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  1. Just some advise for the offensive coaches this year on how to protect Cam and score more points. Start running more 5 yard plays. Think 5 yards. Not 15-20. Design plays to move the safety and shift the LBS. Create more offensive players in the box that defenders. Play action with motion. Come back routs. You cannot cover a receiver or a back 1 on 1 on a come back or our rout if the rout is run clean and Cam delivers with accuracy. This also gets the ball out of Cams hands with in 3 seconds or less. If the play breaks down then cam needs to run for positive yards or throw it away. We must eliminate negative yardage plays. Read the safety and LBS. Move the backs for a blitz pick up. If no Blitz send them out for a 5 yard drop down. If Cam waits longer than 3 seconds to do something we will fail. Create all plays in front of the line not behind the line unless its a screen. Defenses are too fast for behind the line plays. Stop being a player offense. We must spread the ball around on every series. Get the ball in all play makers hands quickly and often. McCaffrey, Olsen, Moore, Smith, Holyfield. Keep these guys hot. Get them involved quickly. Once you have the opposing defense in the box go deep! Even if it doesn't work. Go deep again! Then screen. NO NEGATIVE HARD PLAYS. Trips right, Cam move back to potential blitz side for protection, motion receiver to move safety, PAP, thousand 1 thousand 2 thousand 3 make a play
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