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  1. panther4life

    Recommend a lawn mower

    I’ve abused the poo out of lawnmowers over the years and slacked on maintaining them properly. I’m on my third and longest lasting/most durable yet. Husqvarna with a Honda engine. Thing is an absloute tank. Can’t reccomened enough.
  2. panther4life

    My Valentine's day present.

    Congrats!! Save those pics and you can always remind her she was beautiful from day 1.
  3. panther4life

    Anyone have an extra $27k lying around?

    This is Chris Scott’s ring I believe. https://www.charlottestories.com/one-of-the-official-panthers-2015-championship-rings-was-just-listed-on-ebay/
  4. Congrats. It will be the next movie I watch!
  5. panther4life

    Speeding Ticket

    Reduced will still affect your insurance. Brad Icard will have it dismissed
  6. panther4life


    Just stayed at grove park inn for a night couple weekends ago. Prime rib buffet, followed up by the breakfast buffet the next day was amazing. Thats in addition to all the great scenery, giant fireplaces, and bars with incredible views ( I liked the presidents club) made it an A+ place to stay.
  7. panther4life


    All the traditional stuff is fun with the right person. In the beginning nice to do things that will allow plenty of time for convo to get to know each each other. Coffee, Walks and drives are all ways to do this and don’t cost much. No need to spend too much on fancy dinners and what not all the time as it adds up quick and will largely be a waste if you end up dating multiple chicks to find the right one. Lastly you probably don’t need this advice but me as a reformed shallow person, looks are nice(unless it’s just a quick fling lol)but personality, character and your chemistry together trumps everything.
  8. panther4life

    Julio santos crow

    I vote to give you a second chance. Just don’t go over board and try to compensate by making a ton of post. Honestly might even be better to refrain from making new threads at all for a bit or at least until after the playoffs and let the stigma you created die down. We all make mistakes and just be glad yours was on some random Internet forum with a bunch of strangers. Don’t beat yourself up over it too much but also understand others aren’t going to be as forgiving but that’s part of owning your mistakes. Good luck moving forward.
  9. You’re quick to write off Gaulden aren’t you? Did you right Moton off just as quickly or the countless other rookies who don’t start right away? From the beginning they told us Gaulden was going to be a project.
  10. I know there’s about a 0% chance of this happening but with all these reports of Rivera being safe in spite of being on the verge of an 8 game losing streak, is it possible Tepper has been working behind the scenes to orchestrate a trade for him?
  11. I’ve already accepted that as reality and instead of being miserable about it for an entire offseason I’m just going to hope for the best.
  12. panther4life

    Panthers negotiating extension with Reid

    I would think Tepper would strip his power to do so if he wasn’t safe
  13. Per Panthers Twitter. Seems to indicate that Hurney is likely safe. Also lends credence to the fact that Rivera is too, as Hurney generally signs/ draft players that the head coach wants.
  14. The post of mine that was quoted said I wouldn’t mind taking a guy to develop. Just said no way I’m counting on a rookie taken beyond the first round to come in and lead us to playoffs if Cam can’t go.
  15. Ok I’ll give you Carr in spite of his 3-13 record and let’s throw Prescott in there too. That’s still a minute percentage and equivalent of hitting the lottery