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  1. I have been sort of checked out this offseason for various reasons. Was there an article or anything that stated Rhule wanted to trade down vs taking Brown?
  2. If nothing else, it provides further evidence that Hurney doesn’t make rogue decisions without heavy input from his coaching staff.
  3. Regularly picking in the top 6 is what Gettleman 2.0 is actually doing.
  4. I found more joy in watching this team than any team we fielded last year. So there’s that.
  5. I don't know how true it is, but it was reported Rhule was going to let the Giants match our offer and it seems highly unlikely that Gettleman would relinquish full roster control. History suggest, Hurney has always collaborated with his Head Coach on roster decisions and doesn't seem to me that would have changed now. As for Teppers involvement , I am sure he's involved to some degree on the larger scale decisions, such as releasing Cam. I do think that Rhule will be a bigger determining factor of our future success or lack of it than Hurney. It just makes sense. Almost every super bowl winner and consistent winners have the right head coach and QB in place, in spite of any turnover that happens within the front office.
  6. Look at his snap percentage and production. If any player earned that kind of money, regardless of the position it’s him. https://www.footballoutsiders.com/stats/nfl/snap-counts?year=2019&team=ALL&week=ALL&position=RB&op=Submit&form_build_id=form-hDecqpR_sg9fUu71g4DnfidE34qK7SgclERjcJlwao4&form_id=fo_stats_snap_counts_form He’s making slightly more than Travis Kelce a TE. Basically the same amount as Adam Thielen, less than: Adam Thielen Brandon Cooks Michael Evans Odell Beckham Tyreek Hill Brandin Cooks Michael Thomas Julio Jones. Yes he’s listed as a RB but we all know he’s much more than just a RB for us. His production and value to the team is right on par with several other offensive playmakers and a better value than some.
  7. Thanks for sharing. Watched first 8 minutes or so and will finish when time allows but this was excellent content and brings back great memories.
  8. Amazing. Mostly because I can’t find anywhere staying they even have 2 million in cap space.
  9. This is amazing news! I had resigned myself to the fact it wasn’t going anywhere after Tepper stated he was contractually obligated to keep it there.
  10. Just better to have on hand if you can. Anything we don’t use, rolls into next year anyway.
  11. https://twitter.com/jourdanrodrigue/status/1257324067587108865?s=21 Staying with the athletic, just covering a new team. She seems excited and probably an awesome opportunity for her to discover the west coast. I appreciated her work, feel like she always gave good coverage. She’ll be missed but glad she has another opportunity that makes her happy.
  12. All Nc schools closed for next 2 weeks.
  13. This is excellent news! Pass rush has been non existent and with CJ going down it was about to get downright ugly. No idea what he has left but costing us less than a mil and has to be better than everyone other than CJ.
  14. We are wasting a spot if we keep Chandler. At least 2 maybe 3 better options to backup Oher if necessary. (Remmers, Williams, Maybe Silatolu) Travis Henry gets no love in spite of great play in these games so far.( someone mentioned false starts, must have had him mixed up with someone else) I think Boykin is a keeper. Fozzy's pass protection gives him the nod over Todman if we can't keep both Brockels not worth keeping, rather have Fozzy and Todman. Plus Dickson is better at that role and Simonson might be as well. otherwise I agree on everything else
  15. Trusnick sucks. He's supposed to be a special teams ace but has not shown it thus far. Mayo is similar to Klein, however he and Klein are vastly more talented than Glanton or Trusnick.
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