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  1. I feel the same way about Hurney. As long as he's here, our odds of a stellar draft is minimal. This was a completely hypothetical exercise...realizing there's no way this will actually happen. However, it's like going all-in in a poker game, I wanted see the cards everyone is holding.
  2. Personally, I'm torn between Brown and Okudah. I think Brown will make the most immediate impact and I voted that way. That said, I like the 2nd round DTs way better than the 2nd round CBs. So setting up the team for value in the 2nd, I prefer Okudah in the 1st round.
  3. It's the first draft and the foundation of the new team. I don't care how talented the 2021 draft is, if Hurney/staff comes up 1 of 8 or 2 of 8 this year, then 2021 has to be a home run draft. If Hurney is still here, that won't happen either.
  4. Why? Just because Hurney went to his pro day? The only QB we want will be long gone. If Tua slides, maybe. No way we take Herbert at #7. We'd take Love before Herbert and that ain't happening either.
  5. This should settle where the bulk of us are at with the draft in a few weeks. No trades and we are on the clock with the 7th pick. QBs are out of the question. Edit: Due to some requests and Hurney's penchant to make dumb mistakes...I added QBs.
  6. We have so many needs just about every position has a hole, so it can actually be both. We aren't getting a starting QB out of this draft, TE is stupid weak this year, we filled WR gaps in FA and drafting a RB to watch CMC is pointless. Subtract specialist and you have about every position I listed. Drafting BPA should cover most needs, because we have plenty of them.
  7. Back years ago the draft was more than 7 rounds and was closed to the public. This would be neat because it would really be like an old 'throw-back' draft.
  8. I still would take Brown or Okuda over Simmons. I've said it before Simmons is a better athlete than football player. Brown and Okuda have finite homes and are really good at them. Trying to play chess with Simmons all over the field might be nice, but realistically if we have no pass rush or can't cover WRs, moving Simmons all over the field won't matter one iota. He'll just be running around like a chicken with it's head cut off because the opposing offenses will be imposing their will on us. Sure that may lead to Simmons having an insane number of tackles, but leaves our defense with the resistance of wet toilet paper.
  9. We need DTx2, CBx2, LB, S, DE and C. I know that's one heavy, but maybe we trade down and get another pick. Now, based on value, if we end up with an OT, or a WR I wouldn't necessarily upset. This will be a defense heavy draft, however.
  10. I've been hying Jordyn Brooks for a while now. Projected 3rd-4th round on average. I have seen him as high as a late 2nd rounder. A seek and destroy type of LB.
  11. Yes! Sean Peyton's butt-hurt rule was a failure.
  12. The 2003 team beat 'The Greatest Show on Turf' on the road in the dome. The 2015 team beat a good, but not great, Seahawks team in Charlotte and a Cardinals team that heavily limped into the playoffs. A lot of luck and fortune went into that 2015 team. It must have been the year of the black cat because we were winning the close games instead of losing them. That said, aside from two games, we were in a ton of tight contests. It really was our year, but the team was far from dominating.
  13. Question is if he does fall to #7 do we trade back? Some team surely will take that bait.
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