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  1. Vijay Prashad says the very dangerous statements, economic sanctions and military aggression unleashed by Washington this week against Iran was countered by cool headed diplomacy by Japan, Russia, EU and China
  2. I'm not so sure Bull has been out of his parent's basement, much less the county or country.
  3. The timing of the Syrian chemical attacks should have been highly suspect to anyone attempting to be objective. Obama declares a "Red Line" in Syria, he will not tolerate the use of Chemical weapons. Guess what happens? Chemical attack. Trump announces he intends to pull US troops out of Syria. Guess what happens? Chemical attack. It is like Bashar Assad has a death wish. Even with his army about to win the civil war, Assad supposedly launched chemical weapons, the one action he knew would keep the US involved and potentially derail his imminent military victory. Or maybe, just maybe, forces aligned against Assad wanted to draw in/continue US military intervention in Syria? Knowing a chemical weapons attack was the easiest/most sure way to do that. I know which one seems more plausible to me, but either way Trump didn't wait for inspectors to determine the truth. He launched a missile attack against another sovereign nation before having evidence to justify it. And how did the Mainstream Media react to this act of war? They almost universally declared that this attack was the day that Trump became a true President and rallied behind him. These are the same people you trust to form your opinions? One minute the MSM is calling Trump an emotional man child not to be trusted with nuclear weapons, the next lauding him for launching an unprovoked missile attack on another nation. Good luck with that.
  4. Repeat a lie often enough and people believe it. In this particular case (socialism/communism) republicans are lying liars telling endless lies. It may come across as meaningless to some people, but it still works to keep the minions in line and voting republican. The proof is in the pudding.
  5. I don't disagree with anything in the above quote. That doesn't mean you have to perpetuate the narrative of the MSM, a for-profit industry that has a deeply vested interest in maintaining the status quo. Media's most profitable years? Presidential election years, thanks in large part to pay-to-play politics (something Biden supports). The media doesn't want to end the corrosive effects of money in politics, they depend on it for their survival. Media's corporate sponsors are also vested in maintaining the status quo. The MSM will not bite the hand that feeds it. So, why oh why, would you depend the likes of MSNBC, FOX, ABC, CBS and CNN (clearly establishment biased institutions) to form your opinions about who to vote for POTUS? You wouldn't, unless you aren't actually looking for change. Biden is promising NO change, just more of the same tired policies that have largely turned off voters during the last 25 years. The same policies that gave us Trump. On Healthcare, Wars, Environment, Education, Wall Street, Labor, Biden's voting record/policies most closely align with those of republicans. On those occasions where his policies diverge, Joe offers tepid half-measures that only delay an inevitable crisis, rather than offering any actual solutions. So far in 2020, Joe Biden has provided little more than promises and platitudes to the American people. For a politician that has been running for POTUS on and off for the last 30 years that is pretty disappointing, if not inexcusable. Having said that, I suspect Joe Biden has been much more forthcoming with his big money donors from the likes of Comcast (owners of NBC/MSNBC). Why else would they be paying him so much money if Joe couldn't offer them the guarantees they wanted to hear? Bought and paid for. Sanders is not a leftist radical as the media often wants to portray him. In fact, in just about any other Western democracy, Bernie's views are middle of the road. Nothing that Bernie is advocating is pie in the sky, numerous other nations offer some version of Medicare for All, pay for/invest in the higher education of their young adults, are moving away from fossil fuel dependency and have abstained from interfering in other nations internal affairs. Added bonus, Senator Sanders isn't in the pockets of the Oligarchs or corporations. If you value any of these issues, there just aren't many realistic alternatives. At least, none that Fryfan can come up with (so far).
  6. Yeah, that is why the republican party leadership, republican politicians in general and republican minions (including here in the TB) consistently call Obama and every other democrat a socialist/communist on a regular basis. Because No one on either side believes it. Right. If the smear weren't so effective at keeping republican voters voting republican the party would have giving up using the tactic over 80 years ago when FDR was president. And Bernie doesn't call himself a "Socialist". He calls himself a Democratic Socialist. He defines that as favoring the policies of Northern European nations that put more emphasis on renewable energy, ensuring all citizens receive adequate healthcare/proper education and less support for corporate greed and interventionist wars. Pretty much the same things the majority of Americans favor. But continue propagating the establishment narrative that keeps the majority of Americans under the thumb of the Oligarchy and Corporations.
  7. So, you believe running an arguably worse version of Hillary in 2020 is the winning formula against Trump?
  8. I call you a bigot because that is what you are. Your defense for not answering a simple question is to claim you don't know enough to form an opinion? If you're so uninformed, why are you commenting in this thread?
  9. How clueless do you have to be to come on here and throw insults and racist/sexist/ageist comments at Senator Sanders, then when you are challenged to provide a candidate that better addresses the needs of our nation, fails to do so? Yeah, this is a discussion of the candidates running for the democratic nomination for POTUS. So, let's discuss them. I say Senator Bernie Sanders policies represent the best hope for the people of this nation. He has a lifetime of experience fighting for the rights of women, minorities and our environment. He also opposes wasteful destructive foreign interventions and corruption on Wall Street and in DC. This is where I again ask you to provide a better alternative. Are you incapable of researching candidates on your own? Are you really going to base your decision on political theater? I'm here to debate anyone on the candidates merits. Unfortunately, you seem extraordinarily ill prepared to do so beyond your bigoted comments.
  10. That is totally obvious. And why would I? You've got nothing.
  11. Speaking of disingenuous, here you are inserting an absolute to change the meaning of my question. Just for clarity, (if not for you, for others) name a better candidate for POTUS than Bernie Sanders.
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