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  1. Our the majority of our starting oline is on a one year deal. Moton, Okung and Miller. With Paradis's contract going up as well he is as good as gone. Our oline will look completely different in 2021. This is a long process and no way in hades we sneak into the playoffs next year. We need consistency as an organization
  2. 3200 yards 14 tds and 9 ints and the Pro Bowl is LOL funny. If you think that is "great" that I am tapping out. And its also LOL you are hyping his 5 games last season on an absolutely loaded team. Dree Brees had a rating of 116 and played more games and a harder schedule. That offense/team was one of the best in the NFL. Teddy, to this date, has been an average NFL qb.
  3. His history says he is average. Nothing more, nothing less. And the even bigger factor is our oline. Dude is going to take a beating this year. He is getting paid but I dont envy whats ahead for him. And furthermore why in the holy hell is race getting brought into yet another thread? Some of you folks are obsessed. Its not hate or racism pointing out Teddy hasnt done crap his entire career.
  4. They reported his knee was the issue although I just suspect thats a general term they are using instead of "out of shape".
  5. Wow, I never realized Hurney is playing 4D chess against the league. Very impressive.
  6. Dude my reaction was nothing more than stating the fact that he failed a physical and its not a good sign overall because A) he had motivation issues coming out of the draft and B)this has potential to hurt our oline depth even more. Blowing smoke up peoples butts doesnt do any good as well. Whatever excuse you want to use doesnt change the fact he failed a physical.
  7. Spin it how you want but showing up and promptly failing a physical is not a good sign.
  8. I think the moral of the story is dont draft offensive lineman that have reported motivation issues. Damnit Hurney
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