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  1. Every panther fan wishes for a team that can win consistently. If the approach is to start fresh with a new Coach and or GM here are the teams we can look to. From 2011 to now. I’ll also include number of concescutive 9 win seasons in parenthesis 1. Patriots 97-28 (17, will be 18) 2. Steelers 80-44-1 (4, chance at 5 if they finish 2-1 or better) 3. Seahawks 79-44-1 (6, will be 7 if they finish 2-2 or better) 4. Packers 78-45-2 (3 from 2014-2016) 5. Broncos 78-47 (5, 2012-2016) 6. Saints 74-51 (this year marks their first back to back winning seasons since they did it in 09-11) 7. Chiefs 73-52 (5 in a row, this year makes 6) 8. Bengals 70-53-2 (5, 2011-15,losing seasons ever since) 9. Panthers 70-54-1 (0) 10. Cowboys 70-55 (2, this year could make it 3 with 1 more win) 11. Ravens 69- 56 (2, 2011-2012, have shot at 2 in a row again this year if they finish 2-1) 12. Falcons 66-59 (2, 2016-2017) To take it a step further here is the longest active playoff appearance streaks. 1. Patriots 9, pacing 10 2. Steelers 4, pacing 5 3. Chiefs 4, will be 5 (already clinched this year) 4. Saints 1,Will be 2(already clinched this year) 5. Rams 1, will be 2 (already clinched this year) Of the teams that made 1 or both of these list they’ve done so with the same head coach. Patriots,Steelers and Saints have done so with the same coach and GM and QB(if you consider belichick the GM as well) McVay is about to make his 2nd playoff appearance in his 2nd season as a head coach. Les Snead is in his 7th year as GM but had 6 losing seasons prior to this year. The Seahawks don’t have a current streak of playoff appearances due to missing out last year. However they did make it the prior 5 seasons in a row 12-16 and are currently the 5th seed in the NFC right now. They also have 1 super bowl win under their belt in this time frame. That further cements the top 3 teams on this list who again have done it with the same coach, GM and QB. Of those 3 teams only Tomlin was not a retread coach. Other teams have tried to poach the patriots without much luck so I’m not sure we go looking there. 3 other teams who did not make the above list who seem poised for a playoff berth are: Bears who have a rookie head coach in Matt Nagy. Ryan Pace is in his 4th year as GM but had losing seasons every year prior to this one. Texans who have Bill O’Brien in his 5th season and verge of 3rd playoff appearance and rookie GM Brian Gaine Chargers who have Anthony Lynn in his 2nd year as a head coach and Tom Telesco as their GM in his 5th year and on track for his 2nd playoff appearance. In summary it seems to me the top 3 teams to me to try and find Ron and Hurneys successor’s From would be the Patriots, Steelers and Seahawks. Worth nothing the Steelers have not been in the super bowl since they won super bowl 43 (10 years ago). Seahawks last made super bowl was 49 and the patriots have been in 3 of the last 4. 1 other thing worth noting is that 2 of the hottest teams in the league right now are on their 2nd coach with same GM (Rams and Bears). So there is that sliver of hope that with the right Head coach Hurney could potentially make it work. Rivera has proven over the years he’s not the guy. Hurney has improved in his 2nd stint but any progress he’s made has been stifled by Rivera. I’m all for cleaning house but I mainly want Rivera gone more than anything!! Not to step on Mrscot’s toes but: The hottest GM candidates from from the top 3 teams are: Trent Kirchner from the Seahawks (3 known interviews for a GM spot since 2017) Scott Fitterer from the Seahawks ( 3 known interview for a GM spot in 2017) Nick Caserio from the Patriots (Patriots blocked Texans in 18 and he declined the Niners in 17) Brandon Hunt From Steelers( interviewed for Eagles director job)* Also a Rooney rule candidate Omar Khan ( Last known GM interview was in 2014) NFL head coach candidates from those 3 teams seem scarce other than Josh McDaniels who didn’t fair so well in his first Head Coaching job.
  2. Started pondering the biggest single season collapses in NFL history. So I did couple quick google searches and this is what I came up with. If we indeed lose out I believe this will be the single biggest collapse in NFL history. Here is a look at some other momumental disasters for teams who started off with a winning record midway to the season only to collapse 2007 Lions: Started 6-2 and finished 7-9. To make matters worse they went 0-16 the following season after holding onto coach Rod Marinelli for another year. 1994 Eagles: Started 7-2 and finished 7-9. That’s the 2 closest I can find. So if we do indeed lose out this will be the biggest single season collapse in history of 16 game seasons that I can find. To make matters worse the trend of Rivera losing games decided by 1 score or less continues. Over the last 4 games the average margin of defeat has been by 4 points and all 1 score or less losses. Bringing the total on the season to 6 of 7 losses decided by 7 or less. With Hurney as GM and Rivera as Head Coach Rivera has lost 31 games. 25 of them have been by 1 score or less. 26 of 32 if you include the playoff loss last year. In 4 seasons together the tandem has not won 1 playoff game. Rivera has made it to the post season 4 times out of 7, soon to be 8 seasons. One of those was by default when we snuck in at 7-8-1 in the 2014. Of those 4 appearances we were beat in the first playoff game twice and only advanced in the 2014 season because we got to play against the cardinals 3rd string QB Ryan Lindley. So 8 years of Rivera and we got 3 winning seasons out of him.
  3. panther4life

