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  1. 1 In Joe Brady's system,obviously no,maybe we will have three 1000+ yards receivers,but not a record breaker.
  2. A 63-yard game winner but can't be traded
  3. Hell.Even if we got Trevor,we can't protect him well,Baylor's OL sucked,Chargers' OL sucked,now their coachs are coaching Panthers.
  4. They even did no watch a second on the training lesson
  5. 6DBs look great in pass,but weak in run,hard to tackle big RBs like Derrick Henry and higher risk to get injured
  6. Did Wisconsin biltz frequently?Orr,a ILB,made 10+ sacks
  7. Good point,just let him tackle,no covering.
  8. I am doubting Whitehead,he is slow,may not suit for Rhule's system
  9. I buy this pick.Just watch the Auburn VS LSU game u can found him,Joe Brady may agree.
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