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  1. I'll give you props for that sick burn, Cootie. That was funny. However, I think we should keep wives, kids, and family out of our insults in the TB. So if you want to go down that road in the future, I'll lower myself and stoop to your level.
  2. Yep ... NCAA is moments away from the end.
  3. Meanwhile in Belarus ... Another landslide win for their president (since 1994). Nasty riots all through the city of Minsk over the rigged election. The wife went to vote here at the NY embassy but wasn't let in (along with 300 others). Now she's outside protesting in the street with others in support of her home. Trump might be a retarded oaf, Biden might be an old pervert, but they have nothing on Alexander Lukashenko. He is the main guy behind Belarus' "super low" coronavirus numbers.
  4. Oh I KNOW she has evidence. But it's bound to see people lose their position there, not shut down the entire organization. The d-bag who is at the top could easily be out for example. But the whole operation? Iffy. Can someone point to times in the past where entire organizations were dissolved due to the actions of those in charge? If it's common, this might have legs. But they have wayyyyy too much money and power to be like ... ok we lose. It'd be like if there was corruption at the ACLU or NAACP and the GOP tried to shut them down. It's that much magnitude.
  5. I, for one, look forward to Teddy having his first bad game for ANY reason and gets bashed on this board ... by the very same people that gave Cam every excuse under the sun when he had a bad game. The hypocrisy will be delicious. Teddy will be fine. Is he elite? No. Is he better than a back up? Yep. He is a "starter"? Yep. And he's our starter.
  6. TIL throwing deep is the only way to win in the NFL and the only thing that determines what a great QB is!
  7. If she wants actual results, she should be going after the people in charge, and not presenting it as trying to shut the organization down. She'd have much better reception to it in legal circles and in actuality. I could easily seeing the NRA ousting the "bad seeds". Yes, they'll still be corrupt and hot garbage, but I don't think there's an even 1% chance the NRA gets dissolved. This thing is going to be in the courts for a long time.
  8. That's not what this whole thing is about. At all.
  9. The NRA is a pretty stupid organization. Fact. Guns are horrible and should not exist in most circumstances. Fact (to me at least). The NRA is NOT going to get dissolved. Fact. /thread
  10. I mean, I know there were stores and condos in the area, but generally business ports aren't heavily populated. And if you don't think the whole Israel/Lebanon etc etc etc back and forth isn't behind this, well that's your right. Could very easily be an accident. But I think there is more to it. And no, I don't think Hezbollah bombed their own country, lol. I'm no 9/11 tin foil nut. I think someone wanted to send a message to them.
  11. Luckily it was a port area instead of center city. But I bet the death toll will be in the hundreds if not more. Hezbollah is no joke.
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