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  1. Hell,one or two among them will be cutted,maybe is Cox,he's in trouble.
  2. He should play with a boot,like Rogers did it last year
  3. Sca is the RB2,doubtless. The question is RB3, CAP got experience, Bonnafon have soft hands,just like CMC, Holyfield have power,just like Sca.
  4. It's an advance,but looked stupid with the 60yards size.
  5. Wow,Bradberry can catch the INT now,and came double.
  6. Trade one,which one is not to matter,the worst is we gains nothing,like cutting Butker.
  7. Damn,our red zone was too bad,or maybe just Bills' D was too good
  8. This. Slye at least costs a 5th round pick.
  9. Did he even worse than Haynes last year?
  10. Both are impressive. I hope Miller getting impressive too,no matter this year or next year.
  11. We have time,if Williams stay healthy.
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