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  1. I know it’s two totally different players and situations, but I remember a lot of people being mad when we traded KB, ironically he was coming off a great 1000 plus yard season, a lot of us wanted him back, but we traded him and now look what happened. Where is KB now? Do you honestly and truly think if Tepper, the staff and Hurney thought cam could at least be half of his 2015 self, that they would have let him walk? Come on now lol. We let Kelvin go because everyone on the inside knew way more than we did, they knew he was done and had to let him go. If I remember, everyone on here was saying KB would go on to be a stud with another team with a better QB.
  2. Initially I was on the trade for Burrow train, but upon further review, Cincy can have him. I went back and did some research and guess what. Three yes ONLY three QBs that were picked number 1 overall in the last thirty years have gone on and won a SB. Eli and Peyton Manning and Drew Bledsoe. That’s it! Guess what?! I know this will blow your mind but you can win with a QB picked after the first overall pick and still have great success. OMG, like what a revelation guys! Rodgers, Lamar Jackson, Brees, Mahomes, Nick Foles for god sakes.. the list goes on and on, you can have a great QB that isn’t picked number one overall.
  3. I’ve always been a believer that you go ALL in and live life in the extremes. At this point I say just go all in, give the Bengals their King’s ransom and go get Burrow and complete this trifecta. I mean when you really think about it, it’s football, it’s fun, yes it’s a GIGANTIC risk but who cares. It would just set us back two seasons, three seasons tops If he is a bust. Since the Panthers started as a franchise we have always did things the “right” way and “by the book” and where has it really gotten us? Moderate success for sure but nothing earth shattering, just do it.
  4. Mike McCarthy- Mr free massages for everyone whose Green Bay team actually got significantly better after he left Green Bay. Joe Judge-.special teams coordinator with zero offensive/defensive experience nor HC experience. Stefanski- One of the better hires but let’s be real, it’s Cleveland, if he doesnt win a Lombardi in a year or two he will just be joining the loooong line of Ex Browns head coaches anyway. Rivera- Ahh last but certainly not least. Mr “couldn’t beat a freaking Gary Kubiak team with a geriatric Peyton Manning with a bad neck” Rivera in a season with Cam playing MVP GOAT status and Kuechly in his prime. Good luck with Dwayne Haskins bwahaha. Rhule- Leader of men, literally took not one but two college teams that were a joke and abysmal and turned each of them into world beaters in a couple short years. Has received praise from many respected heads around the league, from Tom Coughlin and even Sean Payton singing his praises. Obviously I realize only time will tell, hell, for all I know, Joe Judge will be the next Bellicheck and Rhule will be the next Seifert. But on paper so far, it seems we definitely landed the best prospect this year.
  5. I know it was decades ago and people might not even remember, but Jimmy Johnson becomes HC for the Dallas cowboys in 1989, he had literally zero experience in the NFL because up until that point he was only a college coach. Heck, unlike Rhule he didn’t even have any small time assistant level NFL experience. Anyway, in 1989 the Cowboys in Jimmy’s first year as HC go a dismal 1-15, then in 1990 improve to 7-9, then in 1991 11-5, then in 1992 go 13-3 and win the SB and thus the 90s Cowboys dynasty begins. Pattern sound familiar? The two teams Rhule has been a head coach of have been very similar pattern. Year 1- terrible, year 2- average then year 3 it’s party time. Let’s hope this is our Jimmy Johnson moment.
  6. So it seems a majority of us has already written off Allen as just yet another footnote QB for the Panthers like Matt Moore or Jimmy Clausen, I’m not so sure I’m ready to throw in the towel myself though. Yes, he has looked inconsistent and has had some piss poor games. But there is one key thing I still think Allen has in spades.. Intangibles. Stuff you won’t see on film or can see in stat lines. He just seems to pass the eye test, he is calm under pressure, the work ethic seems to be there, he doesn’t seem to let bad plays weigh him down, he sees the field well most of the time and despite a few fixable things here or there he seems to learn from his mistakes and learn. Besides all this I go back and look at his game against a good Houston team in a hostile environment and his game against the Saints this year in the dome, even the AZ game where he didn’t crack despite his first start this year in front of loved ones and friends. The bottom line is this, most of us have written off Allen as just another forgotten QB but I am very intrigued to see what he can do with a whole off season with a new offensive minded head coach and one year wiser with all the experience he has gained this year. Keep in mind as well he is just 23 years old, only two years removed from being able to drink legally for god Saale.
  7. Giants hire Rivera, we trade Cam to the Giants for their draft pick and move to a top 3 pick in the draft. Makes sense for everyone involved. We get a top 3 pick to draft Cam’s replacement, Giants get Gettleman, Rivera, Cam and Shula all back together again. Eli retires and Daniel Jones gets more time to learn on the bench. Not only do the Giants get a potential franchise QB in Cam for at least a few years, there would literally be no growing pains since Cam probably knows Shula’s offense better than he knows himself. Oh and Cam would be a HUGE draw in NY and would fit in perfectly there.
  8. From what I can see, 12th overall pick would be absolute worst case scenario if we finish 5-11, a top 8 pick could very well be possible
  9. If we keep getting blown out like today for the rest of the season, it will make the decision waaaay more easier for Tepper to completely clean house and stop this half measures BS. If we keep getting embarrassed these last three games, then chances are we can end this crazy talk of keeping Scott Turner for OC and keeping Hurney around. Oh and draft pick also!
  10. Agreed 100. Shaq is dispensable, not a guy you sign for big money. He’s just not what I would consider a big difference maker, he is KK 2.0, the type of player who will get lazy once he gets paid. Should have signed him on a cheap one year deal or let him walk, easily replaceable
  11. Shaq is a role player, a dispensable one, he’s not a CMC or Luke Kuechly that you sign long term to a big contract. Can be easily replaced in the off season by a cheap FA 0n a one year deal. Should have let him walk. He’s good but not that good, he’s more like a AJ Klein type player.. Good but easily replaceable
  12. Because it’s what incompetent owners and football teams do. I would not be the least bit surprised if Fewell is our new DC and Shula our new OC. Firing Rivera was just a publicity stunt, this team will look exactly the same next year as Tepper hires a yes man HC, mark my words
  13. Half measures NEVER work in football nor in life for that matter. I’ve said this once and I’ll say it again, I do not care one bit Hurney can draft in the first round because he is so horrible in every other facet of the job that it far outweighs all the good he does in the first round anyway. So pretty much you keep a GM who will forever draft pro bowlers once a year but keep having losing records.
  14. Name one, just one team who has had success by deploying half measures.. You know what I’m talking about, the same crap we have been doing the last decade. HALF MEASURES. Keep the HC, fire the GM (Hurney) or fire the GM but keep the HC (Gettleman) HALF MEASURE. For the love of god can we just never have true fresh start. Why is it so hard to fire Hurney? Make no mistake, The new Shaq contract was Hurney way of saying he is safe and not going anywhere for the forseeable future. Why can’t we be the Bills? They brought in new HC/new GM at the same time and it’s worked wonders. But alas, we are the team of mediocrity and half measures.
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