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  1. Stephen Davis was integral in our 03 super bowl run. Over 1400 yards and 8 TD’S. Mushin Muhammad Wesley Walls Mike Minter Kevin Greene Dan Morgan Deangelo Williams Mike Rucker Chris Gamble
  2. Speaking for myself, I’m celebrating the fact he’s gone, not bitching about his past moves. Strongly disliked the guys performance as our GM and did all my bitching while he was here
  3. He was the guy many on this board praised as the savior of the franchise. For some of us tho he’s exactly who we thought he was. An overrated bum
  4. Any RB’s with a similar skill set to McCarffey out there? Could be a good spot to grab his back up
  5. For whatever it’s worth PFF loves him. Their Analytics ranked behind Murray
  6. Well with the run of safeties to close out round 2 none would have made it to 77 anyway. This way we still got our LT which is far more important than the safety position in the grand scheme of things.
  7. One of the things that gives me extra confidence in the Burns selection is the fact that we had a choice of what seemed like other good options available if he was gone. Now I feel like we truly were able to get one of our top targets without having to settle, since other seemingly good choices were still available. I personally thought Dillard and Sweat would have been considerations but nice to know we got pick out of those 3. Both apparently may have been a bit of a reach since they didn’t go until 22 and 26. To take it a step further the only players we would have potentially had on the board above Sweat were: Bosa, Quinen Williams,Allen,Ferrell,White, Jonah Williams,Gary and maybe Hockenson. So I think worst case we got our 10th ranked player at 16 and that feels like a really good value.
  8. Thanks everyone. Had good lunch at SNOB (slighty north of broad). Then an excellent dinner at Hanks. Left this afternoon on the way out and had lunch at the tattooed Moose. That wasn’t great. Will definitely try Husk next time per the multiple endorsements.
  9. Preferably seafood but any good food in general would be good. Will be there for the night tomorrow. Thanks in advance
  10. Thanks for the response. I’m thankful for al of the feedback and it helps me find holes in the idea. I feel 1000% convinced it’s a service than only small % of car buyers would utilize, but just capturing even a small percentage of the market would work for my goals. The aim is to become my own boss and live comfortably. That’s being said, I feel like if the service was solely a negotiating role then it would not be a worthy service. I think the value would come in from my knowledge and ability to consult. Simplifying the process, adding piece of mind that you’re making a sound logical decision and have someone help look after you from all angles. I think the target audience would be anyone who wanted to save time and stress, with the money I save them on the deal more than covering whatever they pay me. The point it is to help you ways above and beyond just getting a good deal, helping you find the right car at the price and saving you time and stress in the process. Could end up being a terrible idea that is a complete bust but one that would virtually cost me 0 overhead other than marketing, so may be worth the risk.
  11. Yes. Have you already gotten rate quotes anywhere, financing term 60 months, 72 months? Would this be a 2nd or only auto loan for you? I can nail down the rate the bank will buy the deal at, lending how much you plan to finance. There is a specific formula they use when consisting rates and a large down payment does not always mean it will lower your rate. I can also help you determine the exact amount you should finance with all fees involved, tax, tag and doc fee. I can help you determine if a certified pre-owned would benefit you and that can only be purchased from a Mercedes dealer. I can tell you this from an appraisal and pricing software that that almost all franchise dealers use says the average price on an 18 model is $30,220 and the average mileage is 15,746. That’s within a 350 mile radius of Mooresville. So if you’re looking for an average deal, that’s what your looking at for pricing and mileage your considering. I can use auction date to determine what the dealer would pay to buy, service and have one “front line ready” or retail ready on their lot and help negotiate you the best price before you even walk in the door and direct you to the top 3 best deals on the market. I can also access how long each dealer has the vehicle on their lot and how motivated they will be to haggle. In addition I can help you sort through reputable dealers, let you know if the prospective vehicle was a local trade or purchased at auction. I can also help you sift through the carfax and much more. I just wanted to give you a quick response while I wait for my haircut. Thanks for asking the questions! Edit: I’d have tiered level of services and your situation would be a mid tier level. I think something id charge $200-250 range for. Surely I could save you enough time, money and give you confidence that you made a wise decision. To me that’s a good value, but again that’s just my perspective and why I started this thread to hear more opinions. Thanks again! Edit 2: I could also answer any questions you have and help familiarize you with the different tactics and strategies the dealer will use on their end as well. If you have a trade in that adds a whole other element to this as well where I could be useful.
