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  1. And I apologize for my atrocious spelling, but I haven't figured out how to edit on this site yet. LOL.
  2. I'll never understand this argument. "You guys played bad teams, therefore you will lose". Its weird. Its like they didn't beat the dorrs off almost all those teams and now that they play a "real" team, obviously everything will be different. I heard the Browns fans be like "you've played nobody, you've never seen OBJ or Landry type players". Rams fans be like "We've beaten you several times in a row, you haven't seen receivers like this". Redskins fans be like "yeah, please be merciful". LOL. Typically, its AFTER the game when people start saying "yeah, but it was the Browns pr Yeah, but it was the Rams. The beat-down by the 49ers is part of what shapes the narrative. They can only play the teams on their schedule. I mean I get the point. Obviously, there have bene bad teams on the schedule. The ONLY think the 49ers can do is beat those teams decisively...which they did. Its not like these are 1 point wins. Their worst non-weatehr game was probably the Bucs, and Jimmy was clearly still rusty. Sonce then, the only game that they didn't win by 2 or more scores was the Steelers, where they developed a habit of dribbling the ball inside the Steeler 15 yardline. Statistically in every way but the score, they obliterated the Steelers. I'm making no predictions RE Sunday. That not what I do. If the Panthers win I'll be here on Monday and I'll give you guys a hearty congratulations and say see ya in the playoffs. I think the Panther D will be a challenge, particularly without the Niner starting tackles. I think CMC is going to be a challenge a sthe Niners have at times been susceptible to the run. If the Niners lose, its won't be because they had a cakewalk schedule. It won't be because they are overrated. It will be because the Panthers are good. I would think that would be the reason you would want it to happen. If the Niners win, I can all but guarantee that someone upcoming will count the Panthers as a team that sucks and that the only reason the Niners beat them. They'll be wrong. Two things can be equally true. BOTH TEAMS ARE GOOD.
  3. Bro...not trying to argue with you. You could very well be right and Moseley is exposed. I know Norv well too, he was the OC in SF in 2006 or so. Frank ran for like 1600 yards that year. I'm not even saying that I disagree that they will target him. I would. In fact I've expected the last three teams to do so. Perhaps Norv is capable of doing it. Kitchens couldn't. McVay couldn't. I don't bet against Norv tho. On a separate note, I think that guy is fantastic. He should just never, ever be allowed to be a HC. As an OC, he's fantastic. YES, Cosell is a film Guru, but I've heard him on air here in the Bay Area state specifically that he pays closer attention to the teams in the markets he speaks about because he will be asked to speak on them. We are really just argue semantics here. Its really no biggy.
  4. https://wfnz.radio.com/media/audio-channel/greg-cosell-previews-panthers-niners Yeah...I just listened to it. Essentially what he says is that the safeties and Sherman are all playing great and he says "The one corner you'll probably go after" is Moseley. That's because he had just hyped up all the other DBs. lol. I don't think he's wrong. No biggy. I'm actually a pretty big fan of Cosell. He's on Bay Area radio as well...which is a big reason why he knows the D so well. He covers it to talk here. I'm not going to sit here and tell you Moseley is an All-Pro or something, but he is relatively untested. He's played really well, but its hard to figure out how much of that is him being great and how much of it is the pass rush. The team really likes him. Sherman raves about him. Really lookin forward to the game. Its actually George Kittle Bobblehead day. LOL.
  5. I would really, really, REALLY like to see/hear where Cosell said "Look for a huge game from DJ'. Methinks its far more likely he mentioned Moseley as something to watch. Cosell watches A LOT of film and states his opinion RE film breakdowns, but he doesn't wade into predictions. He's actually a great guy to listen to because he's completely unbiased.
  6. Right. Somehow I doubt Cosell said "Look for a huge game from DJ". I listen to the guy all the tame and he doesn't say stuff like that. I look forward to Sunday. Good luck to your boys. I'll be in the building. :D Peace.
  7. ...and they allowed 48 net yards passing to the Rams.
  8. I acknowledge that. I'm just sayin the assumption that a guy will get torched based on the letter UDFA when they guy have played great in 3 games is a bit funny. Panthers will be a challenge, but I really think several people are underestimating what they are up against.
  9. I'm sorry..."bandwagon trolls"? Bro, I pointed out the fallacy of your post. I didn't troll you. I pointed out a FACT. Panthers may very well win the game and perhaps they expose Moseley, but your assumption was ludicrous and I said so.
  10. I'm sorry...I'm not saying its impossible that he plays well but.... ...Emmanuel Moseley has started the past three games and the 49ers have given up a grand total of 176 yards passing. That's about 58 yards per game. His first NFL start was against OBJ and Landry. His second was against Kupp, Cooks, Woods. Now things happen, but strikes me as a bit off that you'd read UDFA and just make the "Huge Game" assumption. Peace.
  11. Jimmie Ward has always been excellent when he's on the field. Its the reason he was resigned in the offseason and why the D has looked even better the past three games (he was out weeks 1-3). The problem with Jimmie is that he can't stay on the field, or at least has been unable to up to this point in his career. Just this year, he broke his collarbone in OTAs, then finally got back and promptly badly injured his finger and had to have surgery.
  12. BTW, number slightly different because its adjusted to remove FGs, Kneel Downs, etc.
  13. Graphic representation of what I was referring to RE 3 and out %.
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