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  1. When you sold on StubHub how much of a cut did the concert promoter get? You familiar with what happened to certain fans in Denver when the Broncos went digital?
  2. Place is massive, plenty of room to get the necessary work done. "Soft" wasn't a reference to the "team"..... (or the owner)
  3. This story seems like it is getting completely blown out of proportion. How many times did this happen in the last 10 years? 2 or 3? I've heard rumors about it but never seen any hard evidence of it. Also, the Panthers have zillions of options available to them in the form of indoor gyms, etc... If they used a "hotel ballroom" I'm sure it was perfectly adequate. A word comes to mine, soft.
  4. How long ago was that? Sounds like maybe a while back since you use the US Air name but either way you should file a complaint here: https://airconsumer.dot.gov/escomplaint/ConsumerForm.cfm That is an official Department of Transportation site and my understanding is the airlines are required to respond to ALL complaints filed through that website. Also, this is where the official complaint statistics are derived from -- it's the ONLY way to get the attention of an airline. Complaining directly to the airline in question in a waste of time. I have used that site many times and every instance but one has been resulted in some sort of reaction from the airline that was in my favor. My hunch is your seats were actually given to the children of a high level employee of the airline. Either that, or a super duper top-.0001% elite level frequent flier. Either way if you paid for extra for a roomier seat and were downgraded to a standard seat a fare adjustment should have been given, total BS. BTW, on Kyle Bailey's radio show today they said Cam had missed his original flight on which he was booked into a seat in an upgraded class of service but only coach seats were available on the next available flight.
  5. Will be interesting to see how this affects the resale market.
  6. Only 6 NFL coaches have more tenure with their team than Ron does with the Panthers. All 6 have a better win/loss record. I voted for make playoffs and win a game.
  7. The team unequivocally would be better with one of those guys. Sign me up for the playoffs please. The best teams Jordan ever put together were anchored by Big Al, sign me up for more of that as well. Jordan is incapable of betting on the come, signing known entities is in his best interest. In my opinion this franchise will never win a playoff series as long as Jordan is the owner. As such, we should consider simply making it to the playoffs to be a successful outcome.
  8. Bot those guys would immediately become the 2nd best player on the team (assuming Kemba stays) -- how does that not help?
  9. Not quite how it works. Paying for the Personal Seat License is a one-time, up-front expense (let's call it $5k per x 2 = $10,000). Owning that PSL gives one the right to purchase those 2 seats each season in perpetuity. It is also an obligation to purchase those seats, the PSL is revoked if you don't pay up for the seat. If the market will bear it, the PSL owner can re-sell to another fan for whatever price they are able to negotiate, here lately sounds like it is a buyers market. Or, as it sounds like some are considering doing, the PSL owner can simply decline to buy the tickets and their PSL lapses and goes back to the team. The Jets/Giants adopted a similar system to help finance their new stadium and their PSL market is similarly depressed. https://www.northjersey.com/story/news/business/meadowlands-matters/2017/02/23/giants-psl-prices-did-they-turn-out-worth/98322972/
  10. The alternative is to remain with M. Jordan, a worse bet on all counts.
  11. Based on the Panthers website face value in your section is $12,500/psl. True "market value" is something between $0 and $12,500....I'm sure you can get something vs. turning them back into the team. Have you guys looked at eBay? There are a number of Panthers PSL's advertised... For example, two (2) PSL's in section 111, row 13....face value is $25,000 on the Panthers website. The advertised price is $17,000/psl but they are also accepting "offers". Here's the rub, listing has been in place for 2 months. In addition, in the "make offer" tab eBay indicates something along the lines of $12,750 might get a response from the seller.... Bottom line: if you really want to sell start at 60% of the advertised price on the Panthers website and be prepared to work lower from there. Good luck.
  12. I wasn't referring to anyone specifically but as it relates to this post and your PSL's, "market value" is what you can sell them for now. Apparently your asking price is well above the true market value (again, what someone is actually willing to pay). The advertised PSL price by the team is 100% irrelevant, means nothing. The PSL owners you know who actually found a buyer and collected some cash, how'd they do versus what you are looking for? Were their sales within the last 12 months? If it was 4 years ago you can toss that info out the window too.
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