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  1. Need a heimlich here
  2. It looks bad, but he didn't expect the ball.
  3. osiruz

    Deion Jones placed on IR

    Well it sucks, hoping the offensive slump by the panthers is for real. Going to be a hard game considering the falcons Offenseless Coordinator is planning to kick fgs.
  4. osiruz

    Hate Week #1 - Falcons

    Which is why we will win 18-13. 6 field goals vs. 2 fgs and a touchdown. Sark the field goal hero will show them how soccer kicks are done.
  5. osiruz

    Hate Week #1 - Falcons

    Who's making excuses? I'll give you two weeks as Cam recovers from the hits lol. I also said this is going to be a defensive struggle.
  6. osiruz

    Hate Week #1 - Falcons

    Hopefully Takk McKinley is a go for this game. Considering how you are all nicked up on the OLINE, he should have a good game.
  7. osiruz

    On to the Falcons

    Game going to be ugly to watch, I got us winning 17-13 on a last minute fg attempt. It'll be an offensive bonanza considering both team's OC's.
  8. Hope that defense never figures it out till it's too late.