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  1. No gambling (Jan), vegan diet (Feb), no wifi no thigh-thigh no climax (Mar), will be interesting to see what his monthly goal for April is going to be.
  2. His next court appearance is scheduled for May. I'm hearing a thesis that his baby mama will not show up and if she doesn't the charges will be dismissed. Only time will tell but that's an outcome that some folks around the courthouse think is a real possibility.
  3. Smart and elaborating on a No Climax March on a national tv program, are, mutually exclusive.
  4. RIAnBOW

    Michael Jordan Sucks

    Bingo. As for the Hornets thing, he only did that grudgingly. The re-brand was going cost a few million dollars and he hired a "national polling company" (Harris Interactive) in order to gather some ammo against the Bring Back the Buzz movement. If there was ever a stone cold lock, a wide-open layup, it was taking the Hornets name and colors back....and he couldn't even get that right on his own. Fortunately Harris Interactive steered him if the proper direction --- possibly he should hire them to run the team.
  5. RIAnBOW

    Wall Street Journal On Kaep/Reid Settlement

    Wow that's a long way from the $60-$80 million victory lap that was taken a month or two ago. In fact, the NY Times (who always take a liberal stance) says the actual number "Is Said to Be Much Less Than $10 Million". Much less. So what constitutes "much less" than $10 million....$7 million? If so, let's say Kaepernick gets $5 million and Reid gets $2 million. After legal fees that $3.5 million and $1.4 million. After taxes and other frictional costs we're probably talking $1.7 million for Kaepernick and $650 thousand for Reid, tops. That's a far cry from what was being reported in the aftermath of the settlement announcement.
  6. RIAnBOW

    Michael Jordan Sucks

    Nobody said Jordan intentionally puts a losing team on the floor...but the fact is he just doesn't have the requisite skills to manage this business properly, and as such, his product (the team, and subsequent wins/losses) is consistently substandard. In addition, the plug was pulled on the tank process long before 2016....the exact moment it was pulled was when Al Jefferson was signed on July 10th, 2013. That signing (which I personally think was an awesome signing) was a complete about face from the "build through the draft--don't sign high priced free agents" mantra that Jordan had been preaching for multiple years. The Bobcats franchise (now Hornets) has never won a playoff series and I will be surprised if they ever do with Michael Jordan at the helm.
  7. RIAnBOW

    Michael Jordan Sucks

    Spot on. Keep in mind that when Jordan joined the team in June of 2006 he did so as an owner (largest % owner other than Johnson) and took complete control of all basketball operations. As for money, while the headlines about how the franchise it worth $X billion (take your pick) that line of thinking is really a canard in that unless he sells the team none of that rumored money takes up residence in his bank account. In fact, while the team may have been break-even or slightly positive in the last few years it lost a TON of money for a long time and in total has been a money loser for Jordan. There is lots of evidence this is the case but I will direct you to specific comments made by Felix Sabates (an owner of original Hornets & current Bobcats) in the wake of the NBA's decision to move the NBA All-Star game out of Charlotte -- Sabates said: "...it hurts our team and ownership group that has suffered very deep financial losses over the years and the new ownership group has finally turned around the financial well being of the team..." http://ftpcontent4.worldnow.com/wbtv/merged2.pdf The "financial turn around" referenced by Sabates was tied directly to the new revenue sharing deal all NBA teams benefited from (starting with 2016-2017 season) when the most recent league television contracts were signed. So, they might be making a little money now but they haven't made enough to cover the years and years of steep losses absorbed by Jordan and his partners. As for tanking, last time Jordan tried it the team was losing money prior to going into tank mode. I think he was shocked out how badly the financial situation got out of control, and how quickly the losses mounted. A number of partners bailed out during that time frame which only served to increase the losses Jordan had to personally absorb. The reason Jordan didn't fully follow-through on the last tank effort is, even the wealthiest folks have a financial pain threshold at which they can't take it anymore and Jordan exceeded his about half-way through the tanking strategy, and as such pulled the plug on it. I highly doubt he will ever go down that road again (if there was ever a year to do it this was it). Jordan is the metaphorical Quarterback of the franchise -- unfortunately he's the Jamarcus Russell of NBA owners.
  8. What's Cam doing flying anything other than private?
  9. RIAnBOW

    I am sorry but James Borrego sucks.

    BRAVO!! (on the big post) You have nailed it.
  10. RIAnBOW

    I am sorry but James Borrego sucks.

    Getting into the luxury tax zone in order to put the best possible product onto the floor isn't a one year proposition, doesn't hinge on "this team". Mark Cuban paid a luxury tax bill for 9 consecutive seasons which resulted in an NBA Championship in 2010-2011. In fact, his luxury tax bill was in excess of $17 million for 7 of those 9 seasons and averaged $17 million during that time frame. Michael Jordan has paid exactly $0.00 in luxury tax payments, period. When Jordan first bought into the team (2006) Cuban said "Welcome to my world, Michael, get out the checkbook." .....Jordan has failed to do so. http://www.espn.com/nba/news/story?id=2486172 In order for this franchise domiciled in this town to compete in the NBA it needs a deep pocketed owner like Mark Cuban who is willing to write big checks, and a lot of them, to attract top tier talent -- it's all about the benjamins guys. Jordan doesn't have the checkbook required. @djp14
  11. Agree on all counts. Kyle is very capable and is better off without Frank. His biggest drawback is going off on tangents unrelated to sports. Parcell's could be capable but I will never know because that show is unlistenable with Wilson at the helm. Worst part is the manager (Hitman) could have hired from within and and had a solid lineup from 10am until 6pm....a duo of Taylor Gilleland ("Osborne" on Garcia & Bailey and Carolyn Bruck would have been stellar, and I know they wanted the job. Instead Hitman went outside and got this guy Wilson who is worse than Kroeger and I NEVER thought that was possible! Osborne is no longer at WFNZ, he and the station "could not agree on compensation". The smartest guy on sports radio in Charlotte (and it's not even close) is Gerry Villiancort on 730 from 3pm to 7pm. His style/schtick isn't for everyone but he is hands down the most knowledgeable and professional radio personality in the market.
  12. @OsborneWFNZ is the best available talent in this market, hope he gets a look.