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  1. The sad reality is, dude was probably a couple of plays away from getting a shot. The Panthers are already looking for answers on defense, and on top of that, casualties are piling up in the defensive backfield. Guys have come form out of nowhere with a special teams play to, in the case of Terrell Davis, make a lasting impact on the league and their team. Then there are guys who literally cut themselves, like the UDFA in Seattle who tried to sneak a woman into his hotel room during training camp. I guess natural selection is a thing. The good news is, Harrison Smith and Anthony might be available from the Vikings. Either one of those players could upset the balance of power in the NFC South, or at the very least mitigate the signing of Antonio Brown.
  2. As much as you want sustained success, you're not going to get it out of a microwave. So basically it looks as though your impatience is leading you to believe that the Saints passed over Teddy for a player who was languishing on the free agent trash pile. So in review, you don't think Teddy can zip passes into tight windows, and he hasn't shown twenty years of sustained success in six games. There's nothing smart about that wish list.
  3. The Saints didn't let Teddy do anything. Teddy chose to sign with the Panthers. Welcome to 2020 America. Once again in the infinite wisdom of another closet GM, the Panthers let a quarterback with a "much higher upside" than Teddy slip through their fingers and sign with a division rival. On top of that, this much better prospect was so attractive that he was left dangling in the free agent wind for a month before signing a minimum wage contract, while Teddy Bridgewater was the first free agent quarterback sighed on day one of the free agent signing period. Not fitting the narrative here.
  4. All over Herbert as in pass. So twenty one large is the going rate for knowing an offense. I'd say That Teddy's resume, with the Pepsi rookie of the year, 2015 pro bowl alternate and, five straight wins in relief of Brees had something to do with it too.
  5. Why did the Panthers sign him? Why did the Saints give up a third round draft choice for him to to back up Drew Brees? Why did they make him the highest paid back up in the league after he turned down a chance to start with Miami? There's the actions of several NFL franchises, then there's the opinion of a Panther fan sitting on the couch playing, "Are You Smarter Than A GM". I'll take the NFL for 63 million please.
  6. There's nothing wrong with liking a strong armed quarterback. That's just not the be all end all to quarterback play. Now when you say subpar about his arm strength, you should preference that with to your liking. Furthermore, your always is all of forty games as a starter with a 25-15 record. Nothing subpar about that kind of production.
  7. Two of those teams are in a full free fall, with the Jets looking for their third coach since Teddy left, and the Vikings soon to be looking for their fourth quarterback since Teddy got hurt. The Vikings practically kneecapped themselves with their decision to sign Cousins, and they deserve every ounce of pain and anguish that they are getting. They looked at Teddy as damaged because of the knee injury even though he rarely relied on his legs to help them win games. He was a smart accurate quarterback who beat defenses with pre snap reads and made the other players around him better. They couldn't understand how Teddy Bridgewater with one repaired knee could be better than Kirk Cousins with all of his original parts because they looked a Teddy with a stereotypical eye. If he cant run, then he's no good to them any more. The Jets talked glowingly about Sam Darnold's ceiling even though Teddy showed that he was the best quarterback on that roster and deserved to start. Sam Darnold has now officially become a coach killer and their fans are rooting for their team to lose. Teddy is unappreciated around here by some because he makes the game look like anyone can do it. He has the looks like Vick, plays like Brady effect on people and they don't know exactly what they are seeing. He doesn't run like Lamar Jackson, so they say he has limitations. They take his journey back from an injury as evidence that he's a journeyman in the sense that he can't stick with a team. They don't know about how the coaches who roll with him get paid like Brady is about to do. They get tagged with the genius label. Of course there's the flip side with Tod Bowles and Mike Zimmer. One whose job lasted one year after Teddy, and Zimmer who might not make it out of the bye after two years post Teddy. So with those two we have a case of if I knew then what I know now, would I have kept Teddy. Those of you with nothing on the line don't have to answer that.
  8. Teddy will be a franchise quarterback until thirty two GM, or coaches say he isn't. Let's look at the evidence so far. One GM drafted him in the first round, one GM gave up a third for him, and another GM out bid three other GM to sign him. So before you start making those grandiose pronouncements from your couch, look and see what the people who make a living at this are doing. What would you say to Exon if they abandoned an oil well because they didn't find the motherlode in the first ten feet. That's what I would say to lower tier Panther fans who want to give up on Teddy and this team after six games of year one. I'm talking about those in the Super Bowl or bust crowd who really don't know what it's like to live with the bust. Have a look at the Jets and the Vikings fans who were on board with going all in search for the one player who will carry them to the promised land. Now they are both in a feverish race to the bottom in the hopes of landing their next savior.
  9. It is obvious that you don't know what it takes to be a franchise quarterback. It is possible for players to have bad days. And to your example of the goal line tackle, Fuller made a better play than Teddy. What you will soon find out, is that Teddy's good days will far out number his bad days, as they have so far in his career.
  10. Just a glimpse of Teddy at the beginning of his career.
  11. Teddy Bridgewater, fresh out of the cradle. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wCLiZcxo5Qg&ab_channel=SaintsHighlightsHistory Even as a pup, Teddy Bridgewater displayed qualities that we are seeing today.
  12. Right there with you, arguing against stereotypical assumptions that Teddy was carried by great teams and coaches. That he's mediocre, and is just a place holder for some future stud quarterback to be named later.
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