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  1. The differences highlighted can directly be attributed to his weapons being worse .. Olsen and Ginn are what bump those numbers up in '15
  2. He was inhibiting these WR's .. a different QB could have gotten more receiving yards out of this receiving group .. is what you are saying .. lol
  3. Look at the list of receiving again .. Cam Newton could have gotten more out of ________________ receiving wise in '17 .. ? Please, fill in the blank ...
  4. Attack the "..we'll never see '15 Cam again.." opinions .. not my good one .. I know good opinions are so rare around here that when there actually is a good one, you all don't know how to react and just stamp it as outrageous. '17 Cam was good. Really good.
  5. "..we will never see '15 Cam again.." We saw Cam Newton in MVP form in '17 Have another look at the '17 Carolina Panthers Cam Newton in '17 had his season high in rushing .. 754 Yards - led the team - he would have to if this team was to be competitive with this receiving group ... Greg Olsen - 191 rec. yards Brenton Bersin - 128 rec. yards Ed Dickson - 437 rec. yards Kelvin Benjamin - 475 rec. yards Damiere Byrd - 105 rec. yards Curtis Samuel - 115 rec. yards Russell Shepard - 202 rec. yards Christian McCaffrey - 651 rec. yards Devin Funchess - 840 rec. yards Kaelin Clay - 57 rec. yards The only reason this receiving group did not put up better numbers is because Cam is a sub-par QB who always looks to run and that was hindering these receivers #amirite Appreciate the greatness that was '17 Cam .. and whenever somebody says "..we will never see '15 Cam again.." direct them here .. The NFC South in '17 sent three teams to the playoffs ... that is rare to do. The Carolina Panthers were 11-5 .. Just take a look at the receiving numbers list again, and take into account Cam was the teams leading rusher .. what QB would have went 11-5 with this roster? Any other QB .. any other QB .. besides Cam Newton in '17 .. and this team is not a playoff team .. this team was utter garbage - the defense may have been decent, but there have been plenty of decent Jets/Bills/Jaguars defenses that are left out to dry because the offense is so terrible .. Without Cam the '17 offense would have been so terrible even the decent defense would have done nothing in regards to us making the playoffs team. '17 Panthers would have been absolutely putrid without Cam Newton .. 3 to 5 wins type putrid .. but Cam, because he is so great, led a bunch of nobodies on offense, to 11 wins and a playoff birth. The offense today is loads better than it was in '17 and people wonder if Cam wants to be apart of such a "bad" roster .. stop Cam Newton didn't get the acclaim he did in '15 in '17 ... but look into the details .. Cam was clearly in MVP form in '17 If Cam had a receiver even as good as Ginn in '17 - Cam would have won MVP #2 .. Cam got all he could out of that offense - Cam got more out of the '17 offense than any other QB could have .. This is to de-bunk the not very bright statement that "..we'll never see '15 Cam again.." - we saw '15 Cam in '17 if by '15 Cam, people mean, a Cam Newton in MVP form .. Recognize Cam's been injured for a year and a half and people be like .. we ain't saw healthy Cam in 3 years .. no .. half of '18 and '19 .. he's been injured for 1.5 seasons not 3
  6. For the better part of three years, eh? I count one year and a half .. half of 2018 - 2019 ... 2017 Cam was in MVP form
  7. We are drafting Jerry Jeudy. You don't bring in Joe Brady unless you'll give him a full arsenal to work with. This thread is going to be so good in about a year.
  8. Have we not been following Cam on IG ... 2020 is going to make 2015 look bad ...
  9. Let's go defense @ #7 ... right ... so NFL rules can hand-cuff yet another star defensive player. The NFL does not care about defense anymore. Defensive football is nearly defunct - and it should be completely defunct in any NFL city that has CAM NEWTON as it's QB .. for near a decade Cam single-handedly carried a bunch of nobodies on offense with a defense hand-cuffed by NFL rules. Luke Kuechly had been rendered useless the last two seasons and he played 16 games each of the last two seasons so it is not like he was injured - he was in his prime and still one of the worst defenses in the NFL. If we draft Simmons or Brown - it will be like adding one drop of water to a bottle of Sun Drop .. even if that drop of water is the most pure, best water on Earth, it is still only a drop - and it won't have any effect on the Sun Drop .. If Kuechly had no impact what makes people think a rookie DT or rookie LB will. And uh .. contrary to popular belief, we are equipped to win now. 2020. Have any of you people ever heard of the term "sand-bagging" - it's what David Tepper and the Panthers are doing. We have had a very offense focal off-season to this point - I expect that to continue when we draft Jerry Jeudy in April and trot a healthy Cam out with CMC, Moore, Samuel, Jeudy, and Thomas .. Yeeeeeaaaaaaah .. Panthers are winning Super Bowl 55 and none of you will have saw it coming except me. Cam will be the greatest QB to ever play this game. Shame on all of you.
  10. If you're looking at it objectively .. every move we've made has been a blessing for Cam Newton. From firing Rivera, to hiring Rhule and Brady, to trading for a proven LT, to drafting Jerry Jeudy in April
  11. Stop with the tanking talk. For fugs sake.
  12. If Cam comes back great this team will be great.
  13. Jason Peters will be 39 next January. Don't want. We could have traded Turner for Williams to WAS - they probably would have accepted that deal .. but we must have rather had Okung
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