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  1. I’m on the free trial right now. It’s got some really good content. I’ve done more reading in the past 24 hours than I’ve done in a long time. I think I’ll find the best promo I can and subscribe. I’m sure there’s a way to skirt the system and get it for free but this seems to be a business worth supporting imo.
  2. Jourdan Rodrigue just announced she joined the team. Looks like it’s $48 per year to join. So much free content out there, not sure if it’s worth the money. Does anyone on here subscribe? Any thoughts on it?
  3. Was he controlling that with ps4 controller lol?
  4. Why was he going up the ramp? Felt like I always saw him section 104ish ront row?
  5. Go out out of town! Take yourself a nice little vacay somewhere.
  6. I live in Charlotte as well. Recently flew with Delta to NYC but taking American to Mexico soon. Was hoping you’d have ranked American higher based on my upcoming trip as I am not a frequent flyer.
  7. It’s so hit or miss. I bought a sofa table for $9 and unloaded it immediately for $55. Then I listed a dinette set I bought for $25 for $75, dropped it to $60 and got over 1k views and people wasted my time. Jacked it up to $100 and poof someone buys it with ease lol.
  8. The joy of this hobby is dying fast lol. The answering yes to people who ask if it’s still available and then disappear 30 times a day and others who ask multiple questions, swear they want it and also disappear is taking much of the joy out of it. I’m just taking a summer off away from reality with this and the Uber driving. But soon I’ll be back to the real world.
  9. I’m talking about furniture from good will not houses lol.
  10. When I worked as a sales manager I used the same time is money close quite often when explaining to someone trying to find a car for a couple hundred less wasn’t a good use of there time. Now I’ve quit the car biz completely and drive Uber full time. So I have the time and desire to make money with these side hustles. I’ve taken a reduction in income but have gained so much time, flexibility in schedule, no more weekends, no more bosses, no more stress (aside from replacing the 6 figure income) and I couldn’t be happier. For over a decade I rarely had the granted time off to go on any decent vacations. Since I quit I’ve been to Hilton head, Charleston, NYC, Asheville and Myrtle twice in less than 1 year. Also have a trip planned to Mexico at an all inclusive resort.
  11. I enjoy all low effort side hustles. In terms of of time spent acquiring the stuff and getting it back home that was about 1.5 hours. The fielding numerous “is this still available” inquiries is getting old lol. So far I bought 4 dining chairs for $28 and sold for $60. Also bought a glass dining table with 4 chairs for $25 and sold for $75. This looks like it will be a boredom time killer hobby for me to make extra money.
  12. Anyone do this often? I recently unloaded some unwanted and older things I replaced with newer stuff such a as a lawnmower, kitchen table and other various pieces of furniture. Sold everything relatively quickly and for a good price on Facebook marketplace, so I went to a couple local thrift shops and bought some furniture and flipped it already. Just thinking of doing this in my spare time. Any pro or part time flippers have any success stories or specific items you find that are easy sells?
  13. If you don’t already have a system, you’re probably better off just putting that money towards a vacation.
  14. Stephen Davis was integral in our 03 super bowl run. Over 1400 yards and 8 TD’S. Mushin Muhammad Wesley Walls Mike Minter Kevin Greene Dan Morgan Deangelo Williams Mike Rucker Chris Gamble
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