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  1. Dude, I don't like Italian food, don't have black hair, my sister doesn't run a tanning salon, and I don't drive an Escalade. SI? Get outttta heeeeh. What makes someone a local anyway? Next summer will be 10 yrs here. Can I call myself a "New Yorker", your majesty? Spent the first 34 years of my life living all over the South ... but I'll be damned if I consider myself a Southerner.
  2. O-FREAKING-LINE. An elite line can do wonders for even below avg QBs. TB is above avg. Get him a stud line and he will put up crazy numbers.
  3. I find it funny that in this thread, Cam is getting the benefit of the doubt by some and want to let his season play out. But they won't do the same for the QB of their very own team, already writing him off. Pathetic.
  4. Care to elaborate? I don't live in the Bronx ... BX. I live in Brooklyn ... BK.
  5. See my previous reply to your same comment, troll. But yes, I don't live in the BX. So you're technically correct.
  6. Hipsters and Yankees fans are white. But good to know you think BX is only allowed to be one color.
  7. I mean ... come on. Cam was a freak of nature. A once in a decade machine. No one could stop him at the start of his career. No one. He could throw, run, juke, and he scared defenders. But he was never cerebral. He was a burst of life, color, and energy. But he was never elite. And the Panthers record shows it. He had 2015 ... and that's it. Everything else was what you'd expect from a great QB ... which is what he'll be remembered as. But coaches caught on to him, he got older, and then he got hurt. We saw it with Vick too. Both men had a window, and couldn't climb through. Cam can still get wins, sure. But the record-setting freak (yes, I know he just got one) days are LONG gone. The run over you days are over too. His arm is bruised and it's old. It's over, guys. I know all of you want 2015 Cam again, but that was ONE season! I know all of you want the insane rookie Cam was, but that era is older than some of your own children. As a lifelong Auburn fan, I loved how he played the game. It was unique. But it can't survive in the NFL. That's just facts. Too many have failed, and the ones that have made it (hi, Mahomes) are ... cerebral. I may have hated the person Cam portrayed himself to be, but I was a Panthers fan always. So I hope he doesn't fizzle out and crash, but ... he missed his window.
  8. Their narrative is better than your gimmick, man. Let it go. He's below avg now as a QB. Stop defending him.
  9. Pats REALLY not happy with the Jets right now. NE wants goldilocks.
  10. Looked at a Pats forum just now. They are not happy.
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