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  1. Looks like the change of scenery has been good for Ron and Cam. I'm happy for both of them today. Panthers are a work in progress, but there is still much to be positive about in today's game. Win, win, and win.
  2. Wouldn't have been surprised to see the Panthers get routed today, after burning down the house during the off season. Instead Carolina almost pulled off a win in game one. Team scored 30 and was in a position to win if not for a questionable play call by the OC. That should give Panther fans hope moving forward.
  3. The end zone guy got his pink slip last month.
  4. Read more here: https://theintercept.com/2020/09/10/oregon-police-beg-public-stop-calling-false-reports-blaming-antifa-wildfires/
  5. Peter Gilkes1 week ago The trouble is, when you hear it all laid out so clearly, you realize how far things have been allowed to slip out of our grasp and the enormity of the task to come.
  6. And... Biden Bros will continue to ignore Joe's lies just like Trumpers ignore Donald's lies. Biden Bros = Trumpers
  7. Let's be real: Right wing dems like Biden's Bros are totally okay with nothing fundamentally changing this year, next year, 4 years from now, or EVER. Biden's fervent supporters in the TB are doing just fine the way things are. The last thing Biden's Bros need are Americans rocking the boat: Asking for less economic inequality, M4A, affordable higher education, a cleaner environment and/or an end to endless wars. The status quo has provide these Biden's Bros with a good life. Also, please stop bringing up well known facts about Biden's political record, that makes the Bros exceedingly uncomfortable for not giving a poo about the less fortunate in our society.
  8. Any viewer package offering major professional/college sports is going to charge significantly more than those that don't. I love watching NFL football and other sporting events, but not enough to spend a small fortune for the privilege. I'll continue to watch as long as they're broadcast free over the air, but if that goes away I'll fill my free time with other activities. Too many alternatives to be held ransom by greedy sports leagues and broadcasters.
  9. Dame Diana Rigg, known for her roles in TV series The Avengers and Game of Thrones, passed away on Thursday at the age of 82. "She died peacefully early this morning. She was at home with her family who have asked for privacy at this difficult time," her agent said.
  10. Discussing Joe Biden's political record is the same as "smearing him" for the righteous defenders of the status quo.
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