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  1. Your logic makes zero sense and proves my point. There are treatments and cures for certain cancers if caught early even if you are asymptomatic. Covid there are none unless you get so badly ill you are practically at deaths door. It would be completely different if there was treatments for asymptomatic Covid like say chlamydia where if you test positive you can go to the pharmacy and get a pill to knock it out, but that doesn’t exist.
  2. Testing is completely pointless for a variety of reasons. A. Unless you get tested every single day, it makes zero difference. Just because I test negative today doesn’t mean I will test negative tomorrow. B. Turnaround time is too long to make a difference anyway. C. There isn’t a cure, so If you test positive, so what? You will either A. Remain asymptomatic or B. Get so badly sick you will just go to the hospital anyway with or without a test. It’s not like once you test positive, they will prescribe you meds to knock it out like a curable std. all testing is doing is contributing to the numbers and giving the media something to fear monger over. I would totally be ok with testing if there was actually a cure. Take chlamydia for example, if you test positive they practically give you a pill on the spot to knock it out then and there. Covid has turned this country into scared, hypochondriac germaphobes who wear masks all the time and are super obsessed with testing for illness
  3. Kind of makes you wonder, if NFL tests aren’t accurate, and these are the bests tests you can possibly get, how many of these “cases” nationwide are actual cases and how many are false positives. We have a CASEdemic
  4. This is why I have always said, do away with these draconian protocols and ridiculous testing all together. I have access to the greatest Covid test on the face of the planet 24/7, want to know what it is? MY OWN BODY! I’m a huge believer in you are as healthy as you feel, the human body is an amazing thing, it will let you know if you are sick, you don’t need a “test” to tell you. NFL should treat Covid like any other illness, if a player complains of feeling sick, then isolate that particular player. Whatever happened to good ole science and letting your body let you know you are sick by feeling like crap instead of some unreliable “test”
  5. I’m not convinced at all we lose this game because Burns is out. I mean would have anyone thought in their right mind that we would be 3-0 without CMC? And let’s be real here, Burns isn’t as impactful on D as CMC is on O.
  6. I will prove Covid is political. All of you that disagree with me on the matter. Give me a poo emoji if you are pro Biden.
  7. Wrong again. Look at NYC and Europe. Lockdowns TEMPORALLY work. All lockdowns do is give a false sense of security and make it seem like it works because numbers go down, then once you reopen, numbers spike again. It’s a band aid over a severed artery, it’s not sustainable and only stops the bleeding briefly
  8. Missing the point, the rest of europe will be right there along with them because all shut downs do is DELAY the pandemic not DELETE it.
  9. Anyway, enough back and forth. I’m done discussing. MAGA 2020!!!!
  10. Facts are facts, France, Spain and Italy, all seeing record new cases, Sweden is stabilized. Just because some far left “journalist” says otherwise, doesn’t make it true
  11. Speaking of getting Covid under control, let’s talk about that shall we. There is literally only one country right now who HAS got Covid under control and that’s Sweden. No masks, no lockdowns. While the rest of Europe is seeing record setting cases daily, Sweden is only seeing slight upticks
  12. The same experts like Fauci who back in March said don’t overreact to Covid and masks don’t work? Just wait after the election, you will see what I’m talking about. Count how many masks you see in public after the election
  13. Really? Then how come Democrat’s are twice more likely to wear masks and vote by mail? Why are Democrat states the ones still shut down? Bookmark this thread, watch and see how quick the narrative will change surrounding Covid after the election. Watch and see how way less people will be wearing masks in public after the election. back in March when the same “experts” like Fauci and others that many of you believe now all said this wasn’t dangerous and the country shouldn’t overreact, then the liberals saw an opportunity to exploit this and over hype it for political purposes then the narrative changed. You can call me crazy now, but watch and see after the election. Even liberal celebrities like Jane Fonda are saying how Covid was god gift’s to the left this election. But yet I’m the callous and dumb one, ok
  14. Out of 8 billion people, Jesus when did %s just stop to matter to people. Percentages matter ok. Out of 8 BILLION people
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