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  1. I’ve got Sunday ticket as well this year since my girlfriend is a giants fan. I’m also in a fantasy league and watching other games without the stress of having a vested interest in who wins still makes football fun for me. I can’t stop watching the train wreck of our team either but I do find myself having to care less for about the panthers game outcome my own mental health.
  2. You’ve lost any ability to remain rational about this subject, if you’re trying to compare the Gano contract vs Kalil. Gano being on I.R and Kalil out of the league is completely different. Not to mention you’re speaking of Gano’s total contract vs the dead money on Kalil’s deal nevermind the countless millions he wasted against our cap while on the roster. I respect your opinion to dislike Hurney but you’re beyond reaching trying to compare Gano’s contract and injury to the Kalil situation. The record under Hurney at the helm is the biggest indictment against him. That’s enough to have a negative opinion of him. Personally I try to be a little more objective on the subject and don’t hate him. Does not mean either of us are more right than the other, just that we have differing opinions. I just think you belittle your argument when you reach and try to compare those 2 deals
  3. I think Cam’s fashion style is wack. I really don’t care how he dresses tho. If he was playing like he did in his prime his fashion would still be wack. His play on the field is completely separate from his fashion. The 2 have nothing to with each other. Jim’s just old school and that’s to be expected from an older dude. I care way more about cams performance on the field than how he dresses. Right now his on field play is terrible and I can only hope all the people dumping on him will light a fire under his ass and motivate him to play better. Problem is I don’t know if he’s capable of playing any better. If Cam’s play is due to lack of focus and feeling himself way too much then that would be the best case scenario for everyone, because that’s fixable. If his play sucks because his body is broken down then that’s nothing he can overcome.
  4. Well I’m sure if you keep complaining on here that will certainly get his attention.
  5. I said most not all. I can pick apart moves made by any gm in the league. You have to weigh the good vs the bad in order to be objective. I feel Hurney 2.0 has done more good than bad. The results don’t show it and I attribute that to Ron. Hurney agreed to come back with Ron as the coach and either without the desire to fire him or the authority to do so. If Ron cost Hurney his job then Hurney only has himself to blame.
  6. His crippling contract has more to do with our cap space being complained about than the Gano decision.
  7. Is it not fair to say Rivera made the choice on who to keep? Hurney even gave him an extension of time to make the decision. See Matt Kalil if you want to reference a handicapping contract.
  8. A GM’s primary job is to supply his head coach with as much talent and depth as possible. If is head coach is not utilizing the talent given properly, the GM should be allowed to replace the head coach. The real question is has Hurney given Rivera enough talent to succeed and do better than the result’s we are seeing? Conversely is Rivera being held back by lack of a talented roster with depth? If the answer applies blame to both then we need to clean house of both of them. At this point I think a struggling Cam and Rivera’s terrible game management are our 2 biggest problems. This begs the question, if we had a capable backup to outperform what we’re seeing from Cam, would Rivera make the switch at QB? If the answer is no, then there was simply no point in investing extra capital (draft picks, salary cap space, or whatever means necessary) in acquiring another QB. We suck right now and everyone wants heads to roll. Problem is, is there another coach under Rivera on our staff who could do better than he currently is? I don’t think the answer is yes. So by default I think he will he given a few more games to turn the ship around. However if and once we are eliminated from the playoff’s Rivera should be fired immediately. Then that leads to this question? Does Hurney have the power to fire Rivera or does that solely belong to Tepper?
  9. Because I believe many who were an avid Gettleman fan and still secretly are, are the ones driving the Hurney hate train.
  10. Is just like to point out Gettleman 2.0 is now 5-13 Everybody dumping on Hurney were the most faithful to Gettleman and still think he was a better GM. Rivera will be the death of Hurney much like Fox was. Sadly I don’t think he was ever given the authority to fire either one.
  11. I have the same feeling. Retirement appears much closer than further away. Especially if the season continues to trend the same way. We might even I.R him at some point. Then we release him in the off-season or he preemptively retires before we do so. The only way I see his career continuing is him going back to his style of play by being a more aggressive runner and finding an OC who will game plan accordingly. Norv isn’t the guy for that. Speaking of Norv I feel like he’s a ticking time bomb that will quit on us like he did the Vikings and set his son up to showcase what he can do. Perhaps after the London Game. Ron will be fired after the season and will land another job at least as a DC if not head coach again somewhere else. Greg Olsen will further pursue his broadcasting career after this season. Luke is one concussion away from taking the Andrew Luck approach as well. This team is falling apart before our eyes. Mccoy on 1 year deal, Williams proven he can’t be a LT, also on a 1 year deal. Short and Poe about to be cap casualties. The list goes on but that’s all I have energy for right now
  12. I’m not over reacting one way or the other. Too early for that. But let’s not pretend like we saw the best the rams had to offer either. Both teams could have played a much better game.
  13. I’ve seen us play better and lose. I’ve seen us play worse and win. This game was not a confidence builder, nor would it have been if we barley pulled out the W. The fact that it’s just 1 game, to me means it’s impossible to draw any hard line conclusions about the future, whether you’re taking the positive approach or the negative one. Lets see what happens on Thursday and then we can have a better idea of what we’re made of.
  14. I’ve got 2 in front row of 505 available for tomorrow. $180 for the pair (what I paid for them). We got a wild idea to upgrade to club if we can sell them, so price is firm.
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