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  1. I tried to narrow it down to five external candidates to fill the GM position with the panthers hopefully at the end of the season. IMO but it was to hard. This list is in no particular order: Ed Dodds; Trent Kirchner; Lake Dawson; Andy Weidl; Joe Schoen; Adam Peters; and Omar Khan! Another top candidate is: Terry Fontenot; if you could get him away from the New Orleans Saints! Internal Candidates: Jeff Morrow & Pat Stewart (but truly needs more experience working in front office).
  2. IMO I know the coaches know better, but I'd prefer that the team would run the 4-2-5 defense DL: Burns, Brown, Short, Gross-Matos (Haynes)option LB: Thompson & Whitehead CB: Jackson & Douglas S: Boston, Chinn, Burris
  3. Rhule has the best scout that you can find on the defensive side Kuechly *the defensive wizard*. If you could get the defensive to do film studies with Keuchly IMO it would improve the team in numbers. Chinn reminds me of Luke in a lot of ways. Now since there is films of teams in play this season will help improve the defense in scouting reports made by Luke!
  4. I'm not from either Carolinas. I live in arkansas, but have been a fan of the panthers from day one. I have followed the panthers from the first day they took the field and haven't swayed one bit!
  5. IMO I think David Tepper is a good owner. I don’t know what people are basing their opinion on him being a terrible owner. Someone mentioned about him letting the team president and GM run the team. Thats what he hired them for. I would rather have a owner that delegates decision making rather then a owner that wants to control everything!
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