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  1. How many all pro LT's were 6th round picks? How many above average LT's were 6th round picks? There is a reason Daley fell to the 6th. We have to get some talent at that position. And like you said, pick a top one, let him learn at RT under okung and then slide him over in 2021
  2. You want to build your line around a freaking 6th round draft pick that played like poo? The levels that people go to making excuses for Hurney is insane.
  3. yep This is a deep tackle class. Okung is done after this year maybe sooner. Pick a tackle in the draft, let him play RT this season and then move him over iin 2021. Let the entire line grow with the new qb. This is how successful teams do this. Not the marty hurney way of throwing crap against the wall and hoping it sticks. This hodge podge way of building a line is driving me insane.
  4. I get that but I am under the mindset that Daley and Little suck.
  5. This is the same dumbass marty hurny mindset that we have done for years and its gotten our qb killed. We will be starting at square 1 again at the LT position in 2021. Keeping in mind okung will be 32 this year and only played in 6 games last season and has a pretty serious health concern. This draft is deep with tackles and its time to get serious about building the damn line for whoever is at qb. My preference would be to trade back slightly, get a top tackle, then pickup another interior guy (cushenberry) in the 2nd.
  6. A left tackle IMO, is the top need if we are truly trying to build a franchise with sustainable success.
  7. Yes he is a running back. Like david Johnson like Todd Gurley. You give him a big contract you regret it immediately
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