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  1. How will draft picks be determined? NBA lottery style balls, randomly chosen by a computer generator or some wild poo that the NFL thinks is interesting and filled with dram so that can have something to talk about for weeks. I hope there is a season but we always have to be ready for the alternatives.
  2. Watching this pisses me off in so many ways. It’s so many people to blame for this. We had an opportunity to become a consistent winner and blew it in every way imagineable. I hope that a business minded owner that was profit and respect can bring at least one SB to the team. If they can’t I feel the past few decades have been bad enough once you get to that 30th year mark and no SB Win just 2 appearances of self implosion don’t do it for me. At that point he might as well move the team to bring in more revenue because the fan base down there is horrid. I live in DC now but the first 14 years of my life between SC and NC show me that y’all care for nothing outside of college sports and its a shame.
  3. Race is being used the same as gender in the LGBTQ Realm of the world by the media. It’s confusing ideals by adding layers to it to appease new radical ideas. Channels like CNN constantly force feed only negativity against people of color to coerce their viewers into believing this and only this is how it is. Yes it brings light to the oppression and mistreatment of people of color but it also demeans their capabilities beyond being subjected to specific category. I see how Fox News, a conservative minded news channel but hiding as apologists and “out of the box thinkers” towards anything controversial these days. They are the equivalent to wolf in sheep’s clothing. Both major political parties have been trying to use American media to corrupt the thinking of voters and push them to radicalize their belief system to “fight back”. The most popular agenda has been race and I for one have been annoyed that they have to bring sports into it. Why hasn’t anyone in the Irish community taken a stand to try to push for the Fighting Irish to be renamed or deemed racist. There are so many different examples if we want to get technical. Honestly how I see it is white people are yet again trying to undermine what’s right and try to face the issues with race and example or try to fix it but by getting rid of anything that can further be used generations from now to bring light to how shitty of a race history has proven them to be.
  4. Didn’t know I needed to structure my essay properly to voice my opinion. Are we graded on our responses. Half the inbreds on the site cant even spell so I apologize for not being able to properly form my ideas from my iPhone. Yet again another example of white people always trying to dictate something lol you guys are so damn vain.
  5. Naw I’m mixed half of my family is a pack of saltines, I just felt like making a funny.
  6. Being partially Native American, Blackfoot and Cherokee I never honestly had any problem with the Redskins logo. My father, his brother and all their generation of cousins were all Skins fans and they were have more Native American blood than myself. Each generation previous were split between the Skins and the Cowboys. DC is a weird place for football with how they decide to be fans of. I have never come across actual Native Americans that have issue with this teams name or logo let alone any other. It seems to only be white people. Using my favorite baseball team, the Indians as an example I have been to numerous opening day games that they protest and its just a bunch of 1970 Woodstock looking white people. I became an Indians fan solely because of the Chief Wahoo logo and because you seldom see Native American heritage in anything outside of sports. Growing up I was taught to be proud when you see Native American symbols. Through sports I became a fa of the Blackhawks and Indians because their logos meant something to me. I honestly get annoyed when people that have no ties to Native American ancestry can try to tell others what should be deemed racist and what shouldn’t. I honestly have seen more Native American people wearing Braves, Seminoles, Redskins, Indians, Chiefs, etc memorabilia than complain about it. I hate using terminology that politically biased people use but some times it is true. The Liberal media is honestly trying to dictate how people should feel about race which to me is a form of prejudice, in direct undertones of racism. How can you mislead people with facts out of context to try to push people that have nothing to do with a situation into blindly making an assumption about it. I will use an example that most non blacks will seldom understand. Why do so many people use the term American Indian if in turn it is incorrect based on historical inaccuracies with how this land was discovered. Why is that term acceptable but then using the term Indians for a sports team offensive? It’s the same concept as using the term African American because it seems like the proper term historically rather than just saying black or black American. White people confuse the hell out of me with how they justify things that are out of their cultural understanding. Removing all Native American references from sports will further take away from the people that have been subjected to oppression for centuries. Why not keep the images and names and donate a portion of the profit to causes that help them. White people aren’t all bad but they always have to involve themselves in everything like they know the best way to approach it. Look at how many third world countries that have assistance from non profits and religious organizations. From what they show the public in our country is that they are doing great things to better life of the people but what they don’t share is how they force feed Christianity and Democracy down their throats and threaten taking away everything they provided them if they don’t adhere. I have already ranted enough but the point is allow for good to come from things instead of erasing history force that poo down peoples throats make them feel bad for it even though they had no direct involvement in the injustices, they still have to accept the after affects and accept its a part of their history too and whether to keep that history intact or change it for the better.
