is mathematically possible. We have to win the 3 we could/should win which is not out of the picture, and then win one or both of the Green Bay and Narleans games. Green Bay often plays down to the competition, so the world would not spin backwards if we won that. The easiest way would be an emergency transfer to the NFCE.
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