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  1. I hate to say it but I think Cams best days are behind him. Allen’s best days may be ahead of him but that still doesn’t mean he has what it takes to be a franchise QB. Odds are neither one of them are the answer for the long term.
  2. We really don’t have one. Used to have a great rivalry going with the Bucs in the early days of the NFC south.
  3. Keep in mind Peppers did all of that in 12 games.
  4. That 17 draft produced some monster RB’s McCaffrey Fournette Cook Kamara Mixon Marlon Mack Aaron Jones Austin Ekeler (undrafted). Plus Kareem Hunt who is currently suspended. Right now all of them have out rushed Gurley this year except Mixon and Ekeler. Unfortunately for me Mixon and Gurley are my top 2 Fantasy backs and are killing me right now. Also McCaffrey, Cook, Fournette and Mack are the top 4 in rushing yards this year. Edit: would like to add McCaffrey is smoking everyone in yards from scrimmage total McCaffrey’s 866 yards from scrimmage is well ahead of the pack and only 3 players are within 300 yards of him. Cook with 742, Fournette with 655, Kamara and Eckler both at 583. Nobody else is within 300 yards of McCaffrey.
  5. I thought it was the most enjoyable game of the season personally.
  6. It’s actually the opposite. You came in here trying to taunt other fans and promote your Gettleman fandom. It backfired and now you’re doubling down and only making more of an ass of yourself.
  7. Cam even admitted (I believe it was this offseason) that was something he needed to work on. Something to the effect of not being able to rattle off the play call he was just given. Cam has had 3 different coordinators and struggled with that is whole career.
  8. Just more confirmation Rivera is the problem not Hurney
  9. Doesn’t hurt that his receivers are making excellent plays in contested situations. Not taking away from him but his receivers are playing well too.
  10. I’ve got Sunday ticket as well this year since my girlfriend is a giants fan. I’m also in a fantasy league and watching other games without the stress of having a vested interest in who wins still makes football fun for me. I can’t stop watching the train wreck of our team either but I do find myself having to care less for about the panthers game outcome my own mental health.
  11. You’ve lost any ability to remain rational about this subject, if you’re trying to compare the Gano contract vs Kalil. Gano being on I.R and Kalil out of the league is completely different. Not to mention you’re speaking of Gano’s total contract vs the dead money on Kalil’s deal nevermind the countless millions he wasted against our cap while on the roster. I respect your opinion to dislike Hurney but you’re beyond reaching trying to compare Gano’s contract and injury to the Kalil situation. The record under Hurney at the helm is the biggest indictment against him. That’s enough to have a negative opinion of him. Personally I try to be a little more objective on the subject and don’t hate him. Does not mean either of us are more right than the other, just that we have differing opinions. I just think you belittle your argument when you reach and try to compare those 2 deals
  12. I think Cam’s fashion style is wack. I really don’t care how he dresses tho. If he was playing like he did in his prime his fashion would still be wack. His play on the field is completely separate from his fashion. The 2 have nothing to with each other. Jim’s just old school and that’s to be expected from an older dude. I care way more about cams performance on the field than how he dresses. Right now his on field play is terrible and I can only hope all the people dumping on him will light a fire under his ass and motivate him to play better. Problem is I don’t know if he’s capable of playing any better. If Cam’s play is due to lack of focus and feeling himself way too much then that would be the best case scenario for everyone, because that’s fixable. If his play sucks because his body is broken down then that’s nothing he can overcome.
  13. Well I’m sure if you keep complaining on here that will certainly get his attention.
  14. I said most not all. I can pick apart moves made by any gm in the league. You have to weigh the good vs the bad in order to be objective. I feel Hurney 2.0 has done more good than bad. The results don’t show it and I attribute that to Ron. Hurney agreed to come back with Ron as the coach and either without the desire to fire him or the authority to do so. If Ron cost Hurney his job then Hurney only has himself to blame.
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