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  1. Jarrett's cap relief applies to this season with just over a $11 million price tag. In 2020 his cap figure is almost $16 million..nearly the $17 million I averaged out, then balloons to $21 million by year four. The same probably with Julio, if he gets a new deal the cap relief will be immediate and then back loaded. Get too many big time back loaded deals and there will be issues down the road.
  2. You can't move all of it to cash can you? I mean, between the two (assuming Julio gets what he wants) how much of that roughly $37 million can be converted to cash next year? The Saints will eventually implode skating by on the virtually no cap space every year try to keep their championship window open. All these high priced contracts will come home to roost at some point. The only reason the Pats are sustaining as long as they have is they offer a contract and if the player don't like it, they show them the door.
  3. Whew...this deal and Julio is looking for north of $20 million a year too! Somebodies cap is about to be blown the fug up! Couldn't think of a team I'd be happier to see it happen to.
  4. That tells you all you need to know about the Falcon's fan base that this guy would rather hang out on a rivals board than with other Falcons "fans".
  5. Yup, the back foot-slingshot/catapult throw is seemingly gone. Again, we will see what happens when he's got guys with their ears pinned back coming at him. I'm pleased with his willingness to adapt a new style this late in his career. I went back and looked at Cam's highlight film from last year and the throwing motion is noticeably different from this video...even before the shoulder problem. Check out how he stands almost perpendicular to the target now versus nearly parallel before. Before he would drop his throwing shoulder, arch back release while pushing off the back foot simultaneously to generate power for the throw. Kinda like quickly pulling back and releasing a sling shot. The catapult motion came after the shoulder injury and he was reaching back further to try to compensate for the loss of power, without success (due to the pain) and ultimately just put more air under the ball which lead to the increased picks. Now he does the "small c" motion, which is the desired throwing motion for QBs. Not only that, but he's following though with the throw (on the front foot) which helps with accuracy AND provides a smaller target for pass rushers on those notorious late hits Cam receives.
  6. There's no pass rush this time of year obviously, but Cam is sticking to the new throwing motion for now. If he keeps it up, I guarantee his accuracy will improve greatly. Tighter, compact delivery and stepping into the throws is going to make a huge difference. The test will be if he reverts back to his old habits when people are flying all around him in live action.
  7. Rams in the home opener, Falcons, Seahawks or the Saints in the home closer. If things go well, the last home game in December versus the Saints would be the one I would rate highest. I plan on being at that myself! Falcons for obvious reasons and we play the Seahawks so often that they are a rival even though the are obviously in another division.
  8. They were scheduled to have $21 million on the books next year before this deal. If (and I doubt it is) an equally distributed salary for the life of the deal, then that's a HUGE $17 million chunk out of their available cap. So they may very well be looking at only $4 million heading into next off season.
  9. I always thought he was overrated and now he wants a mega deal? No thanks. We finally will have some cap breathing room next year without signing an over-hyped guy wanting more money than really he's worth.
  10. If that was a veiled threat to somehow kick my @ss, then please say so...spell it out. I'm not into "code speak" as you would say. Again, I need no "education" from you about race relations or anything else for that matter. To me that's a blatant racist remark in and of itself that one has to "educated" in how to talk someone of the opposite race. You apparently have a racial inferiority complex and it is eating away at you from the inside. I'm not backing down from my original statement and you think (wrongly) I'm a racist. We are at stalemate, therefore, I'll let you get in the last word in and I hope makes you feel a little better about yourself as this tit-for-tat is getting old to me. Seriously though, seek some help man.
  11. Based on last year I would say it is about right. However, I think that this will be a to 10 offense by the end of the season if Cam's shoulder is fully healed and the O-line can provide good protection. The weapons are there even if some of them they are not household names yet, namely the WRs. Our WR corps will be the strength of the offense when it is all said and done, IMO.
  12. Here's the true test--have someone read my original post that does not know the races of the two players in question and see if they find ANY racism in it at all. Ace Boogie only found it racist because of one, solitary, underlining criteria: comparing two football players--one who just so happens to be black and the other one is white. Nothing else mattered at that point, it was an obviously racist post...in his mind anyhow.
  13. I'm a PSL owner too, what does that have to do with anything? Why would I PM you for...an education? Is that "code speak"? I would drop it dude, you've beclowned yourself enough already and looking worse in every additional post. And no, one person with a warped sense of reality is not going to run me off this board.
  14. Apparently you have some really, REALLY, deep issues. If you have an inferiority complex, then that's your burden to bare, not mine and maybe you need to seek professional help. I have a post-graduate degree, so I have no hangups about my own intellect. Sure there are smarter people out there than me...of all races, but it is becoming apparent that the only person that has a problem with race in this conversation is you.
  15. Have you ever watch the top 100 on the NFL Network? Apparently not. They have other players talk about guys at whatever number that player landed at for that year. When Luke''s segment comes up every year, offensive players on opposing teams say how uncanny it is that he can call out plays before the ball is snapped. Not my words, but words of his peers, opponents no less. So yes it is out there that Luke is a extremely cerebral player who happens to be white.
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