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  1. Yep, the moment Tepper mentioned a new stadium, the value of PSLs went to crap. Nobody wants to buy them knowing in 5-10 years they are worthless.
  2. The first domino has fallen, it won't be long before others follow. They almost have to for a level playing field. I can't see the NFL allowing some teams with fans while other teams go without fans at home.
  3. Yep, but on the other hand if we weren't testing as diligently and fudging the numbers *cough* (China) *cough* then it would be a government conspiracy to kill people. It's no win situation and exactly the way some people want it until, you know, a certain point time.
  4. Dynamics of an airborne disease and some people do not quite grasp that. If you breathe, which is to say not being dead, you can get this no matter what you do. It doesn't just linger in the air of grocery stores, churches, restaurants or bars. Short of living in an astronaut suit with your own oxygen supply, you have a decent chance of getting this. I think that's where the mentality is different. People like the lady in the article thought there would be no way she could get this if she did x,y,z. When dealing with microscopic particles in the air, you are at risk...period. You can don PPE all day long and it will reduce the risk, but there is still a risk, none-the-less. That is the reason analysts keep saying such a high number of people will have or had this by year's end. Two things will happen: either we will reach effective (not total) heard immunity to the point the viral impact dwindles naturally or we get a vaccine before then. At this point, it looks like the first scenario may occur.
  5. No, but you didn't answer the question kiddo.
  6. Lol! I never said useless, but please continue... Dude I have been around the block a time or two and whether you meant to or not, people that are activists for something (which you strongly feel about masks) overplay the word game to heighten the importance of their cause. Yes, mask wearing slows the spread of the virus, but that is all it does is slows down the transmission rate from person-to-person. Throw any other descriptive word in there you want, but that's the reality of it. Stopping, preventing, halting...whatever is overstated.
  7. He was engaging in pretzel logic and managed to get himself all twisted up. He may restate it after he figures out how to untangle himself. Apply WD-40 and a shoe horn.
  8. Yet I was an dense one for the silver bullet satirical statement. At least we are on the same level on now.
  9. Again, using Huddle logic there. I'm glad you agree. I was trying the 4corners approach. Obviously it works for him.
  10. And here we go with the ole Huddle "you don't understand" fall back argument. Yes, I know what semantics means, however, I would say to you that the average person takes prevention as a literal meaning to STOP. So no, I don't think you chose that word by accident. Mask do not stop the spread, it reduces the spread. It's not really a tom-A-to; tom-a-to thing. Even when I do go out with a mask, I still know there's a very real chance I may catch it and that mask isn't preventing crap.
  11. Just used Huddle logic in that instance. Sometimes satirical statements reach people better here.
  12. So other people can still get it even with a mask? Man, I thought a mask was a COVID-19 silver bullet.
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