    2019 Cap space and roster decisions.

    Going to be an uphill battle. Even with all the cap space we will still be bottom half in the league in cap space.
  4. It appears we will have 26-28 million in cap space heading into next year committed to 35 players(cap space number explained at bottom of this thread). There are other ways to increase that number. Let’s take a look at that first. Amount saved per player if cut: Torrey Smith: 5 Million D’anorris Searcy 2.9 Million Ross Cockrell: 2.4 Million Munnerlyn: 2 Million * that number could be juiced a little more if these guys are designated as post June 1st cuts but that would require mortgaging some of the 2020 cap and doesn’t seem necessary. Releasing Smith and Munnerlyn alone would push us to the 33-35 Million range. If we give up on the injured guys in Searcy and Cockrell we have a chance at exceeding 38-40 MM in cap space. Then there is Olsen. If he retires we can ask that he repay 7.4 MM in signing bonus money via arbititrarion, that would otherwise become dead money on our cap. This will be an interesting thing to watch moving forward. Worst case scenario is he retires and we are unable to recoup the signing bonus money and we are left with 300k in dead cap. Lastly there is Matt Kalil. We’d incur more dead money than cap relief if we cut him this year unless we designated as a post June 1st cut. If we take the hit all in 1 year we lose 2.5million in cap space for 19 but his contract will not haunt us in 2020. The 2nd option would be to designate him as a post June 1st cut and save 7.2 MM in cap space this year but incur 9.5 in dead money in 2020. Either way it cost us a net of 2.5MM roughly to cut him before the 2020 season. Adversely if we wait til 2020 to cut him we could save 6 million against that years cap. Question is are we better off buying the extra roster spot for 2.5MM or enduring another season with him and save a full 6MM a year later? Here’s a look at the biggest free agents we have upcoming for 2019 Thomas Davis, Ryan Kalil,Peppers,Funchess, Eric Reid,Daryl Williams, Chris Clark and Mike Adams. Heres a link to all 2019 free agents league wide :https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/free-agents/all/ Thats not a very inspiring list upon first glance. All this cap space and I’m not sure it will help us improve the team too much due to the weak free agency class. Things can change quickly as other teams make cuts but as of now not a very strong looking class of players becoming available. If we miss the playoffs we are staring at a draft position of 16-20. Cap space explained: According to spotrac.com we are currently looking at having 23 million in cap space. overthecap.com has us at 28 million. They both have our cap liabilities and number of players the same. 164 MM to 35 players. The difference I’m seeing is Spotrac does not have any roll over money from this year, where as the NFLPA website says we have 3.4 million to roll over into next years cap. That puts us closer to the $28MM in cap space that Overthecap is showing.
  5. panther4life

