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  1. Since the coordinators have now been named, shouldn't some of the position coaches start being named too?
  2. Will you gift this pie to him for me? Gotta have something sweet to wash down that cheeseburger.
  3. I know, but this year with the newly expanded staff AND Tepper's checkbook, who cares? I just hope they don't call for references from prior experience. My old drinking buddies could vouch for me though!
  4. Your concentration in the field must be different than mine. I take the approach of: 'there, there big fella...here's a cold unit to make giving up that sack less painful. Easy now, I only bought a six-pack and we have to get through this rough patch together!'
  5. Yes and there's a logical answer besides him being the best WR in our franchise's history. WR's today wear numbers in the teens (which completely chaps my a$$) and obviously we will never roster 9 TEs, so there will be plenty of available numbers in the 80s for future TEs to choose from if #89 is retired.
  6. How big of a staff is Rhule forming? Heck, I might put in my resume' for Associate Director of Emotional Support. Think it would work?
  7. Ditto. I want the Chiefs to win, but that 49ers defense is legit. Another good example of the unstoppable force versus the immovable object. If conventional wisdom...football wisdom prevails, defense wins championships. We shall see!
  8. I think we got a good blend, to be honest guys. A young innovative mind for an OC and an old school, no-nonsense guy in Snow for a DC. I think it may actually work. Honestly, this is exactly what I was looking for in coordinators...a 'Madden' generation OC and a tough-as-nails throw back DC. If we can just get the trenches fixed, we will at least be competitive next year.
  9. The 100th anniversary year...nah, they want a SB I rematch.
  10. Yes, but Chase was on Rivera's staff. Maybe Rhule is open to some guys staying, but it is looking like at least a 90% turnover if not a completely new staff. Unless I'm mistaken, Peetz and Blackburn interviewed, but we don't know if they were actually retained.
  11. He was the WR coach at NC State 2013-2014 before going to Temple, so he has some familiarity with the area.
  12. It looks like Rhule wants his own staff. In that regard, I'm kinda shocked Peetz and Blackburn have been given the opportunity to interview and potentially stay.
  13. So not too many more positions available. I think by the Super Bowl we should have a complete staff. Assuming OL, RB and STs coaches are spoken for, that leaves QB, TE, DL and LB coaches, right? Other roles still open are assistant GM and team physician, I believe.
  14. The only way Cincy trades away that pick is for a Ricky Williams type package. If that happens, I may trade away the Panthers as my favorite team.
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