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  1. All five sacks can account for that... but in all seriousness I think you may be right when YGM is healthy.
  2. I'd say his scheming has been solid but his situational play calling thus far is definitely sub par.
  3. Spiking is specifically mentioned in the intentional grounding rule the qb has to line up under center and immediately spike....
  4. Dude runs like a 4.65 40 at corner of course he's getting torched....
  5. Whitehead being a captain feels like an homage to the MLB postion...
  6. The guy does have 20% as many sacks this season as we do....
  7. Smothering defense often involves pushing the envelope on the rules these days... especially with holding/illegal contact.... you see a lot of stuff past five yards.
  8. Need to resign Moton badly, Interior Oline can be drafted in the middle rounds we will probably have to settle for another stop gap LT though.... Bahktiari is a FA lol
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