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  1. It's fair to disagree, when Cam threw his first touchdown pass you were wearing your old 17 jersey and I gave you a high five wearing the ole 52.... briar creek ale house Newton to Smith over Peterson.... only two panthers fans there just about. Times change and its time for a major overhall only those overly emotionally attached will throw temper tantrums about it..... The revolts over Smiths cutting..... people move on.
  2. Is your name code for the clap? #4lyfe #yourgonnabesoooosad
  3. Anyone not saying Cam is the goat and will play to age 50 for the panthers is a troll.
  4. They can't handle the future with the highest probability, try to start a logical conversation and this his how they will react. Logic isn't their strong suite for sure.
  5. Look its the we have no logical rebuttal crowd so let's go poo all your posts.
  6. Allen is a backup Cam is tradebait/cap casualty.... I haven't seen anyone in this thread advocate that Allen is the starter moving forward..... that would he our first round pick.
  7. This guy posts no rebuttals but Im the troll right..... weak minded.
  8. New coach, soon to be new GM.... new duos tend to want new qbs.
  9. I imagine membership here will decline by a few cam fans... Dallas is always taking fan apps!
  10. You would be wrong which I assume is a common occurrence for you.
  11. Fine to call someone a "dickhead" insults hurled for having a difering opinion..... whine name call and say its "alts"
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