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  1. You say so. Just never been impressed with him. Thought he was always overrated. Especially after Dabo called him the Michael Jordan of that Draft.
  2. Never been a big Watson guy from the get go. It always feels like empty stats with him.
  3. Bruh, with zero defense being played this year. If you put up stats, and your team still sucks it’s on you. As the old saying goes, those stats are empty stats.
  4. Haha, and his team is 1-6. So he’s elite still? Fourth best QB in the league is 1-6? Yeah, I beg to differ.
  5. Watson has been very meh this year, and his teams 1-6 now? And he's elite? Yeesh.
  6. I've been known about Tyler Lockett, WTF? It's that most casual fans, which you could argue half the Huddle is don't know that much about him. But, alrighty.
  7. Yep. His work ethic was ridiculous here. Just didn't have the coaching to fix his issues.
  8. Yeah, I've not been wrong on the vast majority of my poo I post on here. I don't care what he did in the Playoffs, if you ask any casual fan who Tyler Lockett is they'll look at you funny. That's common sense. But, continue on with your weirdo bull poo.
  9. Tyler Lockett was 22nd in receiving yards last year. While most football fans know who he is, the casuals did not. Having him go for 200 yards last night, probably helped him become MORE of a household name. If you really think Tyler Lockett was a household name, while being 22nd in receiving yards last year. Well, I don't know to tell you.
  10. Na, just correcting his grammar mistake. Nothing wrong with that, sir.
  11. Correct, but you said every QB should ball out vs them. Which they haven't, was my point.
  12. Debatable. Lockett's been good, but not this damn good. Guy is legit on pace to be one of the top 5 WR's in the league. Last year he was good, but not great. Prior to that, average-good.
  13. LOL. He's making him a household name. Literally on SNF he had 200 yards and 2 TD's. Hence the MAKING him a household name. Yeesh man. Yeesh.
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