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  1. CPsinceDay1

    Does Tepper really want to win

    Stock tip: fire the head coach after certain head coaching positions are filled(esp.Tampa), then bring in your guy.
  2. the real question is if he wins the next two and vikes and skins drop two, who do we start for the playoffs???#keeppounding
  3. CPsinceDay1

    Random Panther Ramblings

    It's going to hurt when L.A. gets a Lombardi before we get one in Carolina.
  4. you guys talking about the press release when they asked Cam about Phillip Rivers, that demeanor on his face. Monday night going be lit.
  5. CPsinceDay1

    Matt Kalil?

    Searcy and him are the missing pieces to the puzzle Championship
  6. CPsinceDay1

    coach or gm first?

    here's your new GM and HC www.carolinahuddle.com/boards/topic/78708-khancowher-a-package-deal/
  7. www.carolinahuddle.com/boards/topic/78708-khancowher-a-package-deal/ no need to worry, this has been the plan all along.