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  1. He actually looked good. Hopefully we’ve seen the last of Tahir and Carter is the starter the rest of the way.
  2. Can’t really say too much about PJ yet. He made a couple awful decisions but yes he has a cannon arm and did look good outside of that.
  3. Any time you pitch a shutout in the NFL it’s impressive. Sure there was the flea flicker TD called back but still every week you deal with penalties that’s the NFL. Defense really showed up today and this game speaks a lot for our coaching staff.
  4. Surprise that Thai whitehead didn’t play?
  5. Just realized he is under team control next year—so yes he will be back
  6. I really hope so ...hate to see him take off on another team.
  7. Not that I didn’t appreciate him, but man i wish I maybe would have a little more. You get kind of spoiled with a guy like this around for that long.
  8. IDK, I think we’ve done pretty well drafting lately. Devonte Graham was a nice second round steal. PJ a Washington is a really good player and Bridges has a lot of potential still. I know many want to write off Monk but don’t forget he is only 22 still.
  9. Not sure why so many are down on Ball here, he has star potential. His loud mouth dad shouldn’t deter us from drafting him.
  10. well they have seemed to move the ball in the first half much better than 2nd half in most games this year. That typical means teams are adjusting and we are not adjusting back
  11. Well he’s not going to publicly shame him- that would be a great way to lose your team
  12. Teams are adjusting to us and we are not adjusting back. Rhule needs to discuss this with Joe Brady, defense is horrible all game but we are getting out coached many times during 2nd half teams after teams adjust to what we are doing on offense and we have no answer. This is important moment for Rhule and his staff though, 5 game losing streak, how the team responds and plays down stretch will speak volumes of the new staff. I am still hopeful and see a bright future.
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