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  1. I think Reid struggled some the first few games he played but got better. This is because he had to learn a new playbook and teammates. their are a lot of issues when it comes to re-signing Reid. the first is cap space. Panthers won’t be able to pay him the big bucks. the good thing is that many teams will stay away from him due to the problems he is having with the league and the attention is bringing. I believe it is very possible that Reid could re-sign for less money simply because the Panthers signed him despite all the off field drama. some players appreciate things like that and maybe Ried will be that guy.
  2. To be fair almost every loss except maybe one or two was by a touchdown or less. cam was hurt in every game in the loosing streak. He was hurt bad enough to be the cause of every loss. When your QB is hurt so bad he can’t throw then it falls on the QB. this is the logic the front office is probably using. The panthers could easily have been a 10-12 game winner if Cam was healthy. so why make that many changes?
  3. It seems big 10 and big 12 make the best offensive linemen. Oaklahoma has done a great job of producing offensive linemen. that said I would rather have a guy that’s average physically but is good technically. orlando brown from this draft did horrible in the combine but ended up being arguably the best rookie tackle. how many times have we seen a player do great in the combine or be a freak atheletically and end up being a bust?
  4. Browns had one of their best teams in a long time. They have some good players. Myles Garrett is a beast. Ward is great, Randal is a decent safety and they have a pretty solid defense. as soon as Tyrod Taylor was replaced with Mayfield and Carlos Hyde was cut and Chubb became starter their offense was actually good. add a few good draft picks and let their young players develop and the Browns could be a good team for once.
  5. rmoneyg35

    Panthers salary cap

    There is already a proven vet CB on the roster. Ross Cockrell. he is a solid CB, did well in Pittsburgh but is a better zone CB which means he should do better here. Unfortunately he got hurt in training camp so he didn’t play this season and most people forgot about him. Jackson could play nickel or continue to develop into an outside corner. Dont know if cockrell can play nickel but I believe he can. Hopefully he and Jackson can both play nickel, that will be great. if Cockrell can recover from his injury the CB position should be solid. especially if Munnerlyn is cut.
  6. I think a big question that needs answered is what is the plan for Gaulden? he played nickle in college and that is a need due to the poor play of Munnerlyn. Adams is done. Reid could be gone or who knows maybe he will be back. Same for Colin Jones. safety is a need. Is Gaulden going to play nickle or safety? Sure there are lots of hybrids who play nickle and safety. Gaulden is 6-0 so he is tall enough to play outside corner as well. I don’t know if he can play outside corner well but he does have the size to do so. due to the lack of depth at all DB positions I could see Gaulden playing any DB position. Even if Reid and Jones are resigned and Munnerlyn isn’t cut there still will be depth issues. It all comes down to what the coaching staff thinks. The development of Gaulden will play a major role in the future of the Panthers. He could end up being a starter for a long time if he can progress enough. Then again he could be a bust and just add more holes to the roster. either way Gaulden will have a major effect on the panthers.
  7. Defensive line is a bigger need than offensive line. if Williams comes back there will be 3 OT. We have Turner. Larsen isnt good but can play C or G. we can draft a center or guard in the mid rounds. guard is a easy position to fill and usually can sign a cheap FA or even find a good UDFA. defensive line is a much bigger issue. Short and Addison are the only good starters and Short is coming off a bad year while Addison is aging. Poe had a bad year. It’s hard to make a prediction on him because he does have the capability to be good. Wes Horton could come back. He is good against the Run but offers no pass rush. Peppers could come back as a rotational guy. Efe Obada will be cheap but is he capable of being a starter or just a back up? Haynes is a wild card. He is undersized but produced consistently in college. With a year to get into 4-3 NFL size maybe he could be the future or maybe he could be a bust. Butler will be a back up. will need a DT and DE. Need a DE for the future. Need a DT for the future as well. No DT depth.
  8. rmoneyg35

    Khalil Mack anyone?

    I agree but we can still dream. I think we will cut Kalil after next season or restructure him. if they were to let D Williams go after letting one of the top 3 guards in the league Andrew Norwell go I would have to question the competency of the GM. You have to protect your Qb especially when he gets older. You don’t let top tackles walk in the prime of their career. Williams could be making a lot less next year due to this injury he currently has. Add the fact we have most of the team under contract and the salary cap rises every year, I see no reason why they cannot keep Williams.
  9. rmoneyg35

    Khalil Mack anyone?

    I would trade two first rounders for Mack. Trading for him would instantly improve our team. Those first rounders would be late round. Imagine Mack paired up with Kk Short, not to mention we have Poe taking up blockers and he offers pass rush ability for a few years and also Addison on the other end for another few years. Our secondary would instantly improve because a great pass rush Always improves the secondary. We would be able to get by with an average secondary and still be great with that front four. Add our great linebacker corps and we would no doubt have a top 5 defense every year for the next few seasons guaranteed as long as everyone is healthy. But here is the truth. The raiders don’t want to get rid of him and won’t get rid of him. We would more than likely have to give up an additional 2nd or 3rd round pick.
  10. rmoneyg35

    Brenton Bersin continues to impress

    I honesty believe that Bersin is better than Cotchery. What we need to find out is can he offer more than Hill and Philly Brown. We already know Benjamin, Ginn and Funchess are locks so the final 2-3 spots will be Cotchery, Hill, Brown and Boykin. Hill and Brown offer speed but Brown and Boykin offer special teams exp. Boykin and Cotchery offer experience.
  11. JJ Watt is probably going to end up one of the best defensive linemen of all time. I don't know how much different his stats would be in a 4-3 but I would pick JJ over Cam. Defensive player of the year > Possibly top 10 QB.
  12. rmoneyg35


    I never thought he was lazy, his problem has been that he plays physical and that causes injury to himself because he plays to hard. I believe it was Clay Mathews who said Stewart was the toughest RB to bring down. That should tell you what kind of player he is. One reason why people hate on him so much is because he has a big contract and has been hurt almost every year. He is expected to live up to expectations and be a top 10 RB every year like he is being paid.
  13. rmoneyg35

    Pocket Cam vs. Mobile Cam

    I was just curious what was cams numbers from games 11-16 (14 if you count the two games he missed.) The reason why I ask is because that is when we went on a winning streak and I believe it is when we had replaced Amini and Chandler with Norwell and Reamers. Also Stewart went on a tear.
  14. rmoneyg35

    Santana Moss

    Lmao Santana Moss. It's 2015 not 2005, Moss is probably done.
  15. Don't the Bucs have a number of decent safeties? Maybe DJ Swearinger or Major Wright will be cut and we scoop him up?