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  1. That sounds good,but SEA's secondary was more famous than their front 7,maybe.
  2. Analytics is a long and huge work,glad to see our director is a vet.Hope he can build the database soon,perhaps he had done.
  3. I really want a NFC south champion titile first,we lost it 3 years.
  4. Hope our doubted position work out,especially QBs,then knock that writter's teeth out.
  5. Out D looks great!From front line to secondary,from starters to backups,most of they get talant or potential... Hope there will not be a leak on which one position.
  6. You forgot Norris?He will take a spot because of economy. So i think Cox/Obada/Haynes/Andre Smith/Carter will be cutted one,at least.That's painful. Hope Hurney 2.0 can make a trade instead of cut,while trade for a FS,that's dreaming.
  7. Following with interest on Kunaszyk,it's said he seems to be another tackle machine.
  8. Wow,multi-purpose guy,new Mike Tolbert?
  9. New boss,New marketing. They add active to S.C.,they show Cam's cannon,all is marketing. Words get around,we lost 7 straight last year is a huge strike,so they try to rescue is excusable.
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