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  1. Thanks for sharing. Watched first 8 minutes or so and will finish when time allows but this was excellent content and brings back great memories.
  2. Amazing. Mostly because I can’t find anywhere staying they even have 2 million in cap space.
  3. This is amazing news! I had resigned myself to the fact it wasn’t going anywhere after Tepper stated he was contractually obligated to keep it there.
  4. Just better to have on hand if you can. Anything we don’t use, rolls into next year anyway.
  5. Just finished reading the article. Draft position would jump 6 spots forward from round 3 position. For example 80th pick would then become 74th pick on draft after coaches first season. If team hires a black top executive (GM)you would jump 10 spots from 3rd round draft slot in their first draft after they completed a season as GM. If you hire both a minority Coach and GM can combine the 2 draft slot movements for a total movement of 16 slots. If you’re curious, yes you can go from third to 2nd round if the jump is large enough. Also allows for a provision of moving 5 slots in 4th round on the coach or GM’s 3rd season. I think the thought behind the idea is well intentioned, however this would only serve as a tie- breaker in the instance of having a minority and a white guy ranked the same. It’s not enough to hire an inferior candidate based on this alone. I haven’t thought much about it so I don’t know that I have a better idea. Off the top of my head though there would be need to be more incentive, maybe something like adding 10% to the teams spending cap and have it paid for by teams without minority coaches or GM’s. That would add $20 million to spend in free agency without affecting the owners bottom line. (This also would take less than a $1 million per team contribution from the other teams).That may be enough to sway someone who rates a minority candidate as a 7.5 vs a white candidate they have ranked as an 8.5.
  6. Post you’re favorite Smith memories/highlights etc.
  7. Or the Riot report is mistaken.Peter King was given access to the Bucs war room in the first round. https://www.pewterreport.com/bucs-licht-tried-to-trade-into-top-10/ “But the 49ers weren’t the first team that the Bucs tried to negotiate a deal with. Licht was on the phone with teams as early as the ninth pick with Jacksonville, trying to trade up for one of the top four offensive tackles. According to King, Licht had an offer of the Bucs first (No. 14), third (No. 76) and fourth (No. 117) picks on the table to Jacksonville for No. 9 overall. The Jaguars declined, opting to stay put and draft Florida cornerback C.J. Henderson.“ The Bucs also spoke with the Browns and Jets, but neither were interested in moving back with tackles they liked still on the board. Licht even received an inquiry to move much further back from Minnesota, which he quickly rejected. With the Raiders on the clock at No. 12, King reports that Licht offered Las Vegas GM Mike Mayock the Bucs first, third, fifth and sixth round picks while getting the Raiders first and third round picks back. Mayock opted to stay put even if Tampa upped their offer, so strong was his desire to select Alabama WR Henry Ruggs.
  8. Person cleared it up: No new assistant GM hire coming now. This is the hire.
  9. Not sure what this means for Jeff Morrow who’s been with the team since the 90’s and is listed as the “executive director of player personnel” Or Matt Allen (Richardson’s grandson btw) who is listed as the “director of pro personnel”
  10. Guaranteed money would be my guess as to the only reason Cam isn’t already on a team. I’m sure he’s seeking starter level guaranteed money not only because that’s his talent level, but given his injury history and age it may be his last chance to cash in, if suffers another injury(especially to his shoulder). If the injuries never occurred, it’s very likely he’d still be thriving and one of the highest paid QB’s in the league, and panthers never would have let him get away.
  11. I don't have a problem with people disliking Hurney and citing valid reasons.You however are trying to put a spin on things. For example, how can Hurney be at fault for picking inside the top 10 in his first year on the job?? Another example is most Hurney haters who double as Gettleman worshipers, like to to act like the 7 win team who made the playoffs because our division was horrible was some miraculous feat.
  12. Your reply was in regard to a post that said Gettleman “ is a horrible talent evaluator”. In regards to Hurney picking top 10, 4 times. He inherited the 2 pick and a team that went 1-15. Next year he had the the 8th pick after improving us to a 7-9 record, which was followed by a season where we Lost the Super Bowl by 3 points. The next time he picked top 10 was after Richardson decided he wanted to tank 2010 and stuck us with a lame duck coach for the year. And yes we picked top 10 again this year because our franchise QB went down. He’s constructed 12 rosters. The result of those rosters was picking inside the top 10 twice, one was in his second year after taking over a 1-15 team and the other after the franchise QB went down for the year.
  13. He’s picked in the top 6 3 times in a row now. His last year with Panthers picked 8th. First year with Giants walked into a top 5 pick. 2 years later he’s still picking in the top 6. Has signed some of the worst free contracts league wide since 2016. Gettleman sucks. Point blank.
  14. Hurney haters- look at his win loss-record. He sucks.HIS JOB IS TO WIN GAMES, THAT’S IT! Now they are mad he’s not intentionally tanking. And the funny thing is, it’s not surprising in the least bit.
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