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  1. It would suck if you're a CFB fan like myself. But, the way it's looking and the ignorance behind all of this poo, it wouldn't shock me if CFB played on Saturday's this fall.
  2. Just an old buddy of mine that doesn't get on here often now, because he has a family and poo. UNCfan The rest? Meh.
  3. Went out Friday because the lady friend and I didn't want to cook. Ran into a ton of traffic on the way to the burger spot here in Durham/Raleigh. Then, some dudes car caught on fire and it was utterly shocking the amount of traffic out that day.
  4. Yeah, if this was College, maybe. Schools benefit from the revenue those packed stadiums give them. NFL? Nope. They got those TV deals. They'll be fine.
  5. They canceled the season because of the pandemic. LOL. Wow. So, not only are you incorrect in your assessments, you're just saying poo to say poo. https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2878993-xfls-week-4-games-average-14m-viewers-as-ratings-drop-for-3rd-straight-week
  6. So yeah, the XFL's ratings were above a million the vast majority of their games. So, that's completely wrong, but don't let me let facts get in the way of your stellar opinion. The thought still stands, I believe OP just watches the Panthers and that's it. And no, the only Draftable player was Robinson from the XFL. Everyone else was a FA or could sign as a FA. The more you know!
  7. Every safety? The XFL was played on ESPN, ABC, Fox, and FS1. It's not hard to spot this guy, especially when in the Spring when the best sports are CBB, NBA, and NHL. XFL=football. And I love football.
  8. He did dominate LSU, and a few other teams. I'll give him that. God do I hate the SEC.
  9. Yeah, OP doesn't watch much football. He just watches the Panthers, so I understand how he was confused on the Robinson pick. LOL.
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