    The coming offseason

    First a word on Gettleman My personal opinion is another season in and more of Gettlemans flaws have been further exposed. The Matt Kalil contract is worse contract in this franchise history. Gettlemans drafts continue to look weak. Out of his 5 draft classes all we have to show for it is McCaffrey, Short,Thompson,Turner,Samuel,Moton,Bradberry,Funchess, Butler and Mayo. There’s a good chance we can remove Funchess from that list after this season as well. Plus let’s be honest, Butler is looking more and more like a waste of a 1st round pick. Although he’s only 1 offseason removed from being the GM, Peppers and Adams and Munnerlyn are his only free agent additions to currently see the field. Now on to Hurney: With only 1 full offseason under his belt since his return, he’s drafted 2 immediate impact starting caliber players in Moore and Jackson. Thomas,Gaulden,Carter and Haynes appear to be good development picks for now as well. He also had the foresight to dump Benjamin for a 3rd while he could. Picked up Poe for half the price of Star. Salvaged something out of Worley (Smith) and found another upgrade to our WR corps in adding Wright. All with limited cap space this offseason. Now Rivera: The rest of this season is make or break for him. His job security largely looms on us still making the playoffs. Not saying getting in alone would save him but if we fall out of it and I think hes certain to be fired. Win a playoff game or more and I think he’s bought himself another season. Final thoughts: If we miss the playoffs or or fail to win at least 9 games im all in on parting with Rivera. If that happens and Hurney is a casualty along with him then so be it, but I’ll think he got a raw deal and think it may be harder to replace him than it would be Rivera. On the flip side it would be tough to clean house or fire either if we rebound and make the playoffs, especially if we can win at least 1 playoff game. Bottom line is there’s a lot of season left and I feel fairly confident when can bounce back. It all starts this Sunday against the Seahawks. I’m rooting for them to succeed because I think we have the potential to get hot and go on a run but that needs to start this week.
  6. panther4life

    Rams vs Cheifs Monday Night Thread

    Cool stats on this one from twitter. 1001 total yards. 3rd highest point total in NFL History. Chiefs first team to score 50 and lose. Teams to score 50+ were 216-0 prior to this one.
  7. panther4life

    Rams vs Cheifs Monday Night Thread

    Wanted overtime badly. Sad to see that one end. We witnessed a classic
  8. panther4life

    CarolinaHuddle Pick'em - Week 11

    Thanks man, but after forgetting to submit picks last week I’m going to bow out of the contest.
  9. panther4life

    CarolinaHuddle Pick'em - Week 10

    Placeholder to add other picks and lock in the Panthers without having to edit that post later.
  10. panther4life

    CarolinaHuddle Pick'em - Week 10

    CAR @ PIT : CAR Will add rest later, just wanted to get this one on the books for tonight
  11. panther4life

    Considering a change of job

    Job 1. Higher income, 1 work from home day and appears to have more room for growth.
  12. panther4life

    CarolinaHuddle Pick'em - Week 10

    @UpstatePanther 1. Thanks a ton for doing this and keeping up every week! 2. I missed 4 games not 3. (I had a late edit Thursday and foolishly took Oakland when I saw Mullen’s was starting for SF). So my real record last week was 9-4, not the 10-3 you credited me with.
  13. To be fair it seemed Rivera places a big emphasis on taller corners, turns out that was just another Gettleman flaw exposed.
  14. panther4life

    Carolina Huddle Pick’em - Week 9

  15. panther4life

    NFL Trades today

    Well looks like it’s over. All trades have been updated in the OP