  12. Also just want to clarify in the above post I’m not insulting anyone. I just have knowledge that nobody really has a need for until it comes time to buy a car and it can really play into your advantage. Like I know nothing about chemistry but I don’t plan on working on any science projects or concocting any potions any time soon or ever. However if I did then it sure would be nice to know someone who had that knowledge and could walk me through the process or even better just do it all for me. I think the biggest obstacle or objection I have to overcome, is how as a stranger can you fully trust me to look out for your best interest? Everyone I’ve helped in the past were family and friends and I did it as a courtesy not a service that I charged for. Part 2 of the equation is me selling the value of the service and at the same time charging enough to make it worth my while. I have a passion to do this, as I want to make money and be my own boss, but have 0 desire to go back into the business again and work the crazy hours or do what it takes to work myself into a situation where I rise up the ranks of becoming an owner, even though I have the experience and skill set to do so.
  13. What baffles me is the over confidence so many people project and sometimes just how flat out wrong they are about the process as I spent years on the other side of the table. Plus their is the trust factor. Hardly anyone trust anybody on the inside of a dealership and it’s mainly because the ultimate goals don’t align. The dealer wants to sell you a car on your visit or as result of your first interaction with them, be it an internet inquiry, phone call or just strolling into the dealer. That is their first priority. The 2nd is to maximize the profit they can make on you. Customers don’t realize that there’s 2 avenues of profit for dealers and everyone breaks them down into 2 segments. Front end profit and back end profit. The front is the money made on the sale of the car, the 2nd is the money made in the finance office (a lot of times the sales side already captures that money from you as a gift, for a lack of better words for the finance office). How many of you are aware the the interest rate you pay, is allowed to be marked up to 2.5 points from what the bank “buys” the loan at? Or what kind of margins there are in the extended warranties, gap insurance and prepaid maintenance? I can’t tell you the number of times I let the customer feel like they won on a certain angle but in the end I won on several other fronts. Such as they were hell bent on buying the car for a certain price but then let me get their trade for 1-2k under market and sometimes more. Or sometimes it works in reverse where the customer mainly cares about the trade value so I show them more on paper but make it up on the front of the sale. Also people who buy off payment( 90%) and they aren’t even aware of the breakdown of the total numbers until they look at the contract the next day if ever. This doesn’t even cover the money made on marking up rates. Then you have your clients who have terrible credit and they don’t understand how lenders view them. It’s all about risk, hence the reason money down is required when you have less than stellar credit as the bank will only loan a % of the cars value. Sometimes they even tack on a fee to cover them in future recovery efforts (repossession) in the event you default on the loan. Dealers can’t legally disclose this. Then of course you have your customers who have unreal and unreasonable expectations and play the “hardball” approach and basically say it’s my way or the highway. Well guess what if we sold you the car then your way was profitable to us. If we don’t make a deal and you can’t be reasoned with, you just wasted your own time, we have to be there anyway. Have you ever found yourself in a situation where your research has allowed you to know more about the vehicle your buying than the bozo sales rep trying to sell it to you? How aggravating is that. What if you could have had more features for the same or less money? You think you may have gotten everything you can and maximized your bang for the buck, but how can you be sure??? Or how many of you know why leasing can be beneficial to certain people vs financing. Or why financing may be a better option even if you have the liquid cash to pay for it outright? Ever dealt with negative equity(owing more than the vehicles trade is worth) and we’re so upside down you could never ever find a car that you could buy because you were so negative in your current one? Well sometimes there’s ways to navigate around that and the dealer can help you but they will keep the strategy to themselves as it serves them to have the knowledge but not pass it on to you. Lastly, you do all the research online and you’re confident you’ve found the best deal and have every angle covered. The A. You get there and things don’t go as planned. B. Did you know the site you submitted the lead on charges the dealer for the acquisition of you as a client and that has to be accounted for in how much discount they can offer you? The service I’m proposing is valuable, but I’ve always shied away from it, because people don’t realize the value or appreciate all the time and money I can save them. Plus the stress. As for time think of it this way. How much is your time worth? Let’s say you make $25/hour and you invest 24 hours of your free time doing legwork that I could do for you. That’s $600 of your time that could have been better invested in doing other things you enjoy or focusing on work. Thanks again for all the input. If you hate what I’m saying that’s good to know , if you love it that’s even better haha.
  14. $100 -$350 depending on the level of service requested. Google searches lead me to a lady named “ the far chick” she gets away with charging $997 somehow and she has 0 experience in the industry. I may even offer a short e-book on a step by step guide on all you need to know to do the process yourself for $49.
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