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  1. I get the feeling that most of the people ITT saying they wouldn't give up a 5th or 6th rounder for Sanders haven't watched him this season. I thought, in part due to his age, that he was done coming off of that achilles' injury, but no, he still looks just as fast and explosive.
  2. He'd be better than Wright, as good as he has been. I wanted us to sign him back when he was a FA.
  3. I've been thinking from the beginning, that just like the shoulder when it started, he needed surgery. I wouldn't be surprised if he plays the rest of the season with the foot as-is, and then has surgery on it this offseason. Regardless, I'm hoping the rest has him to at least 95%...
  4. IDK, I felt he demonstrated great ball handling/security aside from the muff, and he always seemed to get yardage... plus, I think he can contribute, if needed, on offense. Ray-Ray always seemed shaky every time he was out there.
  5. But, the question is, do we bring Godwin back now? He's still just in the Jags' PS as far as I know.
  6. this power poo ain't working... need to let him run some stretch/zone
  7. still pissed... all of this is on mcleod. if he doesnt fumble, we are well on our way to handing arians another blowout like he was on the receiving end for in the playoffs with Arizona. All of the momentum was in our favor. unfugingbelievable.
  8. McLeod better not be back out there for the rest of the game. this is fuging bullshit.
  9. I'm slowly starting to feel like McLeod needs to go. he makes more mistakes than anything else... and that's a big one.
  10. Remember that bogus "illegal hands to the face" call that the refs used to get Minshew that much closer to magic? Well, my local news here in Raleigh did a recap on the game last night and showed a camera angle that appeared to be from the endzone behind the defense... and lo and behold, there is Mario on the right side, and once again grabs the tackle's collar and pushes up as he's rushing, throwing the tackle's head back, just as he did the previous play where it was called a penalty. It looked so similar, I had to rewind it to make sure it was the final play and not the penalized one... and yup, Luke slaps the ball down at the end of it. Just found it interesting... I really wish there was a way to regulate this crap officials are doing to manipulate games.
  11. I never knew how bad Daryl William's sucked until this season.
  12. Lol, nice troll job. Kyle had a bad day and after a 4 game sample size now, it's safe to say he is Dave Krieg and Tony Banks' lovechild. He's a solid passer and game manager, but man, he has zero pocket awareness and ball security. Can't wait for Cam to get back healthy.
  13. it was inexcusably and unjustifiably closer than it should have been because we have an inept coaching staff... that, and Daryl Williams single-handedly neutered our field goal unit.
  14. in his defense, that first call was BS. It was a bang-bang play, and he was milliseconds from a sack. Nothing malicious about that hit... also, I think the offsides was questionable... I'll have to go back and look, but live, it appeared to me that he jumped back before the snap. Also, that hands to the face on Addison was BS... I just think the refs were really doing all they could to help the Jags out.
  15. I just don't know how Ron still has a job. That was way harder than it should have been. He did everything in his power to hand them a win, playing pussified football. Oh, and he finally broke CMC like he did Cam. Great job, idiot.
  16. smh Ron and Norv are complete idiots. This game has been so badly mismanaged.
  17. play after play after play, Minshew just has to wait about 2 seconds and can run straight up the middle bc no one is there. Ron and EW are fuging retarded.
  18. I honestly can't blame him for any of this. He's trying to kick away from the middle because Campbell is destroying Williams.
  19. Welp, looks like Norv and Ron finally ran CMC into the ground just like they (mostly Ron) did Cam. fuging idiots. He's a RB, not a fuging robot. Edit: Well, damn Bonnafon.lol
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