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  1. Once Lamar started ballin, Reggie was willing to move to whatever position that would benefit the team. WR, RB...Great kid.
  2. Bonnafon at QB Many of you realize Bonnafon was the "bridge" QB between Teddy and Lamar at Louisville. Here's a highlight vid of the 1st time UL played ND.
  3. Got dang it! Always glad to see the term "Booty meat" used.
  4. Teddy's nickname is GUMP. Great Under Major Pressure.
  5. I thought Teddy clearly outplayed him in that preseason, yet they chose to throw the rookie to the wolves.
  6. I believe Bonnafon actually succeeded Teddy as QB for Louisville. Kept the seat warm for Lamar.
  7. Not a fan of any country music, but Chris Stapleton sings his ass off.
  8. Teddy started 7/7, finished 9/13 for 159 yards and two touchdowns and had another wiped out by a penalty.
  9. Perfect description. Teddy has always been great a putting the ball where the receiver is going to be.
  10. Teddy has done this since his days at Louisville.
  11. That's a Teddy hallmark. He throws to a spot, not a person.
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