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  1. Has to be Luke. Smitty was great, but noone in his time considered him the greatest WR in the game. Same for Cam, while great noone during his era considered him the greatest QB in the game. However in the case of Luke, pretty much EVERYONE agrees he was the greatest.
  2. Folks are gonna learn to get out of the US for education. A BA degree is nothing more than a HS diploma these days! In many places like Spain or Portugal you can go 100% free. So many other places in the world even without a scholarship for being a Native English speaker you can attend for less than 2,000 USD per year. I was born and raised in and around Raleigh. And ALL of the people I grew up with are still int he same area..still doing the same things, meeting the same people and living the same life. If i wish anything on the young people of today...it is to get out of the US and spend at least a semester if not several years in another country.
  3. I personally hope he goes the way Luke did. Just retire! Be fairly healthy and love his women and kids and enjoy the money the bodily sacrifice brought him. Cam has plenty of money and endorsements and business. A man with that much sauce doesn't play second fiddle, and has no need to.
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