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  1. Why can't things just go smoothly for once? Always so much drama, why can't we go back to just winning games and not being the talk of the NFL?
  2. I mean, maybe if the team protected the home field and actually didn't get blown out they fans would stick around. What is that home record under Tepper?
  3. Humm, good question, yes I would. Go for the complete unknown. Because, if he is balls out "game ready" he is going to want a deal before the pre-season is over. He won't be playing without some sort of ink in place. So, yes, I'd take an unknown before committing to a deal. Sadly, I don't think his body can stand up to the player he wants to be. He wants to be a runner that is the ultimate game changer, and he can do that, but again he will eventually get hurt. I personally wouldn't be willing to take that risk. IF he signs another contract, it will probably be his last NFL deal, so he won't settle for anything less than top 5 QB money if he feels he is 100%.
  4. @My Goodness My Guinness - https://nextgenstats.nfl.com/stats/passing#average-time-to-throw
  5. I love numbers, thank you, I appreciate that link!!! - I mean, definitely doesn't look like the OL is THAT terrible! ;)
  6. Quicker reads I'd agree with, and/or an ability for the WR's to get separation as well. I'd say those go hand in hand, but at least having time to throw, means the OL isn't complete poo. Also, being able to block for the league second leading rusher is a decent stat. Now, confusing the D to not know when a run is coming or a pass is something the coaches should be doing.
  7. Those would be factored into Time To Throw, at least for the QB pressures. - https://nextgenstats.nfl.com/
  8. Eh, so far for the season he is 17th with a Time To Throw of 2.77 so far (Cam is dead last with 2.37). The only 2 QB's with more Time To Throw but with a lower QB rating for the season so far are Josh Allen and Jerod Goff. Also, that isn't factoring in sacks (Panthers have had 36, allowed 29). So yes, I could see the OL could use some beefing up, but you don't have the league second leading rusher with a "HORRIFIC" OL. Having the 3rd lowest QB Rating of those top 17 Time To Throw, tells me either the passes are off, or the WR's aren't producing. *It's all about the numbers!
  9. Yeah, that SF game was a collection of errors, that I know everyone watching the game was like what are you doing? I would actually agree getting some RB mix going, I decided to look at the top 6 rushers in the league, and who their second leading rusher was, and with how many yards. Definitely some interesting numbers. Vikings (7-3) - Dalvin Cook - 991 yards Alexander Mattison - 389 yards Panthers (5-4) - CMC - 989 yards Bonnafon - 95 yards Browns (3-6) - Chubb - 919 yards Mayfield - 76 yards Seattle (8-2) - Carson - 853 yards Wilson - 256 yards Titans (5-5) - Henry - 832 yards Mariota - 129 yards Jaguars (4-5) - Fournette - 831 yards Minshew II - 235 yards
  10. Really it all depends, are you asking right now, without passing a physical and not being cleared to play? 2nd round if the Panthers are lucky or a 3rd round is more realistic. Clearing a physical and paying pre-season and showing he is game ready, then you can ask for a 1st and settle for a second if you have to. The problem is right now he is in that Peyton Manning with the Colts predicament, everyone expects him to come back 100% but what is his 100%? The Superbowl contender? Or someone that can't run with the ball and is trying to be a pocket passer? It all depends where he is.
  11. I think there are a couple categories you have left off, but I don't strongly disagree with your current evaluation. What would you rank coaching? I think that definitely has a play in the overall team score but I think it should have it's own category. Likewise, special teams? Just some thoughts: Personally I think CMC is definitely bumping up the Offensive grade and without him, it could be the difference between a passing and a failing grade. I would like to see more TE involvement, more WR involvement, I mean every D knows that CMC is getting the ball. He is going to run it up the gut for chunk yardage. Also, he will release into the flat for a dump pass, so they are over loading the box and keeping spies on him. What does that do, it opens up man coverage down field, so if the WR's can get separation, just having the threat of CMC should mean some big passing plays. You expect them to run it on first down, instead try a post route and see what happens, mix it up a bit.
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