  7. Some sports team owners do not equate winning to profitability. Let’s see where he falls in the next few years.
  8. For the saltines that always bring up black on black violence to counter police violence let me ask y’all a question. If a person who is bound by the policies of a job that entails protecting and serving kills someone unjustly should you not be more outraged than at someone who willingly under no obligation but purely chose to kill someone. Neither is right but which is more controllable? Seriously y’all always throw out numbers but over look certain aspects because its not part of your belief system.
  9. This was inevitable. Who really thought any QB on the roster would have been the best option for a successful season. Cam may not start day 1 contingent on learning the offense and health but if they are in the playoff hunt this year it will most likely be because of him. Best of luck to him. Hopefully in the next 3-5 years we can win a SB so our organization doesn’t become the next major laughing stock in sports.
  10. Hopefully mods shut this down because I don’t mind being THAT GUY. But before they do let me voice some more black opinions that aren’t overly biased. Black injustices are real. They are cause by the inner city mentality that grew worse over the decades because of self infliction and planned defamation. Slavery to Jim Crow to introducing crack cocaine into black communities to the establishment of more privately sponsored or owned prisons all have hindered black people from truly being free. NONE of these shortcomings can determine the outcome of every black person in America but it indirectly causes some sort of hardship to every black person and person of color. Reverse racism is a coping mechanism white people use to try to sarcastically be a slavery apologist no sane black person is racist of a white person, they may be prejudice of what they don’t understand or feel is an opposition of. Looking at history have black people ever killed a person because of their skin color? Only white people have done that in history so in turn racism is derived fro the actions of white Americans and white Germans, predominantly. Black people do wrong dont get me wrong, in no way shape or form do I ever condone stupidity. Unless you have enough bias to completely ignore the vast amount of factual evidence of the constant oppression of black Americans there is no way to deny blacks as a whole are not treated as equals. Kneeling to me isn’t as dumb as some make it seem. To get noticed you have to do something controversial. What’s stupid is that after you get the attention you do nothing with it. Now we are a few years into and I’m hoping someone steps up to the plate to force significant change because black lives do matter, we are not insignificant. No matter if you agree with how the media, the liberals or anyone is portraying the sudden shift from Covid awareness to social awareness this is something that black leaders have pushed to get consistent positive attention on for decades. Last time I checked any attention is good attention if you make the most of it and that’s what I hope happens. Remember all people in this world, except Saints fans matter just don’t look down on people that don’t have as much privilege as you as lesser than just because they aren’t going about what they want the right way. Try to understand and appreciate that they want something positive and not to succumb to complacency and further become a supposed burden to the rest of the nation.
  11. Yet again another white person trying to speak for black folk lol Candace Owens has some intelligence but she’s clearly biased and has an agenda but in no way is she dumb smh. So let me ask you this guy, if you support BLM and supposedly are trying to encompass their beliefs why do you feel its not my right as a person of color to voice my opinion even though its not in line with your version of what you feel all black people should think.
  12. No its just annoying that people don’t know when to stfu. The whole BLM movement has become a way for white folk to utilize their platform to have a contest to see who can do the coolest thing to help black folk but guess what it doesn’t. Black folk are in turmoil with themselves just as much as a society that hinders their progress. I just hate that white people ALWAYS have to be involved in the ‘betterment” of something like they are omniscient and have the right to tell someone how to feel act or react etc. In no way am I racist, I have no issue with white folk my mom and her side of the family are white she’s mixed with Native American but the majority of them are pure white European. All I’m saying is nobody wants to hear the bs that comes along with posts like this. Nobody will ever agree and it will become a poo show. The sad thing is this teams fan base is predominantly prejudice do we really need reminders of that with non football related poo.
  13. Lmao yo, white white folk have the most unnecessary conversations and its actually pretty entertaining. BLM the movement is stupid, yes I'm black and said this. Black lives mattering in situations that don't historically favor us are the injustices that we have endured for more than a century. Every one of us has a story we could tell about it. At the end of the day the world is set up to favor the fairer skinned people, it is what it is. poo won't change in our lifetime. We appreciate the white folk that want to help but this is a football forum. This is an escape from the realities of the real world please keep that poo to the tinderbox or completely off the football related forums. I hate coming here and having to read political, ethical or religious views. Your opinions outside of sports do not matter to the people here. To the ones that try to have a conversation about it are probably the people we try to avoid at work, school or public places that try to impose their views on us. So coming from one of the few black guys on here stfu and get back to football please. Go Panthers!
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