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  1. Also referred to as a "CDIB" card as well if that makes it any easier for you. But again you missed my point. Where are my reparations at? I mean certainly if my look and DNA proves I am then I deserve mine too right? My father of full native blood deserves his as well right? Actually does he deserve double since he is full and I would only be half mixed with Hispanic? I guess I will take my half then since you want yours. I mean its only fair right? Or has no other generations suffered? Lets get everyone theirs while we are at it if we are going to do it since we must be fair. Hell, since i can only prove half just count me out but give my father and his family theirs at least for all their suffering. But we dont count do we?
  2. You obviously went on google searching for "random white dudes" huh? You missed the whole point and always will doesn't matter. You also assume every person having a problem with the word cracker must be white. Its just more hate speech and rhetoric that keeps the fires going from both sides of the political perspective. Until each of your sides looks for change from within that poo keeps going. But as i said why stop with cracker when you accept that? How about poo on some others too? You must think anyone who posts in here has to be either black or white in your simple world of labeling and underhanded passive hate.
  3. Oh am I? My CBID card and birth certificate tells me different. Your ignorance is showing again, go take a nap.
  4. Native American here. When do I get mine? Oh that's right my voice does not even count does it. We never suffered any did we?
  5. Apparently nobody has a problem with this judging by the lack of response so I guess I will say it. Go fug yourself and your double standards you ignorant ass hat. You bitch about something and then become EXACTLY what you supposedly hate most. I'm multicultural so what are your thoughts on Hispanics and Native Americans as well you racist pig? Why stop there? Go ahead and take a dump out your mouth some more since you've already shown your true hypocritical heart. Congrats, you are too stupid to even know you are just as big a part of the problem but I suppose this is acceptable right?
  6. The problem with "violence" is when that other side starts bringing it back in the streets which im guessing they will if that continues. Then you have complete out of control everything and people dying on both sides of the political perspective everyday. The whole violence thing im guessing doesnt end well for either side. Of course then throw in the general societal terrorists who dont care anything about any side and they will be out just to enjoy the death and destruction. The whole "violence is the answer" I fear will get those people killed who ultimately think its a good idea and open up multiple cans of worms I don't think anyone wants to deal with. Sounds like all the makings of the next civil war or could get to that point with enough unrest and violence for enough years. Wont end well thats for sure but I think thats what many seem to want when i listen to their conversations. Of course what they want i have a bad feeling they will discover they wont want if it all got to that. Just a shame really but if the whole "violence" mindset continues it will get very bad for both sides of this issue and neither will be happy in the end result but perhaps that is what the government and the media want anyhow.
  7. Im not right wing but what the hell is wrong with cargo shorts? I find them more convenient than those frat boy short boating shorts all the victims of pop culture are wearing these days. A decent longer pair of cargo shorts that hit the knees with all the pockets are quite convenient to carry all your poo around. Who is the fashion plate tool that said cargo shorts weren't cool anymore im curious? Was that some crap they spouted out on MTV or Twittergram in the past couple years so now everyone has to follow?
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