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  1. Reid's claims (if true) reflects negatively on the nfl. The Hunt incident only reflects negatively on him (and only if it surfaces). The league is in the business of making money, they don't care about political statements, wife beating or world hunger if it doesn't affect the bottom line (and they shouldn't be expected to).
  2. JamesPage

    Stop defending Cam

    I agree that the catch rate is by no means defining, another problem with the stats I listed was that the sample sizes are generally small. I am however fairly confident that the massive disparity between Cams completion percentage and that of the QBs winning superbowls is not solely (or even largely) due to the receivers he had and didn't know of another way to try and compare apples to apples. I found it quite interesting when looking at it though that almost all receivers Cam has thrown to do better else where... I also agree that Brees and Brady wouldn't be as good with Shula and Rivera, but on the flip side of the coin I don't believe Cam is much better if he has payton or bellichick. To me it seems fairly obvious that Cam doesn't play the style of football that wins championships. Lastly, this has been Cam's best year yet. If this would be the way he plays year in and year out I would think differently about the situation. To me it just seems that one great and one good year in an 8 year career is not enough for a franchise qb, and I do not think it's worth basing the future of this franchise around someone who is inconsistent at best and below average at worst.
  3. JamesPage

    Stop defending Cam

    Also, pretty rich accusing me of lacking "the ability to complex think" (sic), when I actually attempted to find a metric to compare common receivers between Cam and other QBs, while you just labeled everyone bums and called it a day....
  4. JamesPage

    Stop defending Cam

    You're the one that called them bums ("nothing but bums" was your exact words). I was just making a point that you exaggerate reality in order to try and make Cam look better than he really is. Say what you want, Steve Smith was a GREAT receiver and Olsen is by no means a bum.
  5. JamesPage

    Stop defending Cam

    You not even going to try?
  6. JamesPage

    Stop defending Cam

    I'm really not trying to cherry pick stats though. I have honestly tried to look at ALL the data available to try and make my point. If it is so easy to cherry pick stats, please could you show me some stats that we could cherry pick to make the argument that Cam Newton is an elite QB? I'm not trying to be facetious, I'm genuinely curios to see you try to make the argument... The fact of the matter is that almost all qbs that reach and will superbowls are pocket passers with high accuracy and completion percentage. Sure there are one or two (literally) exceptions, but do we really want to hope to get lucky and make it there once every 15 years, or are we actually at some point going to look at what it takes to win a superbowl?
  7. JamesPage

    Stop defending Cam

    I can't seem to find the edit button, but I just noticed that Greg Olsen actually has a higher catch rate with Cam than he had with REx Grossman and Kyle Orton in CHI.
  8. JamesPage

    Stop defending Cam

    Steve Smith was a bum? Greg Olsen? Ted Ginn? Sure he didn't have a Randy Moss or Julio type receiver, but there are many qbs that have made do with equally poor receiving corps. Before Michael Thomas showed up Marques Colston was the best receiver Brees ever had... Brady hasn't exactly had a rotation of all stars either. Let's look at the receivers that Cam has thrown to that have moved on to other teams: Steve Smith: with CAR before Cam Newton: 58% catch rate with CAR with Cam: 57% Catch rate with BAL: 63% catch rate Ted Ginn: with CAR with Cam: 52% Catch Rate with NO: 71% Catch Rate Brandon La'fell: with CAR with CAM: 59% catch rate after CAR: 61% catch rate Kelvin Benjamin is the only receiver I could find that caught a higher percentage of passes from Cam than from another qb, and he had basically given up on football by the time he left here. Cam has some amazing qualities that have helped us win games, but accuracy isn't one of them! And looking at QBs that play the superbowl year in and year out, they are completing 65% of their passes and have about 4 rushing yds on the season. We need to find us one of those and move on.
  9. JamesPage

    Stop defending Cam

    I get that he's hurt, but he's had 8 years now. He's yet to post 100 QB rating in a season (only has 2 seasons above 90), doesn't complete 60% of his passes and has only one season with a better than 2:1 TD:INT ratio. I'm just not very excited about his future with this team even if his shoulder heals and we get the old cam back. He might be a bit above average at his very best, but considering how much we are going to have to pay him for his next contract it seems like drafting a rookie and distributing the money leaves us with a better chance... Also, comparing Cams first 8 years to Manning seems a bit disingenuous. Manning's first seasons were in a different era. 3000 yds is nothing these days. It's week 15 now and literally EVERY SINGLE QB in the nfl that has started all the games for his team ALREADY has 3000 passing yds.
  10. Giving a sb to someone just because he's black would be racist...
  11. JamesPage

    Let's talk Saints...

    This is a very bad match up for us. As good as CMC is I fear the Saints will be able to key in on him due to the fact that they don't need to play any deep coverages vs Newton. Their line is generating tons of pressure and the lbs are doing a good job of keeping the play in front of them. If we were able to efficiently attack deep this could have been a very different game.
  12. You might be right. There is a chance that Cam could have ended up a lot better than he is with better coaching, but there's just no way to know that. There's also the chance that he doesn't respond well to coaching and tries to get by on physical talent alone, but again we can't know this. All we have to go on is the way Cam performs...
  13. It's not necessarily an either or situation... It is possible that Cam has technique issues and RR is not a good coach at the same time.