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  1. I just listened to a podcast and the dudes broke down Trask a bit. Said he was probably a second rounder. Has lack of experience, not mobile and benefits a ton from Pitts. The also love TL, Fields and go into depth about Wilson. I cannot believe how fast that kid is moving up. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/draft/news/2021-nfl-mock-draft-falcons-find-their-next-matt-ryan-broncos-again-in-the-market-for-a-franchise-qb/
  2. There are 4 incredible prospects. And about 2-3 others that will sneak into the first. If Brady likes one then I am down with that.
  3. Not very athletic. No cannon for an arm. Deadly accurate. Good pocket presence.
  4. And it would have infinitely cheaper. Paying him after 3 was moronic.
  5. If they get a super bowl out of it then they will be fine with everything
  6. I read the word "cut" more than once lol
  7. Brees is off the books this year so that works for the Saints
  8. He had 2 years remaining. There was absolutely no reason to sign him to a record contract. You can argue and try and make excuses as to why we should have done it but it was absolutely moronic to do so. It goes against all analytics that Tepper was preaching. CMC was not going to sit out without a new deal. Now he is paid and now he is hurt just like a bulk of us posters thought would happen after the team ran him into the ground for the past 2 seasons
  9. Also this is exhibit A on why you dont give out record setting contracts to running backs still on their rookie deal.
  10. Shut him down. Playing him at this point would be moronic.
  11. If he gets 15per that puts him in top 5 of Left tackles. Thats just not smart. It just isnt. I hope we sign him but do it responsibly
  12. Paying him as one of the top tackles in the league is something Marty would do. If it comes to that then I am open to letting him walk. We have to stop giving out these crazy ass contracts
  13. Boston seems to be regressing at an alarming rate. He was brutal yesterday
  14. At 15 million per he should be. Person wasnt real high on us signing Moton or Samuel. Was a bit weird to be honest. If we have to start completely over on the oline that is going to set us back quite a bit. Why in the hell did hurney wait so long to sign Moton?
  15. Who is the LT again? Plus we dont have squat signed for next season on the line. Person said last week its going to cost 15 mil per for Moton.
  16. Yes but we have a ton more holes than a playoff team, we need experience in depth at basically every position except 2
  17. Its pretty far away bro. Need secondary, linebackers, oline, and more depth at dline and of course QB. We are a few drafts out.
  18. As of now it looks like 5 qb's are going in the 1rst. I hope to God Brady is still around to A)evaluate them and B) sticks around for at least 1 season to tutor him. 1.Trevor 2. Fields 3. Wilson 4. Lance 5. Trask 6?. Mac Jones Point is, if we want a qb in the first there should be one available
  19. After the last 4 games and yesterday in particular my opinion of Teddy has gone from "Teddy is an okay QB to teddy is pretty bad, not getting better and is a liability for the team and offense". That said I hope he is okay
  20. No love for Trask? Dude has been putting on a clinic this year
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