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  1. If Cam is healthy then he is our guy. Pretty simple.
  2. So I am in Cozumel at a resort, literally on the beach as I am typing this. I watched that damned travesty of a game, while watching the waves in the background. Anyways, I was thinking about Greg Olsens comment. I think our defense is missing Thomas Davis. Luke is the brain of the defense. TD was the heart. He would be getting in folks face and holding them accountable. Don’t get me wrong, I agreed with moving on and Shaq has been very good. But TD was irreproachable as far as being a team leader and had the fire to get it done.
  3. https://www.derp/2019/11/6/20949837/moving-on-from-cam-newton-next-year-would-be-a-terrible-mistake
  4. Also, keeping Cam on the books for 20 mil next year is a bargain, if he can run pain free. Now, if Cam is adamant that he is not playing under a one year deal, then that certainly changes the calculus. Again the questions is HOW it goes down. I wouldn't blame either side if this is the reality. I hope we have a new staff who wants Cam to be the QB.
  5. I have read several posts saying, "It's just football". Well we are not actually talking about generic NFL football, or other NFL teams, we are talking about "Panthers Football". I have bleed black and blue for years. I choose to root for the Panthers because I grew up in NC and they usually have players that represented what I value. I do not blindly support anybody or anything. Again, this is not so much of a what or a who question. Its a how thing. IF they get rid of Cam when he is still capable of playing then I will be disappointed that the team ran off the player who sacrificed their actual body for. Like that is why he is in this position to begin with. Rivera has been constantly trying to save his job for years and used Cam to achieve those ends. Cam is going to be 31 not 41. Keep Pounding... unless you get hurt two years in a row.
  6. and he is actually healthy and able to play. I might be done with this team. And you can check my post history. I am not reactionary or dramatic, and I have been a fan since the days of home games at Clemson. This staff ran him into the ground, allowed him to play injured, and threw him under the bus whenever they needed a scape goat. I know you are all going to say, "I am a fan of the team, not one player". I get it, I used to say the same thing, but this move (if he gets healthy) would show that we wouldn't stand by our guy, who literarily gave it his all. Every. Single. Game. Thomas Davis tore his fuging ACL 3 times and we stayed with him. We failed him. And then abandon him after two weird injury seasons. Poo me all you want, but this will have some bad karma,
  7. Well, at least now I won't get my hopes up.
  8. Honestly this makes me think the Little is going to be shut down for the year.
  9. He is fine. He wasn't ready for the job and Ron let it last too long. Calling plays is really freaking hard and it takes an amazing working memory.
  10. I'd like to know who played where on the 1st offensive line group.
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