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  1. Politics have really caused problems in America. It is a big reason for the division. social media, tv and post modernism have ruined this. People want to argue and if you don’t believe exactly what they believe you are a bad person.
  2. I don’t care about a players political views I care about what he does on the field. As a player I think Eric Reid is a good player and can really help the panthers this year. However if he plays well I don’t expect him to be resigned because we won’t be able to pay him.
  3. rmoneyg35

    How can Reid....

    Lmao. Maybe this is why teams never signed him. Makes sense!
  4. It’s possible if we don’t run out the clock as much as we normally do. One reason why they didn’t have a lot of yards last game was because of clock management on both teams. When both teams are playing close and are run first teams that means lots of time is ran off the clock and less plays which means less yards (unless some big plays occur) I think one problem with the panthers offense for the all of cams career is that there isn’t enough hurry up offense plays. Why not run the ball, hurry up, throw some short passes and continue to hurry up the offense and tire down the opposing defense with short accurate passes?
  5. I have to be honest. I never thought Jackson would be that good. I didn’t like the pick. I see players get drafted all the time because they put up good combine numbers and I thought Jackson was another one of those guys. I hope I get proven wrong. He did well yesterday, he wasn’t perfect and had a bad penalty but other than that I think he was impressive. was it a fluke though? Dallas doesn’t have a good WR Corp and is a run first team. Next week will be interesting, especially if he lines up against Julio Jones. was it me or did Captain Munnerlyn look bad? Maybe it was players finding holes in the zone but it seemed like he was giving up easy catches left and right. I know Beasley is a good Slot WR but he absolutely trashed Captain.
  6. Yes. Ron for some reason loves Amini. Maybe he black mailed him? we did just trade for Robinson so maybe he can play tackle. Problem is he has to learn the system and playbook and I believe he could be injured. they could sign an offensive linemen but will someone sign a one year deal? Is there anyone good that is a FA? Honestly I think they should just move Turner to RT and let Amini or Mahon play G. hopefully Williams injury isn’t that bad and he will be back soon.
  7. One reason why our passing game didn’t put up big numbers was because of the rain. I don’t think people realize this. also some other things to consider: 1: it’s the first game, you have to work out the kinks 2: once we were ahead 16-0 we basically just ran the ball to take time off the clock. 3: dallas is a running team, they take a lot of time off the clock as well. So it’s hard to put up good offensive numbers when both teams are constantly running and taking time off the clock. That means less snaps and less passing opportunities. 4. Dallas actually has a good defense. They were ranked 8th in yards last year. They have one of the best defensive ends, a good defensive line and pretty good but underrated secondary. 5. No Curtis Samuel. Samuel is our #2-3 WR. He is a home run hitter and has shown he can run routes well. He is a guy who creates YAC. Not having him did hurt some. Also I think DJ Moore has been over hyped by a lot of people on this board. Everyone is saying he is going to be so great and be the OROTY. I just don’t see it. DJ Moore has talent but he is raw. He has to learn to run routes, he didn’t run many different routes in college so he is going to have to learn. I think he will have a Devin Funchess like rookie season. I’m predicting 400 yards and a few TDs. I think he will start putting up most of his catches near the second half of the season. We have more talent and experience at WR so it is going to be hard for DJ to get reps when everyone is healthy.
  8. rmoneyg35

    Did Dallas play dirty yesterday?

    I blame the coaching staff. We should have let Williams and Olsen sub out a lot. The coaching staff should have been more cautious and let them take more plays off especially in the 4th qtr when we were ahead by 16.
  9. Darnold did well. Yes he threw a pick 6 in his first throw but afterwards he only missed 4 passes. He had 2 TDs, high completion percentage. Sure he didn’t have a lot of yards but considering they ran the ball a lot you can’t expect him to have a lot of pass attempts. also the Jets have a horrible offensive line. If people on here want to always give Cam excuses because of his offensive line shouldn’t Darnold as well?
  10. What can we do? Have Williams play instead of letting him sit and heal? Corey Robinson? Who may be injured himself? amini sucks but he may be all we have at tackle for now. atleast he was beat by one of the best defensive linemen in the nfl.
  11. How can Obada be a surprise player when he isn’t even on the field? Healthy scratch yesterday. Cox and Haynes are ahead of him on the depth chart. unless some injuries occur on the D line he will be very lucky to even get on the field. I don’t think he lacks talent or skill to play at the DE spot but I don’t think he has more talent than the people ahead of him.
  12. I do think Wright will be our #2 or #3 WR. It all depends on how healthy Curtis Samuel can be. If Samuel is healthy then he is our #3. Wright is a solid player. He had two great WRs in front of him in Minnesota. Not to mention Minnesota had qb issues up until bridgewaters second year. he balled out in the short amount of preseason reps he did play. he has played in Norvs system, can catch the ball, good route runner, is quick, good speed and is one of the most solid 3rd down WR in the NFL. I know a lot of people think DJ Moore was going to be the OROTY but I strongly disagree. He has to learn to run routes better and from what I am hearing he must learn to prevent being jammed by corners. At best he will have a Funchess type of rookie season with most of his stats occurring in the second half. Funchess is our #1 WR, Samuel can be a solid #2, Wright will be the #2 or #3 while Torey Smith will get some snaps at all WR positions. DJ Moore and Byrd will make the occasional big play but due to so many good WR it will be hard for them to get many opportunities. there isn’t really a true #1 Wr on the team, just a bunch of solid 2s and 3s. That isn’t a bad thing though because Cam won the MVP without a #1 WR and less talent then there is now.
  13. Every year there is a player who wasn’t expected to do anything that ends up having a good season. This season will be no different. So who do you think will be the player to surprise us this season? I know a lot of people will say Taylor Moton but let’s be honest, is it a surprise if everyone is expecting him to do well? for this season I am picking Wes Horton. last season he had 5.5 sacks despite being the 4th DE and playing a lot less snaps than other DE. He has always been solid in the run game but has never been able to be a factor in getting pressure on the QB. Last year that changed. I believe you could actually compare Horton to Mario Addison. Age wise Addison never started producing sacks until he was 27 when he had 6.5 sacks. Wes was 27 last year and turned 28 near the end of the season. So they are close to the same age when it comes to finally being able to consistently get to the QB. Now with Charles Johnson retired, Horton has moved up the depth chart. Peppers and Addison are both over 31 and could start declining at any moment. I believe Horton will see a lot more snaps than last year. Horton has great size for a 4-3 DE. He can play DT and has been healthy his whole career. He started off the season with 1.5 sacks so he is already on track to break his sack record. so I predict this is the year Horton puts it all together and has an 8-10 sack year. Peppers will retire and Horton will be the starting DE for the next few years as Haynes grows into Addison’s replacement. so who are you picking for your surprise player of the season?
  14. rmoneyg35

    Sean Lee is Luke Kuechly

    I thought Sean Lee was the best defensive player ever?
  15. Kinda hard to have big offensive numbers when you run the ball and take time off the clock and the team you play runs the ball and takes time off the clock as well. dallas has a good defense. They were ranked 8th in yards last years and have improved this year. also don’t forget the rain. The rain was a factor yesterday.