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  1. Indeed .. most people actually think we'd take a third round pick instead of seeing what Cam has left for 20 mil. Pathetic.
  2. People here are like .. yes, Cam is trash and completely done as starting NFL QB .. Alright, if that is the case - why does another team want him?
  3. It's not even that. It's that Teddy B. is likely going to be making 30 mil. in 2020 - while we have Cam for 20 mil. - 20 mil. for a chance to see if Cam can re-gain form is a steal and Tepper is not an idiot.
  4. Seems like this entire conversation will be wrapped up relatively soon. I can't imagine this question swirling over this franchise too much longer. Florio states in the article, if something is going to happen, it has to happen soon.
  5. Again .. it is not the Panthers job to correct the media .. If the media says look for the Panthers to trade Cam Newton, and the Panthers don't deny that rumor, or even acknowledge it, that does not mean it is true.
  6. It ain't the Panthers job to correct the media when the media throws poo at the wall
  7. Well if you want to go this route .. In reality, there is zero indication from the Panthers they want to part ways with Cam Newton
  8. Cam was playing well enough, albeit, not great, to win down the stretch of 2018 - the team around him was letting him down .. like vs. Seattle in 2018 where CMC was stopped 3 straight times in the Red Zone .. or like vs. Detroit in 2018 when Devin Funchess literally cost us the game .. far before Cam's 2 pt. conversion miss ever mattered.
  9. As opposed to Cam for the next 5 years because he's had one rough season with injuries .. 2018 his stats were fine.
  10. The fact that CMC had a record year and we won 5 games really shows how important it is to have a RB that is having record years ..
  11. You're the troll, man. You bring up Cam's career passing statistics but fail to ever mention the trash he has had to work with over his career. Single handedly keeping this team relevant.
  12. The Saints hault the progress of their franchise for now. Brees sucks now. Just goes to show you how deceptive stats can be. Had nice stats last year but he sucks.
  13. People keep discounting the Joe Brady hire like it is nothing, as if he's just the Phil Snow of the offense, lol that just goes to show you how uneducated this place is.
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