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  1. Let’s be real honest here, Tepper probably doesn’t have Football as his main objective right now and understandably so. The Markets are undergoing some extremely weird and volatile changes at the moment! With him being the owner of a capital firm known for hedging investments, I’m quite certain that’s where his mind is! Hopefully he has someone in mind as the new GM that will take care of the team while he takes care of the business that allowed him to buy the team
  2. Gin and Juice

    Carolina Panthers Roster Projection

    I will never understand the infatuation with Hill! All-World measurables, but little league production. Not saying he can't turn it around but he is entering year 5 with little to no proof that it's coming together. Hopefully I'm wrong this year.
  3. Gin and Juice

    Vernon Butler First Impressions

    Wide with long limbs can often appear shorter than they really are
  4. Gin and Juice

    About those corners...

    Norwell and Remmers were UDFA/Practice squad players. Other places to get lineman than 1-4rds. Getts pulled the trigger on Trai so we know he isn't against drafting offensive lineman. I'm gonna go out on a limb and suggest that he didn't see anything in the draft at the time of his picks that would improve the OL. Let's cut to the chase, every fanboy on this site has a bad taste from his refusal to bring in an LT two years ago....leaving Byron Bell as our starting LT. Fans cried "Nooooooo" and it appears fans were correct even though we won the division. He had to take a calculated gamble then because our cap space was atrocious. It's a gamble that he still won on. We won the division and Cam became a better player. Oher will be a better LT this year. Remmers will be better and possibly not even starting. OLine is fine.....we need a viable 2 TE set to deal with elite pass rushing. We needed an effective RB outside of Stewart to deal with elite rushers. We need effective screens to deal with elite rushers
  5. Gin and Juice

    About those corners...

    Dave has said this over and over, OL is about continuity....not individual talent. We have seen many offensive lines that suck even tho a pro bowler or two were part of the line. There is no golden egg, and likely never will be, in any draft that can take on a motivated Von Miller one on one! We need a viable 2 TE set for that......well, what do you know...it looks as if Dave is trying to upgrade that spot! People need to drop the "Omg! We got exposed in Super Bowl" attitude. Like most all young, early rising dynasties, we got our butts whipped cause the moment was too big. Handled properly, that SB loss made the Panthers a much better team than any draft pick ever could
  6. Is it just me or does he do his best work at LDE?
  7. Meh, I loved watching him play in a Panthers uni, but that ship has sailed. I would much rather play out this season and let Gettleman work some offseason magic that just makes us better going forward. Tyler Boyd anyone? Let's leave the past in the past
  8. Gin and Juice

    Rapsheet - Torn ACL for Kelvin Benjamin

    nope, just not as bad as we thought last year was gonna be. Funchess had a G-man 1st rd grade! We will be fine, just not as well off as we hoped
  9. Gin and Juice

    Rapsheet - Torn ACL for Kelvin Benjamin

    last year was by far the worst
  10. Gin and Juice

    Rapsheet - Torn ACL for Kelvin Benjamin

    you are just smoking crack now
  11. I think we end up finding our D-Line isn't as stout as one would have hoped. The O-line doesn't bother me that much at the moment for 50% of the success of the O line revolves around unit chemistry and that takes snaps
  12. Gin and Juice

    Kony Ealy Update

    A lot of times, trying too hard can make people look like they are behind the curve. May not be the case, but could very well be. Rest of the world calls it over thinking! Much like CJ is illustrating, it's all about fundamentals while still challenging yourself to be a student of the game
  13. Gin and Juice

    A look at our backfield.

    If Wegher can Pass Protect, the he and Lee Ward are here to push Brockel and Swole
  14. Gin and Juice

    2011 NFL draft revisited, would you take JJ Watt over Cam?

    No, but since we are playing the hindsight game, our draft would have looked like this: 1st-Cam 3rd-J.Houston 3rd-DaNorris Searcy 4th-Julian Thomas 5th-R.Sherman 6th-Byron Maxwell 7th-Chris Harris of Denver One draft would have given us a Pro Bowl backfield