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  1. CAR #7 and #38 for LV #12 and #19 ? Vegas moving up to get their top receiver (Lamb/Jeudy)?
  2. -Our current starter at QB would currently rank in the bottom 5-7 starters in the league, do you disagree? -Tua is a consensus Top-7 pick in this DEEP draft, most have him Top-5 even with the concerns...do you disagree? -At #7 overall, he is both METING OUR #1 NEED as a franchise and also BPA. I'm not saying pick him to trade him, I'm saying pick him to run this franchise! But if the phones start ringing when he's on the clock, even better.... Wouldn't hurt our FA chances either, bring your Bama friends and get on the phone with some skill players...
  3. Agreed, it wouldn't make much sense from that perspective (although Tua is only 22). That said, most on here didn't want to get rid of Cam and still don't approve of that decision. Last video I saw of him training and throwing the ball around, he looked like a freakin' BEAST. Replacing Cam with Teddy won't appease this fanbase for long. Add Tua to the mix and that's a franchise-changer. Also BTW, Tua is extremely accurate and gets the ball out fast...a much bigger reason that Cam isn't here than the injuries, IMO.
  4. Exactly, high risk high reward. Miami doesn't have much to lose, IMO (mediocrity for a long time), so I don't understand why they wouldn't go with potentially the best player in the draft. Beyond Jacksonville and maybe the Chargers, Carolina is best positioned to take that risk. Not really much to lose at this point, we literally just gutted the entire team/franchise (HC, OC, DC, QB, CB, DT, DE, LB, OG, TE). Tua Time!
  5. We don't have a franchise QB and one could fall to us at #7. If the Miami Dolphins think that is a risky pick, so be it...the franchise in Carolina needs some hope, and Tua brings that. Derrick Brown might be a solid DT, but that player ain't selling tickets, jerseys, making people watch games, nor winning games for us any time soon.
  6. Just draft him if available at 7, period. Don’t need to feel the pressure and find a trade partner while on the clock. He has a huge market, scoop him up and figure it out later. Draft him and then wait for the phones to ring off the hook..and let them continue to ring into the start of the pre-season, as we work him out and hold all the cards regarding his medical condition. Don’t pass on Tua if he is there. That’s the only pick that makes us remotely relevant on the national scene. If there is a team that needs to take a risky swing for the fences right now, it’s the Carolina Panthers. I’ll be beyond elated if Tua is a Panther tomorrow.
  7. Both Rhule and Brady are noted for deploying 4-wide sets almost 90% of the time. And both emphasize the RPO, reverses, and misdirection. No player on our roster does that benefit more than Curtis Samuel , IMO. I honestly think Rhule and Brady are drooling over the possibility of some of our under-utilized guys alongside the proven CMC. Also, we currently have 10 WR's on the roster. Add one elite receiver in the draft and you can cut 4-5 of the others.
  8. Not sure about the CeeDee Lamb rumor but I do like the idea of a WR somewhere in this draft. The NFC South is going to be SHOOTOUTS for the next couple of years, so load up on offensive weapons and play some freakin' 7-on-7 flag football! Who needs a nasty OL when you have CMC and Teddy's getting the ball out in 2 seconds to all of these big, FAST, athletic, and versatile play-makers in space: WR1 DJ Moore 6'2, 200 40-yard dash: 4.42 Vertical: 39.5 WR2 Denzel Mims 6'3, 210 40-yard dash: 4.38 Vertical: 38.5 WR3 Robby Anderson 6'3, 190 40-yard dash: 4.34 Vertical: 36.5 SLOT Curtis Samuel 5'11, 195 40-yard dash: 4.31 Vertical: 37 TB Christian McCaffrey 5'11, 205 40-yard dash: 4.48 Vertical: 37.5 And might as well grab the fastest TE in the draft in Round 4 just for fun... TE Albert Okwuegbunam (Mizzou) 6'5, 258 40-yard dash: 4.49 On paper, that 4-wide lineup, with Teddy at QB, in Joe Brady's/Matt Rhule's offense is potentially NASTY AF. Speed, speed, speed...and size, size, size with the hops to go up and get it. Do the Bucs, Saints, and Falcons have enough bodies in their secondaries to cover all that? At least we would have an identity and would be fun to watch, while our defense is getting torn apart. Build an offense that can score 27+ PPG and take your chances on D...
  9. Titan XL 24" 3-ring binder as primary, microfiche on deck, laptop as emergency backup. No phone in sight.
  10. Giants IT: "Sorry Mr. Gettleman, we're out of monitors again. Yup, mousepads too." Giants IT: "Also, instead of calling us to reset your passwords after every bathroom break...just go ahead and write them all on a sticky note. Yeah, sure..the crumbled one in the trashcan should be fine for now. Mr Gettleman."
  11. Miami has FOUR picks in the first 36...in one of the deepest drafts in recent history. Every team in the top 10 is talking about trading DOWN, yet people think the Dolphins are going to trade UP in this draft? As just one hypothetical example, the 'Fins could potentially draft: 5.) Isaiah Simmons, LB / Jeff Okudah, CB 18.) Justin Herbert, QB 26.) Denzel Mims, WR 36.) Yetur Gross-Matos / AJ Epenesa, EDGE In just rounds 1-2! It would be hard for the 'Fins to mess up this draft, but trading a bunch of those pics to move up to #3 to draft Tua (when they could likely already get him there) would be one way to do it.
  12. For For weeks, and up through yesterday, everyone has been saying Tua's stock is down. Yet now, the Dolphins, the team sitting in the ideal position to draf him at #5...is going to sell the farm to move up two spots? With a team in Detroit that doesn't need Tua? I call BS. They stay put and get him at #5, then load up at #18 and #26.
  13. Miami should just wait until the Bengals are on the clock....and shockingly offer their THREE 1st Rounders for Joe Burrow and a 2nd...and make tomorrow the most fun-to-watch Draft Day in ALL of our lifetimes. We need some entertainment.
  14. I asked what they were going to do, since you guaranteed I can get rich quick. I have my money ready, tell me what the Dolphins specific move is so I can take your advice and retire tomorrow.
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