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  1. Also extend Bridgewater 6 more years worth 500 million. Because he is a nice guy and a great leader.
  2. Hope he falls to us because with CMC coming back, even though we are 0-3 with him playing, has me worried we’ll play ourselves out of a top 10 pick.
  3. Another reason to fire Hurney. I think he could have gotten Bridgewater for less. Like 2 years 20 million.
  4. Chinn is part of the defense. But you keep dying on that Teddy hill and I’ll keep laughing every time he fails and I have been laughing a ton this season. Teddy Bathwater really should be a comedian.
  5. I hope it wasn’t confusing but I wasn’t talking about trading up this draft but next draft. I really need to proofread my comments. I am still going to hope a QB will fall to us and I can enjoy next season. I want to love this team again.
  6. So we are gonna have to trade up for the QB. Because that is e only way we are getting a franchise caliber QB. Also we have no ideas if the QB crop will be any good next draft or the next. If we don’t draft a QB this draft we are likely stuck with Bathwater. If Rhule thinks TB is a franchise QB I am questioning his vision and wondering if he needs glasses. QB first then the rest of the team.
  7. I have been watching Panthers since 1998 and never missed a season. But if we don’t get a QB this offseason I may just skip the 2021 season. I have no investment and no real attachment to any players. Sure we may make the playoffs next year but who in their right mind thinks we are gonna be nothing but one and done with TB. Now with a future starter behind TB I could kind get off his back. Because I would now know he won’t be the starter forever. We really need a QB.
  8. It was really annoying how the NFL Film barely had the winning team in the video. You could tell they wanted us to lose and when we didn’t they had to make the Seahawks look like the good guys.
  9. This is a multi-year rebuild and Teppers answers in interviews makes me believe he knows it. I don’t expect the playoffs but I do expect a better record. That is why I am so adamant about getting a QB this draft. Because we may not be in position to get a QB after this draft. Plus the unknown of not knowing if the draft in 2022 or 2023 is gonna have any QB prospects worth trading up. Either that or resign Bathwater. Yuck.
  10. Man you could make a living with all the salt you are producing.
  11. Rhule would say a player could play even if he lost his leg. The season is lost. But it really doesn’t matter because we know Rhule is going to play CMC against the Broncos (Freaking stupid) and will play Moore when he is healthy. Because we have pride to play for and we need to ruin that draft position. Ugh.
  12. That isn’t entirely accurate. He is getting 33 million guaranteed, what a waste of money. Which willbe payed over the next 2 season. The 3rd season has no guaranteed money or very little. We can cut him with little to no financial impact. He needs to be gone by the 2nd year.
  13. I remember last year when Greg looked like he was going to kill Allen when he missed an easy pass or did something stupid. I wish someone on the team would give Teddy eye daggers.
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