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  1. I'm not saying they necessarily would. I said a first this year or next (just to be clear) and since future picks tend to be worth about 1 round less in trade value, that would be like 2nd this year in value. I would also consider a 2nd rounder in 2020. If no one is willing to offer that then I think we are better off keeping him and hoping either his value increases for a sign/tag and trade situation next off-season, or that we extend him to a longer term contract if he comes back to Cam form. But I wouldn't dump him for a 3rd or less just for the sake of moving on. There's still too much upside to him for that. (IMHO)
  2. This is a really fair topic, because there's a great argument for both sides. CMC is way too versatile to lump into the traditional "expendable RB" category. He creates a lot of match-up challenges for a defense. If he is a part of the long term plan, I would like to see another back used to take some of the between the tackle touches from him during the "rebuild" years to make sure he has something left in the tank by the time we are competitive again. But he's just about the definition of a weapon you can build an offense around, especially if we end up with a young QB. On the other hand, especially in our current state, anybody should be on the block for the right price. We spent a top 10 pick to get CMC and he has probably outperformed even that expectation. So there's no way I'd accept less than a 1st and 2nd this year or two years of #1 picks for him. But if someone wants to pay that, we could probably replace a big piece of his production for less than $15-$20 million with the cap space and those picks. Oh, and since I'm obligated under the terms and conditions of the Huddle to mention Cam in every post, I will add that the same value argument exists for trading him. No chance in hell I'd trade him for a 3rd. I'll roll the dice all day before doing that. But for a 1st either this year or next, eh, hard to argue it considering the circumstances.
  3. Exactly this. I doubt many people think Cam isn’t best choice for the 2020 Panthers. Hell even if he’s only 90%, it’s probably better than the alternative. But would you rather be mediocre wasting another year of his talents or build towards better things in the future? If you think the other pieces can be in place while Cam is still playing at a high level, keep him. But if it’s gonna take 5 years to get the other 52 men you need to contend, then trade a few meaningless wins next year for a few that may matter later.
  4. First off, hey everybody! I've been stalking in the shadows for years, but finally took the time create an account to join in the arguments myself. The video from the yahoo article made me think of something I haven't seen suggested. (No one rip me apart here; it's just a theory). What if we're misunderstanding Tepper's comments about it depending on Cam's health? What if his plan is to ONLY TRADE CAM if he's HEALTHY, and he plans to hang on to him if HE'S NOT 100%? If that were the case, everything Tepper has said is true. It does depend on Cam's health. QB1 may not even know this is the plan himself, and if he feels healthy, he's saying he expects to be back, while (possibly unknowingly) driving up his own trade value. It also fits Tepper's 5 year plan so to speak. If Cam is healthy, why not pick up maximum value to build towards the future while you can. If he's not, keep him around for the last year to either a) play well, injury free to improve his trade value next year, b) give a young QB a year to sit and learn, or c) warrant a long term extension to be a part of the 5 year plan. Tepper didn't make $11 billion selling assets when they were at their lowest value. Why would he say his plan was to trade him only if he was hurt? To my knowledge, he never said Cam would stay if he was healthy and be released/traded if he was hurt. He said the decision depended on his health. Maybe we just misunderstood what that meant? Again, I come in peace. I know the "Cam haters" want to trade him if he's hurt and the "Cam homers" wouldn't dare trade him if he's healthy. I'm neither. I'm just tossing it out there for thoughts. So be gentle.
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