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  1. or, you know, he was talking to the camera. i doubt those two kids who put the mattress in the fire work for infowars.
  2. being "anti fascist" in name can only get you so far when you're attempting to murder others
  3. The fair test would be Biden. Homophobia would taint the results for Pete.
  4. ceNTriSts OnLy WaNt tO KiLl HaLf Of BlAcK pEoPlE
  5. Trump did tell Republicans to do this
  6. I found this interview with James Carville compelling ''
  7. Russia interference is overblown, but if anything propping up Jill Stein was probably more effective at taking away votes from Hillary than any pro-Trump propaganda.
  8. Not exactly to do with what I said. The argument is that Bernie will get people who usually sit at home to vote instead. In Iowa, at least, that wasn't the case as new voter participation was down 9%. If this trend continues in other states, where new voter participation is the same or drops, will this narrative stop?
  9. About Bernie "energizing" voters. Iowa new voter participation was down 9% from 2016. If this trend continues in other states, will this talking point end?
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