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  1. So how will this be created into an article? Cam is playing to role of the fool to fool Tepper who is trying to fool Cam?
  2. It takes 2 to trade. You can't force teams to take Cam. If Brady, Bridgewater and Rivers are higher on a team's wish list, then the trade talks will not be prioritized.
  3. I don't think the market for Cam will heat up until other guys like Brady and Rivers sign their deals.
  4. "I'm going to pout and throw a temper tantrum because David Tepper won't commit to the Quarterback that I want" That's how y'all sound. Let the man pass his physical and handle his business.
  5. If you rebuild around Cam you have to draft extremely well and develop day 2/3 picks, UDFAs and find bargain veteran contributors like in 2015. Long-term your salary cap, assuming he returns to his normal self, it could look like: Cam ($35M+) CMC ($18M) Moton ($15M) DJ ($18M) Shaq $13M) That's almost $100M on 5 players. It shows why it's easier to rebuild around a QB on a rookie deal and use your cap on defense, OL and playmakers. It can be done though because I trust Matt Rhule's ability to develop players and get the most out of 2-3 star prospects. But at the same time, I can see why they are taking their time with this decision.
  6. I'm glad to see he is progressing well. But to be honest, nothing has changed since Ian Rapoport's December report. He said Cam was having surgery in December so that he can be healthy by March so the Panthers can evaluate his future.
  7. Hassan Reddick Matt Ionnidis Tavon Young Dion Dawkins Ryquell Armstead Robby Anderson Nate Hairston Thats a few names from Temple that played for him. Putting Temple players in the league like that is impressive to me.
  8. It’s his opinion. You are welcome to start your own website to write about yours as well.
  9. Talks should've begun already. I doubt they finalize anything because Moton will want another year to strengthen his negotiating power.
  10. Just last week everybody was excited because TD said they were bringing Cam back. Now he listened to Tepper speak himself and was like "whoa" lol
  11. 5 year window is silly in the NFL. That's like the average playing career lol.
  12. I don't mind it yet. If we suck for 3 years then I'll start to think about it.
  13. We can only go off what we hear in interviews. A lot of former players that heard Tepper's comments felt that they were disrespectful. And I agree with that. But that doesn't give insight on what the future holds. It's just thoughts about one interview.
  14. Nice to see a front office actually shoot down media rumors. Must be nice.
  15. Im glad to see Thomas Davis stand up for Cam and give him a call. Enough is enough at some point. I don’t know what Tepper’s intentions are but it’s rubbing a lot of players the wrong way.
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