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  1. Thanks, you're correct. I like that it does the work for you now. I'll update the op
  2. I’m not claiming to be an expert. But that’s my understanding of how it works and that formula seems to have been proven accurate in years past. If you know better please elaborate.
  3. Edit: Adjusted numbers to be correct! All of this info can be double checked and confirmed by clicking herehttps://www.spotrac.com/nfl/carolina-panthers/cap/2021/ Click on the players name, go to 2021, and click the red x on the right and it will provide you accurate numbers. Thanks for fact checking toomers. For this exercise I’m going to assume all cuts are done as post June 1st. As toomers pointed out, only 2 can be designated post 1 June 1st before June 1st. These 3 are almost certainly gone: Short: 14.5Million in savings, carries additional dead cap of 6.339 Million into 2022. Paradis: 8.53 million in savings, carries additional dead cap of 3.6 million into 2022 Weatherly: 5.95 million in savings, carries additional 0 dead cap into 2022. This one works out the same whether done before or after June 1st. These 3 alone would free up 28.98 Million. This would more than double the 26 million spotrac has us slated to have going into 2021 with 34 under contract currently( including all listed in this post). These 3 I’d consider maybes: Shaq: 10.98 million in savings. Carries additional 6.4 in dead money into 2022. Seems unlikely we’d just let him go for nothing and I think the team/coaches still like him, but there’s a small chance he made he trade bait. New team wouldn’t have any guaranteed money owed to him and would get him at 10.8 base salary for 2021. Tre Boston: 3.55 million in cap savings. Carries additional dead cap of 2.66 into 2022. I know he’s a hated man on here but the cap savings is not much. Currently slated for 6.2 million cap hit next year but would carry 5.33 in dead money. Only a net savings of 900k, even tho we get 3.5 in 2021, but then have to carry the 2.6 dead money into 2022. Juston Burris: 3.89 million in cap savings and carries 1.055 in dead cap to 2022. If we keep him for 2021, his cap hit would be 4.95, then he’d be a free agent with no dead cap. If he’s in long term plans could extend him and lower that cap figure as well. (27 years old). Nobody else makes much sense to cut, as there isn’t much to gain. Aside from maybe Palardy if we replace him with a late round rookie.
  4. Very happy with him! He’s playing great against the run and the pass. His 6 Tackles for loss ties him for 2nd place (1 shy behind the leaders) among all DT’s. He’s also commanded double teams already. Not sure what more you could ask for.
  5. Bridges BBQ in a little town called Shelby in NC is the best I’ve ever had. It’s a slight detour if heading to Asheville from Charlotte. Never really found any BBQ that I love here in Charlotte.
  6. Taylor is filling in for Chinn. Whitehead still playing.
  7. He was back at practice today, so he’s playing
  8. Vegas has us as 10.5 point under dogs. Surprised they have that much faith in us. Defense is going to have to step up in a major way and have us go up + 2 on the turnover battle. Seems as if we’re going to have to put 30 or more to pull this off. Seems very unlikely but this is the NFL and stranger things have happened. 2 biggest matchups of concern: Travis Kelce against our LB’s and Safeties. DT Chris Jones against the interior of our o-line.
  9. I came into the season with no expectations at all. At one point I questioned if we were even going to have a season, so I’m just grateful we have a team who competes and outplays who they are on paper, especially the D. Biggest surprise for me is how good Rasul Douglas has been. From the moment he stepped on the field, with virtually no time to learn the playbook his play has been outstanding.
  10. Unrestricted Free agents I’d like to keep: Taylor Moton, Rasul Douglas, Curtis Samuel, and maybe Okung. Of course this all depends on how much they are demanding contract wise but in a perfect world we’d be able to retain all of them, including Okung if he can get back to being healthy. Short, Paradis, and Weatherly should be cap casualties. And before you ask Whitehead is on a 1 year deal, so he’s already gone. Otherwise Slye and Obada are restricted free agents and would opt to keep them as well. For reference here’s players under contract for 2021: https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/carolina-panthers/cap/2021/
  11. I don’t see much point in trading away any assets at this point, since we’re halfway through the season and not a playoff contender. Now if they want to do a player for player trade then maybe, but even then, not sure he’d be the right target for that scenario either. Burris was solid prior to the injury and were getting a good look at some young guys who’d otherwise never have a chance to see live action.
  12. No this game isn’t a good National draw. I was just saying you have the freedom of choice to watch or not. So I see nothing wrong with adding another night of football.
  13. To me that’s the beauty of it. If it’s a worthless game, ignore it. But if it’s a good matchup that interest you, 1 more game you get to watch that week.
  14. Seems like a matchup nightmare for us tonight with Douglas and Burris out again. Hope I’m wrong but after watching the Saints backups move the chains with ease, this makes for a very tough matchup on paper. In spite of this Vegas still has us favored by 2 somehow, so maybe I’m missing something.
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