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  1. Kudos from the high desert (Eh, I am sitting in an airport and left the high desert about 6am). There has been a noticeable "attitude adjustment" from what I've seen. I'll raise a glass tonight to the new crew. Heck, I'll probably raise a glass tonight to the old crew while I am at it. I'll probably raise one to John Fox, while I am at it, too No, not that one. One of my coworkers is so named, a lot funnier, and with a lot more sense.
  2. We were going to go last Saturday, but then had a fiasco. But, in preparation we watched The Shining again, so it was fresh in my mind.
  3. Not at all surprised he has to petition the commissioner to get reinstated. So,during the offseason he has to grovel and present Goodell the certificate he earned for completing his anger management class. Does anybody know if the stadium in Cleveland is built on some ancient burial ground or ritual site? Between things like this and the curse that has followed the Browns, you have to begin to wonder. Garrett was probably chanting "redrum, redrum" when this was going on.
  4. Just my opinion, but based on the fact Tepper has been in an ownership role before (albeit a minority owner), his list of people he would strongly consider as a GM is probably longer and more well established than who he would like to see as a HC. Based on that, if changes are made I think it is a clean sweep. Personally, keeping Hurney and getting rid of Rivera is not a solid solution. That means Hurney most likely has a huge role in finding and hiring Rivera's replacement. I just don't think he is who I want making that call. Also, we approached this season with a huge question: our starting QB would not be ready for the season or would not finish it. Recovery from shoulder injuries, even if it was ultimately just a clean-out, are never sure things and we honestly still do not know the answer. But given that, exactly what did Hurney do to shore up the backup position? Drafting a guy to replace the #3 QB on the depth chart, and perhaps move into #2 (a reasonable expectation before the season) is not an answer. That is not a knock on Allen. But coming into the season, nobody had any realistic expectation that Cam going out when the team had an 0-2 record, Allen could handle the position well enough to have them 5-4 after nine games. Aside from that, the line between what is coaching and game strategy vs. what is talent (and thus a roster question) is very blurry. One of those falls on River and the other Hurney.
  5. "Yes sir, Mr. Jones, sir. Anything you say, sir. You sure are a football genius, Mr. Jones. I hope that one day, if I work really hard, I could be a fourth as smart as you are, sir. Are you ready for more coffee, sir?" Garrett can recite that faster than any potential coaching candidate. Plus, he knows how ole Jerrah likes his coffee, and does not need to ask about cream or sugar.
  6. I used to drink a lot of Tanqueray. I could drink it straight, but it was an acquired taste that way and usually not the first drink of the night...nor the second. Hacienda could easily be put back straight.
  7. I could be wrong, maybe Hurney has ingratiated himself to Tepper, but I think Hurney's fate is tied to Rivera, but perhaps not the other way around. Cam's is not tied to either of them. My reasoning is you can fire Hurney or not without touching Rivera. If you do let Hurney go, that means his replacement gets to evaluate Rivera, either immediately or over the course of the next year. If the new guy is in place quickly, then Rivera's fate can be determined almost right away. If not, he probably survives another year. But if you fire Rivera, do you really want Hurney playing a major role in selecting his replacement? I don't. You can do any combination of those things and bring Cam back next year. The worst scenario, to me, is to part with Cam and bring Laurel and Hardy back.
  8. I used to drink a lot more gin than I do now. Then I tried Hacienda Gin, which is from a distillery not far from me. I regained my appreciation. Perhaps the smoothest gin I have ever had.....which is dangerous. The good news about Boger this week is he is assigned the iconic Jets-Redskins battle. He will have to work hard to make the biggest gaffes on that field. As bad as they both are, he may even go unnoticed.
  9. Hey, they missed at least one. I was able to post this.
  10. What separates great NFL coaches from good ones is their ability to steal a win, especially in a big game. Belichick wasn’t always the Belichick everybody loves/hates. He became that by posting wins in a few big games where people walked away saying “what a great game plan.” It is not just the plan, it is getting his players to execute it, which usually means the plan was formulated with their strengths in mind. Rivera is much more of a “line up our guys against their guys and just try to inflict our will on them” guy. That’s great if the opponent is the Bengals, Jets, or Dolphins and even then, it is not fool proof. Sometimes it works against the right quality opponent. For example, he always seems to fair well against New England, but in this article, he credits focusing on the things you would expect him to focus on (getting ahead, forcing them to abandon the run, pressuring Brady). He’s held the wheels on this team so far this year under a situation that almost all of us would have predicted a complete crater after week two. Not unlike Fox, Rivera brings stability. But, I don’t think he is the guy who is going to steal wins. He isn’t likely to be the guy who finds that wrinkle in a game plan that they ride to victory. We don’t enter big games wondering “what is he going to come up with today?” Neither do our opponents. I think he is a good but not great HC, perhaps passed by the way the game has evolved, and his approach may be worn out here. Nine years is an eternity as a NFL HC with one team. Walsh lasted ten with the 49ers before hanging it up. Parcells only eight with the Giants. Gibbs lasted 12 in his first stint with the Redskins. The Don Shulas, Bill Belichicks, and Chuck Knolls of the world are pretty rare.
  11. I was quietly concerned that we were asking Luke to do more than he could. He is/has been a great MLB in a 4-3, but that does not necessarily translate into being even a good ILB in a 3-4. Part of the reason is probably that in a 3-4 scheme, he is having to engage an OL more often which keeps him from reading and reacting as the play develops. Maybe our brain trust doesn't understand that in the scheme they adopted, you are supposed to play too the strengths of both schemes on a situational basis, not the weaknesses or even the nominal. Then again, such a switch generally takes more than one season to tool up for, which was another concern I had. I think right now we have a bunch of people better suited for one scheme or the other, but not switching or running some concepts from both.
  12. Two games. Both perched at the 2 with one play to win or lose the game. Actually, Sunday we had two plays from the 2 yard line. But in both cases, we come up dry. I'd like to see the analytics on that.
  13. I don't think it is quite that certain on the Wild Card spot, but it is close. The problem is the number of teams we need to pass, not the number of games behind. To win the division we only have to pass one, who we trail by two games with two head-to-head games. It will not be easy, and we will not only need to win those two games, but then keep pace with the Saints the rest of the way. It helps if they continue to look like they did Sunday, something I would not bet on. Our conference record stinks at 2-4, and while not the first tiebreaker, it is usually a good barometer of a team's chances. We have not beaten a .500 or better team in the NFC. That's the bad news. The good news is as tough as it looks, the division is still in play. If we win the remaining four divisional games we are in solid shape, but the downside is that the Saints remaining schedule does not exactly strike terror in hearts. Their toughest opponent on paper is San Fran at home. They also play Indy and us at home, and travel to Tampa, Atlanta, Tennessee, and Charlotte. So, we could win both against Atlanta and NO and still not make it. Our playoff chances may be summed up with "maybe we can lose one more." And it probably has to be the right one. I think the next four are must-wins for any playoff chances.
  14. I guess Moe, Larry, and Curly were busy. My memories of Elder are not good.
  15. As for a trade with the Bears, I think they have two second rounders and then nothing until the fifth. If they want to trade us the #42 pick (their first of the draft) and somebody like Kyle Fuller, maybe that would be worth considering. If they want to include Trubisky, it will cost them #42, Fuller (or equivalent), and their pick at #48. I just picked Fuller at random, looking for a CB. For the record, I want Cam back in camp next year, hopefully injury free, and looking to build on the first half of 2018,
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