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  1. What we know about Cam at this point...Is that he's best when he has a chip on his shoulder. Right now he has a chip on his shoulder...with no boot. SUPERMAN?...is now the DARK KNIGHT! #shinethebatsymbol
  2. Kyle had some CAM NEWTON HATER throws. Let's not let that go unnoticed!! He clearly under threw and over threw a few of them....now, lynch him like ya do Cam!!
  3. Troy obviously disapproves of Cam judging from last week.
  4. ...he went to bring in Kap!..He'll be back in a minute.
  5. I COMPLETELY agree with you. I said that he should've sat out this year before season started. Makes no sense that he's playing. Especially with that paper bag offensive line.
  6. I noticed it last year...The exciting plays were the misdirections and reverses with Samuels. Exciting for Cam because he got to block. But he has vocally voiced the fact recently that we can't score touchdowns or not scoring touchdowns. Cam has been brutally honest about HIS performance as well as the offense....don't see him blaming Ron. BUT looks as if Cam wants a " Break from the Norv".
  7. The reality at this point is that Cam ain't cool with Norv Turners playbook. Look at his press conference before the Tampa game & how sarcastic he was while saying " Hback this & Hback that" he was smiling but you can tell from how he was looking that he's picked apart the playbook and may be a bit bitter because he's not getting the ball calls. THEN his press conference after the game....more tongue & cheek displeasure with how the offense is going. It just doesn't seem to be a good fit for him and he is obviously frustrated. To better his shoulder..and NOT go out there and get killed by the offensive line OR have to deal with him not being "Superman".... it appears that he would just rather not play at all. So what better excuse than the foot? ...I think he will find more reasons throughout the year not to play if he could.
  8. The defense will win this game. Offense will be sloppy. 17 - 10 Panthers
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