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  1. Not about to read this thread. I have a life. First time in it though. SO LET ME GUESS ... - a very, very few of you actually support the officer's actions - most of you wanted him fired (you got it!) and charged with murder (you got it!) - a very few think he should have been fired, but not charged with murder - COOTER, rodeo, PhillyB and the rest of that inane group see nothing wrong with the chaos going on right now including: attempted murder on cops (nyc), violence against police horses (PA), complete destruction of innocent peoples businesses and vehicles (everywhere), looting, and attempted ATM theft (LA) - COOTER and rodeo have talked a big game and probably have shared 500+ tweets, but haven't spent 1 min on the protest line - most of you are pleased with the peaceful protesting throughout the US (as you should be) and ... - If I were in this thread, I'd blame ANTIFA and Black Bloc for the chaos, as those priveledged, middle to upper class white kids are nothing but a bunch of pathetic wastes of life. So did I nail it?
  2. Cam will be fine, guys. He has his cigar club, a kickball tournament, a production team, a really cool social media gimmick, and is dating an "Instagram Model". Oh! And Cammy Cam Juice. He's set.
  3. He doesn't want back up money, and that's all he can be right now. Simple as that.
  4. The Huggers will always have an excuse. May as well just ignore them. Let them pout for the next few years. It's all they know.
  5. Only reason you can't say Luke is because of longevity. TD or no touchdown, Smitty would ball every single game. You can't say the same for Pep, who would vanish certain games. It goes to Smitty in a very tight contest. 1. Smitty 2. Luke 3. Peppers 4. The Field
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