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  1. Time to let Mike Davis and Seth Roberts go. Secondary role players and can save the team just over $6M in cap space and with only $6K in dead cap. That would get us to $18M in cap space and in the top 10 teams with the most cap room.
  2. 45catfan

    Corona Virus

    How is my favorite group of lefty collectivists this morning? Good? Facts Oh, on a different note, Trump is ALREADY taking credit for the few Covid-19 vaccines in the final phases before they hit production. They will be known as the Trump vaccines. Question? Will allow yourselves to be injected with a "Trump vaccine" or refuse while continuing to cower under the kitchen table with your mask, goggles, rubber gloves and can of Lysol? --Risk catching coronavirus or take a "Trump vaccine"? I thought I'd leave you with that thought this morning. Have a great day!!!!
  3. 45catfan

    Corona Virus

    Have fun in your echo chamber guys. I'm not wasting my time here today. Please continue...
  4. 45catfan

    Corona Virus

    https://nypost.com/2020/05/29/new-yorks-nursing-home-horrors-are-even-worse-than-you-think/ https://youtu.be/Tw9Ci2PZKZg The nursing home data is irrefutable and well documented. The fact you needed a link tells me everything. Nice personal attack. Not shocking, though.
  5. 45catfan

    Corona Virus

    Lol, linking a Google search page.
  6. 45catfan

    Corona Virus

    Because it has shown that up until day 6 the disease is very treatable with the HCQ protocol. Simple. It's a $20 treatment. Despite the fact to demonize it, the side effects are about nil. Why not? What's your alternative? Wait until you get hospitalized and take Redemisvir?
  7. 45catfan

    Corona Virus

    Typo, sorry. Would not decline and would absolutely take the protocol.
  8. 45catfan

    Corona Virus

    Look, we can go back and forth on this. There are sources supporting pro and con, as I could cite the Ford study....so to keep trading links amounts to a pissing contest. My question to you is if you catch this, seeking medical attention on say day 4 of feeling ill and a doctor you see prescribe the protocol for HCQ as you show the classic symptoms, will you decline it? A simple yes or no. Easy for me, I absolutely would not. <---edit. Lastly, I may make another point or two today, but as I said many, many, many pages ago....people have their minds made up, especially here on the Huddle. The idea that this was a thread of open-minded people looking for an opinion to help them on where they stand on this pandemic was lost about 400 pages ago. Trenches were dug early and only have gotten deeper.
  9. 45catfan

    Corona Virus

    18:40-20:12 The so-called adverse heart affects when used early in outpatient use, which is exactly what is being advocated. Half an hour long, but great overall.
  10. 45catfan

    Corona Virus

    Show me a study on how many people died people from heart issues when HCQ was used in COVID-19 cases. I'll wait. Again, this is being prescribed worldwide, just not for COVID-19 in certain countries. Some countries are still using it for COVID-19 treatment, however. Heck it's so dangerous, it's OTC in certain countries. It just struck me as funny that the guy banging his fists about masks is trying his best to debunk a therapeutic. Just wow.
  11. 45catfan

    Corona Virus

    Yet it has been around since for use in the US since 1955 and continued to be used, just not for coronavirus. Dropping dead from heart attacks was sarcasm. The "study" that had a few heart side affects was instances of heart arrhythmia, not heart attacks. I see adds for drugs on TV every day with side effects that rattle on the length of the ad, usually ending with and 'could cause death'. I guess lupus and rheumatoid arthritis patients are dispensable. I mean big tech is even in on the act. Why sensor the doctors that went to DC yesterday?
  12. 45catfan

    Corona Virus

    Ughhh...Dr. Fauci knew that HCQ worked on the first SARS, he did work on it himself. So instead of doing his best squirrel in the street routine, he could point to that. But nah, lets roll out a new, rushed, medication out there that isn't nearly as effective, ridiculously expensive as a nod to his pals in big Pharma. Now Remdesivir is showing side effects in the liver. That's better than a skin rash I guess, which was the main side effect for years in HCQ until all of sudden it was making people drop dead with heart attacks. Well, that was the narrative for pulling it for off-label Covid-19 use. Yet lupus and rheumatoid arthritis patients are just fine to continue using it. So strange right?
  13. Hedge our bets and cut cap friendly marginal role players since the cap is getting slashed. Wasn't it $175 million next year? Those would be among the players I would cut first to get to the 80 player training camp limit If I were coach Rhule. Get them off the books.
  14. We can save some money with an injury settlement. Regardless, we can save $2.5 million next year by cutting him if the rookie does well.
  15. 45catfan

    Corona Virus

    I'm not looking for help, because I don't need it. So why is Dr. Fauci ignoring his own findings from SARS-CoV(1) from years ago? They share 79% of the same genome. Hmmm...so odd. Though some of the 145,000+ deaths due to COVID-19 are dubious at best, even if that's taken at face value, ignoring therapeutics that have worked past and present is kinda stupid. Killing old people by sticking infected people in nursing homes also was kinda stupid. But sure, putting band aides on the problem (masks and lock downs) is the best way to tackle this. So the best way forward is assuming arbitrary barriers will stop this rather than acknowledging people will contract the virus and having the ability to treat it?
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