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  1. I'd go, from worst to first (still haven't seen OUATIH): Four Rooms (partial-director) Death Proof Jackie Brown Sin City (partial -director) True Romance (partial-director) Reservoir Dogs The Hateful 8 Pulp Fiction Kill Bill 2 Kill Bill 1 Django Unchained Inglorious Basterds
  2. I cannot take anyone named John McClain seriously...unless of course he ends all his sentences with "Yippee Kayee mother fugger"
  3. Don't listen to the Nancys giving the film poor reviews. They know nothing of what thet say. I was fortunate enough to watch the movie on the 12th, and was forced to sign gag orders and a 50 page NDA. So I didn't visit the site for 2 weeks to avoid spoilers. I saw it again on Thursday and it is without a doubt the best MCU movie out there. If anyone creates a spoiler thread, count me in!!
  4. woohoo!! I was in DC for the game too!!'' PIE for all!
  5. I too have always thought Little finger to be alive.
  6. Looks great...happy Ant-Man will be in this one.
  7. Since we are on the topic of ranking shows: 1. Arrested Development 2. GoT 3. True Detective 4. Mad Men 5. The Sopranos 6. Ozark 7 The Wire 8. Homeland 9. The Simpsons 10. Breaking Bad
  8. A break wouldn't keep TD out if we win. Breaks can be played through.
  9. The talking heads will want as much time as they can get to push a possible NFCCG rematch of GB/Seattle from last year before kickoff happens in hopes of willing it to happen
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