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  1. NanuqoftheNorth

    Tepper expanding the ring of honor

    Maybe this "Keep Pounding" is just a big misunderstanding on Smitty's part.
  2. NanuqoftheNorth

    Hurney says a lot more to come in free agency

    Hurney unleashed!
  3. NanuqoftheNorth

    Tepper expanding the ring of honor

    Smitty was the greatest player the Panthers have ever had, without a doubt. If that is all "Honor" means to you, then go ahead and put Smitty at the front of the line. But comparing Smitty's legacy to that of Sam Mills' demonstrates a hugh disparity in what it takes to be a member of an exclusive club (and not in a good way).
  4. NanuqoftheNorth

    All Charges Against Jussie Smollett Have Been DROPPED

    I get what you are saying. But consider this. Your choice to disengage politically plays right into the hands of powerful forces in our society. People and organizations that would rather not have to deal with a democratic system. Our nation needs your input now more than ever.
  5. NanuqoftheNorth

    All Charges Against Jussie Smollett Have Been DROPPED

    No more monthly payments to Igo rings true, but somehow I doubt the TB has seen the last of E CaT.
  6. NanuqoftheNorth

    Sean Payton is unhappy

  7. NanuqoftheNorth

    All Charges Against Jussie Smollett Have Been DROPPED

    Would have been better for all concerned if this case had gone to trial. Defendent did not have his day in court and will live the rest of his life under a cloud of suspicion. Future victims of assault, especially in Chicago, will be subjected to additional/more intense scrutiny because of this event. The overwhelming majority without the benefit of Smollett's finacial resources or high profile lawyers. Smollett may still face an FBI investigation and federal charges for using the US Mail as part of his alleged scheme. I suspect anyone in Smollett's position would want to sue Chicago for damages to his reputation and acting career. If this doesn't happen, the truth of the matter will be rather self-evident. Question is: What did Smollett's lawyers discover to motivate the prosecutor in this case to settle for bond money and community service hours served? Especially, without prior consultation with Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel or the Chicago Police Chief? Seems way too weird, especially in a case getting so much national exposure. Something smells in Illinois and it's not dead fish.
  8. NanuqoftheNorth

    Bernie going to run in 2020

  9. NanuqoftheNorth

    Sean Payton is unhappy

    Excellent response.