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  1. Classic glass half full/half empty argument. It is unlikely this scenario comes to pass, but it killed a few minutes in an uneventful morning.
  2. For players, every time they step on the field it is a gamble. So, it should go without saying that Cam's return for the playoffs would be a gamble. It would also be a gamble for a healthy Cam not to return for the playoffs if he is capable of playing. If Cam expects anything close to what constitutes the going rate for a franchise QB these days (without being relegated to a perennial losing franchise) he is going to have to demonstrate his ability to get it done on the field. There is no better way to do that than leading your current team to victory in the playoffs. Nothing Ventured, Nothing Earned.
  3. Why automatically assume Cam returning for the playoffs would end badly? I think a healthy, albeit somewhat rusty, Cam would be more than capable of filling Allen's role as game manager. Cam wouldn't need to be outstanding (though he could be) he would just need to be serviceable and efficient. That would be enough to boost his stock with teams looking for QB in 2020. A distinct advantage for a QB looking to negotiate a new deal.
  4. Admittedly, there are many things that would have to fall into place for Cam to return this post season. His return to health and the Panthers making the playoffs being the most obvious of those. However, stranger things have happened and the loss of Allen leaves the Panthers with a backup that has never started a single game, much less the playoffs. I don't think having a healthy Cam dressed and ready to go on the sidelines come playoff time is beyond the realm of possibility. After that, it is anybody's guess what might happen.
  5. Let's take Cam's comments yesterday at face value, he plans on "working his tail off to be stronger, faster, smarter and more accurate". To me that sounds like a QB eager to return to the game, not someone content to play it safe by watching from the sidelines. Cam loves the spotlight and the playoffs would be his moment to shine, putting the difficulties of the past two years behind him. A strong playoff performance would also showcase Cam's unique talents, silencing the nattering nabobs of negativism (at least a bit), while increasing his marketability. I don't see Cam passing up this opportunity should it present itself.
  6. We both "know" you don't have any "knowledge" about Cam's status for next season. Otherwise you would have provided it by now. Pure speculation on your part.
  7. The obvious problem is the Panthers have hoped for a healthy Cam going into the last two seasons and it just hasn't worked out for them. Regardless, a healthy Cam would give the team options going forward. Depending on Allen and Grier's growth during the remainder of this season, there is still a chance the team decides to go after yet another QB in the draft. None of this is necessarily a bad thing. It is good to have options at QB.
  8. You've been conflating "speculation" with "knowledge" throughout this thread. Until you are able to understand the difference between these two words continuing this discussion is pointless.
  9. Oh, I could absolutely see your scenario coming to fruition. I think it would be very tempting for Ron and Hurney to stay pat with Allen if he gives an average or slightly above performance this season, especially after using a third round draft pick on a QB this year. I would hope if a top tier QB prospect were available the Panthers would look to upgrade under those circumstances, but I don't believe that is in their nature, especially with so many other needs to fill.
  10. Well it should be pretty clear my position is no one here knows what Cam's future holds. Also, I didn't realize there were rules of engagement for quoting someone who implied they had insider knowledge about Cam's future with the team.
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