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  1. Zach Kerr is. He currently sits as the 12th best IDL in the league according to PFF, and he has been a massive disruptor on that D-line. He also seems to be a great locker room guy. The craziest part is that we sign him to a 2 years, $3,000,000 contract with an average annual salary of $1,500,000. This was the steal of the offseason in my opinion.
  2. Who tf would say that Quinnen Williams is worth a fifth..... That's not at all what I'm saying. Robby could go for a 2nd or a late first to a team in need of a WR. A fifth for Robby Anderson doesn't make any sense at all, dude is playing like a top 15 WR at the moment.
  3. Brother the Dallas Cowboys got a first for Amari Cooper. DJ Moore is definitely worth a mid-late 1st that we can add in a package for TLaw, even though I would keep him before Robby A.
  4. If we give 3 firsts and 3 seconds, the Jets will have to accept it. Lawrence will not play for the Jets. I think we need to trade one of Robby Anderson or DJ Moore to get a first
  5. We all understand who is Teddy 2 Gloves at this point: an extremely solid backup QB, who could start in a few teams. What we saw against the Bears is a classic Teddy performance against a team with a good defense. This should be a good indicator of what could happen to us in the playoffs with Teddy driving the offense. He is not the future, we all know this. For those who don't, I think the next few weeks (Saints, Falcons, Chiefs, Bucs) will show you why he is not, and I really dont want to sound pessimistic. Our next franchise QB will be not be someone we get via free agency or via trade, that is not how Matt Rhule do things. He likes to build his teams following his own ways, and therefore, our next QB will be someone we draft. There are 3 QBs that are seen as potential franchise QB, and the word "potential" is important here. Here they are: - Trey Lance : High risk/high reward QB, Matt Rhule likes a challenge, I could see it happening. - Justin Fields: Accuracy, size, mobility, dude has it all. He also seem to be a great leader. He could be gone in the top 3. The only way I could see us making a move for him is if coach Rhule has a massive crush on him. This seems unlikely because if Rhule is willing to go all in and trade away picks, I think there is someone who could be worth more to Matt Rhule, which brings us to the next player. - Trevor Lawrence: Supposedly the next Andrew Luck, the next John Elway. Lawrence would fit perfectly with the Panthers. He loves the city and he loves to compete. Do you really think he would like to bring his talent to a sh*tshow like the Jets? What if he pulls out like Eli? I don't think it's far-fetched and if he does teams are going to call in like crazy for that #1 pick. It would be a matter of what we are willing to offer. I think the Jets would be willing to part with the pick the right price. If the Jets asked for our whole 2021 draft capital + 2 first + 1 of DJ Moore/Brian Burns, I would do it in a heartbeat. Matt Rhule has proved in 6 weeks that he can develop talent, so I would not be worried with no first for the next few years. Back in march, many around the NFL belived that Panthers were planing to tank for Lawrence in 2021, you can search it. Do you think that's a coincidence? Lawrence wants to play for the Panthers and the Panthers want him. But just how bad?
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