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  1. That is what it is to a degree. By communicating what his intentions are (staying with the Panthers), he has put the ball in the Panthers management's court. I would expect the Panthers to reciprocate the intention if this is in fact what they plan on doing next year. If they do not respond in kind, then that would be a way of saying that they have their reservations. I will state in what I have said before, it is great that Cameron and his agent are being forthcoming, but until we hear it from there Panthers, then I would not declare it as gospel. This is the thing that I would be the most concerned about.
  2. I am glad he let everyone know this. I am sure that it means a lot to the Panthers Leadership and fans to hear him say/read it.
  3. Wait, I am new at this, but are you saying that the haters are the gay ones?
  4. You could be right about that. As long as if it is better than Delhomme's final year.
  5. Why not next week, or 4/23/2020?
  6. When should we expect the owner, manager and coaches to make their statement regarding Cam's final year of his contract?
  7. What I really would like to know is the context and the point during a conversation in which he was quoted as saying this. Perhaps is was something like one of the following sentences. "Cam is coming along fine and our folks have been assured that he will be in peak condition next year. Now that we have this knowledge we plan on winning a Super Bowl with him" or "In a world where pigs fly or when we finish building our time machine, we plan on winning a Superbowl with him" I will let folks decide which one they believe. Also, were they serving alcohol on this flight and how many drinks did Coach Rhule have?
  8. Yes, and it often used in the realm of deceit. Some may also say 'tis is the season for disinformation'.
  9. Has anyone heard of the expression "Smokescreen"?
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