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  1. According to spotrac with the new CBA, there will be no “post June 1st cut” provision that allows you to spread dead cap over the next 2 years due to the new CBA coming. Works out fine for a team like us in the middle of a rebuild, not so much for teams trying to squeeze out extra cap space to be competitive this year.
  2. I think Jordan Gross said it best, if you can’t contribute to the 5 year plan, (paraphrasing )you’re likely out. Of course he was referring to players with expendable contracts on the roster but that would likely also apply to any free agents.
  3. Norman cut and Olsen down to Bills, Seahawks and Skins.
  4. At this point I think it would be a bigger surprise if he remains a panther this year than if he’s traded. We could even potentially wait until the preseason if a contenders QB goes down early.
  5. I know Rhule and his staff are busy evaluating the entire roster and seeing who they think is worth investing in for the future. Step 1, trim the fat. Poe is 100% gone. That’s 10 million we can save right there. Mike Davis who we claimed off waivers is also certainly a goner. That’s another 3 million right there. Wright is more questionable and could make it to camp since he’s only 3.6 million for a veteran WR. That’s about as cheap as you can get that kind of help. I think it needs to start with our unrestricted free agents first. Bradberry, Cockrell Boston and Greg Van rotten are the only ones under 30 years old who can contribute to the team long term and still be valuable pieces in 2-3 years imo. Retaining those guys at reasonable rates seems worth it as Bradberry is a quality starter, Boston is a capable starter and GVR is good depth that shouldn’t cost too much. Next up is do we roll with Cam for another year or try and salvage some value out of him? This is an incredibly tough question. If he can return to his past potential then he’s as good as QB as we can ask for to lead us for the next 5 years or so. If he has another injury plagued season or does not return to form, then we are stuck trying to make an even harder decision next season of potentially letting him walk for nothing and investing 19 Million of cap space we’d otherwise free up if we can get a decent trade value out of him. Either way you go it’s a major gamble. We don’t have a replacement waiting in the wings and would have to absolutely have to invest heavy draft capital in 1 of the next 2 years to find out next QB if we don’t retain him and get the old Cam back. If the decision is to trade him then we damn sure better have a plan to get our next franchise QB. If we decide to keep him, then we have to insulate him with talent on the line and some skill player talent to pair with him. If we do move on from Cam, and do indeed make a move in the draft to select another QB early, then we should heavily focus on surrounding them protection and talent as well. Which then to me even strengthens the argument to retain Bradberry, because we won’t have the spare draft capital to replace him. We have so many different directions we can go it appears, aside from the obvious of getting younger and clearing cap space. The tough part for us as fans, we can’t really identify a solid plan until we know the fate of Cam. The 2nd thing that needs to be determined or at least communicated to us as fans are what type of base defense we plan to role with in the years ahead. For those of you have put some thought into it what would be your plan to get us back on track?
  6. A lot can change between now and the start of the season. But right now the odds are basically 0% for me at the point.
  7. Right now according to spotrac we have 32.5 Million in cap space for 2020 First number will be the scheduled cap hits, 2nd will be the money saved either by release or trade and the third is the dead money against the cap This list only includes players that we can free up 50% or more of their current scheduled cap hit and would save us at least 2 Million in cap space by cutting them now. None of these contracts require making them a post June 1st cut to see the immediate savings. Post June 1st cut would just allow us to spread the dead money over 2 years and free up half of the dead money listed for additional space this year. 2020: Cam: 21.1M current hit. 19.1M potential savings, incurring 2M in dead money Poe: 13.3M current hit , 9.8M potential savings, incurring 3.3 in dead money Wright: 3.6M current hit, 3M potential savings, incurring 600k in dead money Mike Davis:(claimed off waivers in Nov) current hit 3M, 2.95M potential savings, incurring 500k in dead money Just ridding ourselves of these 4 contracts alone would add just a hair under our 35 Million to our cap space. This would bring our total to 67 Million in cap space for 2020. In 2021 we have 0 dead money on the books and only have right at 100 million going against the cap to 25 players. The projected cap for 2021 according to spotrac is 209 million. We could also roll over any money not used this year into 2021 as well (assuming the new CBA allows for this still) Once we make it to 2021 these potential cap casualties would bring our cap to almost nothing. Cutting Short would save 10 Million, Turner 9.7 Million,Reid 7.25 Million.Paradis 5 Million, Gano 4 million. Shaving those 4 contracts in 2021 would add another 36 million in immediate cap relief.
  8. For those who haven’t watched the video, need to go back and watch how coy he is and how tries to dodge the commitment to Cam. When can you remember a team not committing publicly to there Quarterback? There’s nothing wrong with saying, we stand 100% behind Cam and can’t wait for him to get healthy again. Unless of course if you are planning on moving on from him. The healthy part to me, seems to be that they can’t trade or attempt to trade him until he’s healthy. But this seems pretty clear they are prepared to move on from him.
  9. I think we are setting ourselves up for a trade or outright release and the way to sell it to the fan base is they question his long term health.
  10. So the only way Cam isn’t back is if he’s not healthy? Does that mean that we just reach an injury settlement with him and move right along if he isn’t 100% healthy? To me it sounds like they are setting us up to deal with the reality the Cam era at the very least could possibly be over. I mean why wouldn’t he at least come out and say without a doubt he’s our QB. If he’s not healthy week 1, we will rest him until he’s ready to go?
  11. What your missing is, not only did we get Beason out of it. He also nailed the 3rd rounder he acquired to pick up Kalil. Another thing you’ve missed in this entire thread is context. For several of the seasons, you pick positions he passed on. Well did you forget or not start watching the panthers to know we already had Chris Gamble and Ken Lucas starting at corner the year we passed on Revis to select Beason and Kalil?
  12. If you go back in history and this applies to every GM we’ve had, the biggest problems we’ve had have been the head coach not the players drafted. The 2nd biggest factor was QB play. This actually applies to every team in the league not just us. Just go back and look at the Super Bowl contestants each year. The 2 biggest factors to consider on our future have more to do with Rhule and who and how our QB plays.
  13. I would say definitely. I’ve seen many come and go but nobody beats him for me.
  14. I’m on border of tega cay/ NC on the NC side. Right by rivergate shopping center. Patio furniture including large heavy table launched across the yard,2 sections of privacy fence blown down, several neighbors had trees split in half. Some neighbors saw siding come of there house. Flooding in several areas around here.
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