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  1. Like much of the draft this spring, Grier was a reach. He's not ready, nowhere close. If he does play, we will be pulling a page out of the Dolphins playbook on how to tank a season for draft position.
  2. Nobody says it can't be addressed. By all means address it. My problem is while police brutality does exist (I don't think anyone would deny that) that Kaep has deeply wounded the NFL and created a wedge in the one thing that was a release form the brutal, contentious, circus of our political spectrum right now. I watch football (sports) to get away from politics...or at least I did. Now even sports are politically charged. That was Kaeps endgame. Does he care about the black community? Of course he does, BUT do a little digging on him and you will find our that his main focus was to politicize the NFL, specifically for the athletes to use their platform to promote their political biases. So while police related homicides would ideally be ZERO, that's not feasible. We just have to trust their training and if--IF there is an instance of a race-based shooting of an unarmed black person out of malice, then that officer should get the full extent of the law.
  3. Furthermore, those stats doesn't say if the fatally shot black person was armed or not. That matters a ton since Kaeps narrative is that white cops go around gunning down "unarmed" black men.
  4. Killing is bad no matter who does it. It's not just black on black crime, though it's homicide black on black. And to your stats that means 75% of the other cop related murders were non-black. Also, that stat says Police killed...not white Police. Granted, it probably doesn't change the numbers drastically, but it does matter. You break that down though and that is not even one cop-related homicide of a black person a day. In a nation of 330 million people, I think that's not an epidemic of an abuse of power by white police officers. Not trying to trivialize the issue, but statistically speaking, Kaep is making this a much bigger problem that reality has it.
  5. Once Fox got jaded with mediocrity I knew it was time to move on. You could tell the fire was gone and he was numb to losses. Rivera is getting that way. Rivera 7-8 years ago would be highly demonstrative on the sideline in such an a$$-whooping. Today he looked like his eggs were slightly overcooked at breakfast. You know not completely pleased, but he could tolerate what he saw in front of him.
  6. I, for one, was NOT in that crowd. The OL was my biggest concern outside of safety,
  7. One key word there. Remember, the NFL stands for "Not-for-long" What a player did a few years ago doesn't mean poo right now. Right now, he doesn't even need to be on the 53 man roster.
  8. I did know and was sounding the freaking alarms!!!! Everyone was stroking Hurney's ego because we got a *cough* left tackle *cough* at such a bargain! That bargain has got our QBs killed. To make matters worse, guys were then pimping Little as a sort of proven commodity as Williams insurance since we moved up in the draft and got a steal! I went defcon 3 on that notion too. Little wasn't a steal, his draft stock was in a total free-fall. I knew our OL was going to be a freaking nightmare this season, but I guess I was just the paranoid one. Wait...what? Nah, bump that...ya'll should have listened.
  9. It's the mirage in Riverboat Ron's head where things aren't as bad as they REALLY are.
  10. No reason to beat dead horse, but yeah, Williams is awful.
  11. I got one better. I sat through the 2002 season with an empty stadium (after the 1-15 season). Great seats for like $20 bucks...especially early in the season before the wins started to regularly occur. Ah, the good old day of street tickets! Then I did something stupid and bought PSLs. Can't give the damn things away especially since Tepper has all but said he's building a new stadium. Rendered the value of PSLs to practically nothing.
  12. The TEAM played like crap today. Had we not given up a STs TD and had we stopped more than 3 drives defensively AND had Allen made all those picks standing in a clean pocket....then yeah, I would put all the blame on Allen. Since 3 of his picks were as he was being flushed (aka running for his life) and the other in the pocket where he was hit as the ball was released, I can safely say this loss was not solely on Kyle Allen's shoulders. This was a team failure all the way around; from the head coach down to the water boy. Allen has his share of the blame, but shouldn't be the scapegoat.
  13. FYI, kudos for not letting the wheels come off while Brees was out. Honestly I was hoping you guys would drop a couple of games while Drew was recovering. Cam Jordan is going to feast on our OL. He should pad his sack total nicely after playing us.
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