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  1. We can talk about the offensive line, but this is something that Joe Brady's scheme is going to leave Teddy vulnerable to. Lot of shotgun, lots of spread out formations, not much play action, and the running back usually releases or check releases into a route. Defenses like Chicago's, who can play man on DJ and Robby (rare) AND get pressure with four (also rare) are going to give us trouble if he doesn't change something. I was a little disappointed to not see much of an adjustment. Manhertz/Thomas chipped occasionally, but we didn't go more play action-heavy or use much jet-sweep/orbit motion to keep the edge rushers from pinning their ears back. Didn't line anybody but Davis in the backfield as a blocker. Still relied on DJ and Robby to beat their guys and Teddy to find them when they did. It's not that big a deal--Chicago's defense is one of the best in the league; there aren't that many teams who can play that way. And Brady's young and probably still implementing his base stuff with this team in a tough offseason. Hopefully this is a learning experience and he introduces more variety down the road.
  2. You could argue that, but you'd be cherrypicking the outlier season for Smith in terms of aggressiveness and ignoring the 5,000 yard, 50-touchdown MVP season from Mahomes.
  3. I meant that Washington passed on Tua because they "already had a guy" but that guy wasn't the long-term answer. I'd much rather be like Green Bay and take a QB earlier than we think we do than leave ourselves open to Teddy getting hurt or regressing or having to go into a future contract negotiation with a 30-year old QB and no leverage. Also, nobody's advocating taking a QB that you actively don't think is going to work out--they should not take Directional State's QB! But in general I think teams should draft quarterbacks with clear talent more often because we have a clear record showing that when it comes to evaluating QB's we only kind of know what we're doing and plans fall apart much more quickly than we think. Lance has tools, and if he hits, then he's going to be much more valuable than even the best guard of all time, and if he doesn't then we'll probably walk away with something like a third round pick anyway.
  4. I'm gonna say once again that you can never have too much talent at quarterback and that even if you're not "sure" (whatever that means w/r/t projecting QBs) on a prospect, you should still take him. If they don't play, they retain some trade value, you always need a backup, and there's always the chance that he's a franchise guy or something approaching it. Let's not end up like Washington. That said, Pitts would be a lot of fun here, too. Get out of here with your first-round guard.
  5. Eh. He played two games in the new offense. The unpredictability could just as easily be due to the new coaches, quarterback, and breakout WR1. We'll see what happens when he comes back, which is hopefully soon.
  6. I expect a different story when Thomas comes back, but fair, they may still top out as good/very good but not quite elite.
  7. I thought that this was the least talented defense in the league and I've never been happier to be so wrong. We also don't have a ton of games against elite offenses coming up--OKC, NO x2, Tampa, and Green Bay are the only big ones. We might be able to hold onto these kinds of rankings for the full season.
  8. David Johnson makes $10M and got traded for Nuk Hopkins and a pick. It only takes one idiot.
  9. We have one full season and five games of evidence on Brady and in both places he had stud receivers and pass-catching running backs and his tight ends were his least-talented receivers. He's also 31--his coaching philosophy isn't set in stone. It's a little silly to hand-wave a whole position because we feel like he doesn't want to use them. Tight end could very well be on the wish list.
  10. I hope that this sticks around when CMC comes back--if he's not lined up in the backfield then they can keep creating these kinds of box advantages. I'm starting to get irrationally excited about what we've got going on offensively
  11. That's not happening. Panthers opponents have attempted 145 passes and only 99 runs. Tenth fewest rushes against in the league.
  12. And with corners like ours and a free safety who can't cover, you get lit up through the air. I already agreed with you that Whitehead's trash, but Boston's at least got some redeeming qualities that make him worth his starting spot. Fortunately for us re: Boston it's much more damaging to get gashed through the air than on the ground right now.
  13. Boston's a very good deep zone player, which is hard to see because it's literally off screen. The thing that he does the worst, tackling, is always on screen. I'm fine with a free safety who's better in coverage than run support, he's fine. Whitehead sucks though
  14. I still don't see the makings of a franchise QB, but Teddy's been good enough to give us multiple paths to rebuilding and putting together a competitive team. That's what you want.
  15. The split between Carolina and Washington is making all me warm and fuzzy inside
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