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  1. Giants hire Rivera, we trade Cam to the Giants for their draft pick and move to a top 3 pick in the draft. Makes sense for everyone involved. We get a top 3 pick to draft Cam’s replacement, Giants get Gettleman, Rivera, Cam and Shula all back together again. Eli retires and Daniel Jones gets more time to learn on the bench. Not only do the Giants get a potential franchise QB in Cam for at least a few years, there would literally be no growing pains since Cam probably knows Shula’s offense better than he knows himself. Oh and Cam would be a HUGE draw in NY and would fit in perfectly there.
  2. From what I can see, 12th overall pick would be absolute worst case scenario if we finish 5-11, a top 8 pick could very well be possible
  3. If we keep getting blown out like today for the rest of the season, it will make the decision waaaay more easier for Tepper to completely clean house and stop this half measures BS. If we keep getting embarrassed these last three games, then chances are we can end this crazy talk of keeping Scott Turner for OC and keeping Hurney around. Oh and draft pick also!
  4. Agreed 100. Shaq is dispensable, not a guy you sign for big money. He’s just not what I would consider a big difference maker, he is KK 2.0, the type of player who will get lazy once he gets paid. Should have signed him on a cheap one year deal or let him walk, easily replaceable
  5. Shaq is a role player, a dispensable one, he’s not a CMC or Luke Kuechly that you sign long term to a big contract. Can be easily replaced in the off season by a cheap FA 0n a one year deal. Should have let him walk. He’s good but not that good, he’s more like a AJ Klein type player.. Good but easily replaceable
  6. Because it’s what incompetent owners and football teams do. I would not be the least bit surprised if Fewell is our new DC and Shula our new OC. Firing Rivera was just a publicity stunt, this team will look exactly the same next year as Tepper hires a yes man HC, mark my words
  7. Half measures NEVER work in football nor in life for that matter. I’ve said this once and I’ll say it again, I do not care one bit Hurney can draft in the first round because he is so horrible in every other facet of the job that it far outweighs all the good he does in the first round anyway. So pretty much you keep a GM who will forever draft pro bowlers once a year but keep having losing records.
  8. Name one, just one team who has had success by deploying half measures.. You know what I’m talking about, the same crap we have been doing the last decade. HALF MEASURES. Keep the HC, fire the GM (Hurney) or fire the GM but keep the HC (Gettleman) HALF MEASURE. For the love of god can we just never have true fresh start. Why is it so hard to fire Hurney? Make no mistake, The new Shaq contract was Hurney way of saying he is safe and not going anywhere for the forseeable future. Why can’t we be the Bills? They brought in new HC/new GM at the same time and it’s worked wonders. But alas, we are the team of mediocrity and half measures.
  9. Umm are you joking? This was all or nothing, the Steelers game, how do you of all people not know this?
  10. That wasn’t my takeaway at all, he said he didn’t want to lose his college scouting abilities, the option of bringing in a new GM is still very much wide open
  11. Make no mistake, Tepper already has his list of who he wants to replace Hurney. The ONLY way Hurney stays after the season is if Tepper truly feels in his heart of hearts the guy he wants that he thinks is better than Hurney isn’t out there. Logistically speaking its WAY easier and more plug n play to fire a HC mid season because a coaching staff has lots of people you can simply make interim HC. It made perfect sense for us to fire Rivera mid season because we have Fewell ready to go. With GM and front office it’s a lot more complicated because you can’t just go to some random front office guy, call him up and promote him to “Interim GM’ like you can a HC. Remember, we don’t have Beane anymore to become a interim. Bottom line is, logistically speaking you can fire a HC during the season and not become chaotic, a GM on the other hand is much different.
  12. Yes I realize this has very little chance of happening BUT I personally would love nothing more than facing Rivera twice a year every year. Game plan would be simple, let them march down the field for two easy TDs and have them go up by double digits, then sit back and watch the magic unfold. I mean while highly unlikely, not impossible. Assuming Quinn is gone, you have to imagine the thought of sticking it to his old team twice a year and not having to put his house up for sale and move would be rather tempting for Rivera.
  13. Love this show! Binging it on Prime currently, so good. Adam Devine is so underrated
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