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  1. And the lowly one win Redskins this Sunday. They might just have the easiest schedule so far in the nfl this season
  2. Also, literally EVERY team they have played with the exception of the Rams have a losing record.
  3. So here is the thing. I keep hearing “2015 Cam is way better than Allen and you have to start Cam” or “100% Cam” This is the million dollar question though. Can 100% 2019 Cam be on par or close to 100% 2015 Cam? Sure Cam will return when he is “100%” but will him being 100% after all the injuries still be good enough at this point? I still don’t have an opinion either way, just something to ponder
  4. I’ve never been a fan of teams that trade good QBs, good QBs are a very rare thing, Many teams go a decade or more before they find a legit QB, the fact we can possibly have two franchise QBs on the roster is like winning the lottery.
  5. I think with Allen only being 23, if he had a full off season to actually train and get full time reps as a starter, he could definitely be a franchise QB. You have to understand that he hasn’t even had that luxury yet. Combine a full off season of full time training as a starter plus the experience and learning trial by far for this season, I think he could have a really really good season next year
  6. You absolutely have to play Allen in the 49ers game to see what we TRULY have in him. We won’t win that game with a rusty, just coming off injury Cam. A. It gives game one more week to heal and B. It lets us see exactly what we have in Allen against arguably the best team in the league right now or one of the best
  7. There is absolutely positively no doubt in mind we would be undefeated right this very second had Allen started from the get go.
  8. I just looked at the teams San Fran have played this year and literally ALL but one have a losing record.. They have played the following teams Bucs Bengals Steelers Browns Rams I think the 49ers will also be seeing their match up with us as a measuring stick as well
  9. People are overthinking this. Kyle IS AND should be our starter going forward. Small sample size yes but a very meaningful one. He just has “it”, Cam is just done, pure and simple. Unless KA has a meltdown game or two and just loses it, he should be our starter going forward
  10. Mark my words.. If We go in to San Fran and win with Allen, Cam might just be done here for good.
  11. Nope, A. That pass rush and B. Honestly that’s a game we are going to lose anyway. Face it- a west coast game against an undefeated team with us coming off bye where we already perform historically bad?! Sit him this game
  12. I really hope after all these backup QBs playing as well as they are that it proves you DONT need a “franchise QB” that costs north of hundred million to win.. I hope the QB contract bubble bursts and burst soon
  13. No reason whatsoever we lose this one. The Bucs schedule leading up to this game- @ LA, coast to coast travel, then all the way to NO for the Saints game yesterday then now it’s overseas to play us. THAT stretch of away games is absolutely brutal for them. Also, they will NOT sweep us, just not going to happen period. Should be a decisive win for us honestly by a pretty big margin
  14. Trade those bums CMC and Cam.. This is now Allen and Bonnafin’s team baby!
  15. I truly don’t get this offense. We opened up the playbook big time in the Cardinals game and spread the ball around, then the last couple games we go completely one dimensional and just pound McCaffrey every play. It’s almost as if Norv just gets lazy and goes on auto pilot and just force feeds CMC
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