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  1. You are correct and quickly moved to his permanently home at LT. Why did the staff smartly begin him at RT, albeit briefly? LT is extremely tough, especially for rookies and the staff wanted to get him some game reps before putting him on an island by himself. For all of Fox's faults, that was one of the smartest moves he made and we have to also thank the Vikings for not being able to get their card turned in on time for the opportunity to select Gross.
  2. With franchise LTs there's usually 2-4 in each draft and nearly all of them in the first round...top of the first round. Outside of that, it's a reach to develop/groom a guy for that role. They have to be the "day one" guy or you are honestly grasping at straws. When we drafted Gross, he was drafted to be unquestionably that "day one" guy at LT. We need that player in next year's draft badly, and it probably won't be Hurney or Rivera making the selection.
  3. I'm iffy on Little. There's a reason his draft stock absolutely plummeted. There's a school of thought that Hurney didn't have to move up to get him and we still could have got Little in our regular draft spot.
  4. Why don't we use that first round LT we drafted? Oh, that's right, the team didn't draft one and hasn't in over a decade. Just like it took years to realize our WR corps sucked before upgrading, it's taking this long for them to realize franchise LTs can't be made out of JAGs. Maybe after Cam gets beat to a pulp this year we may actually look for our next Jordan Gross in the FIRST ROUND of next year's draft. I totally called it. I said if we don't fix the LT situation that Cam will continue to suffer. Despite all the moves on the defense that amounted to a bunch of window dressing, the team still refused to address the LT situation and as a result, our offense suffers. Who else suffers? The shiny new-look defense that has to constantly stay on the field because our QB is either getting pummeled, running for his life or delivering a shotty ball because he has no time to get set leading to a ton of three-and -outs. Guys, left tackles aren't sexy first round picks and Brain Burns may be a great player in his career, but I wanted a LT this draft BADLY!!! Instead we went defense and settled for a mediocre right tackle switching to the left side that spent all of last year on IR. Who didn't see this train wreck happening because I sure did? Oh, that would be the entire Panthers coaching staff.
  5. The Rams faithful won't logjam the majority of uptown like the Cowboys fans did at last year's opener. I sat in traffic forever...after the game AND before!
  6. I plan on being there if the whole work thing doesn't interfere. I'm basically on standby and probably won't know for sure if I have to work until Friday. Being in limbo sucks....
  7. Guys, we selected Godwin late in the 7th round. A handful of picks later he probably would have went undrafted. I wouldn't get too broken up about not retaining a 7th rounder. Holyfield did go undrafted, so there's no real loss with his absence.
  8. Somebody has grown a pair! I'm with you, I didn't think Hurney had the nads to dump Smith after he took the pay cut.
  9. I am going to be totally miffed if the RB situation doesn't change at all after today.
  10. Yup, one of the two WRs will get cut eventually...the loser of the PR battle. I'm pulling for Zylasta. McCloud is marginal at best. He was a JAG when at Clemson, but was hyped early on. He never lived up to the hype.
  11. I like it! Of all the positional groups, WR is the most stacked, so I thought it was unlikely to go after another wide out. This is by FAR the deepest this team has ever been at WR in it's 25 year history.
  12. Zylstra was the Vikings version of Bersin, but quite a bit better. He's been a bubble WR for them; this year he didn't make it. He's a return man too. So yes, he's better than Godwin at this point. I saw he got cut and thought he would fit nicely here, but since the WR position is pretty stacked, I didn't really think twice about it. He's being brought in as our PR and depth.
  13. Kicking the debt can down the road. They are in win now mode until Brees retires. Then they will be in full blown rebuild mode. The Saints are desperately trying to get one more Lombardi before then.
  14. I'm convinced Kuneszyk is a placeholder now. That's 10 and another one on the PS. At this point we can field the entire defensive side of the ball just with LBs. And before anyone throws out the obvious that we switched to a 3-4, adding one more guy to the scheme doesn't necessitate stocking up linebackers like a doomsday prepper stocks up on MREs.
  15. That's who I thought it was, but he didn't have the mini-dreds in his camp pic and was clean shaven too.
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