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  1. PantherBrew

    Imamura is a scapegoat...

    Coaching Defensive Line is one of the most underrated things about defense. It seems like it would be the easiest, but it really requires the most consistency and attention to detail. I feel like there is a huge gap between great D-line coaches and bad ones, maybe more than any other position group besides O-line. Essentially going from a A D-line coach to as F or D D-line coach was probably the biggest downgrade for the team.
  2. We blow a lead, and Gano kicks a 50 yard game winner.
  3. Winded may be the better word.
  4. This looks like a tired player.
  5. It is going to be so great Sunday when Funch and T. Smith are starting.
  6. I don’t mind the call. Cam just run it in. It was really that simple.
  7. Do you want to know what the NFL reminds me of right now? Soccer. Well not just soccer generally, but the penalty kicks. Instead of being excited for touchdowns, it feels more like that's the expectation. And if you dont score a touchdown if feels like a possession with a missed opportunity, like a big X for that possession. I love the tension, where every big play matters. A forty yard gain, could make the difference in the outcome. I am not talking about 9-6 football games. But like 24-17, 17-16. The tension when your team is on defense about how at anymore the game can completely change because of one big play. Thats gone now, now when they score, its like welp we better go score now too. I know we sounds like old fugs, but thats why Soccer is so popular around the world. the tension of a 0-0 match cannot be topped. NBA is going to find similar problems down the road.
  8. Road games on Thursday are tough as hell. We ran into a buzz saw hitting on all cylinders, who are a terrible matchup for us. This poo can snowball on the road, quickly. People are killing Washington for the 3rd and 3 "miscommunication" comments. I am going to give him a pass on this. I honestly don't believe him when he says that. I think he did call that. I can see why. Probably anticipated an "all stops" or short crosses. Having that many people right at the sticks could work. I mean you aren't going to get there anyway , then he should have explained how it happened. I used to be a high school DC, I can easily envision a scenario where you call a blitz based on the strength, where you bring pressure from one side and drop coverage on the other side. It could really happen, especially it being in the MOF and if there were motions. I hate even typing this much, this play could or could not be indicative of Washington as a DC. There is not a lot of trust on this defense at the moment. The biggest mistake wasn't promoting Washington to DC, the biggest mistake was not getting much more experienced position coaches. I had that luxury when I was promoted, and I can tell you I would have failed miserably w/o that help. Lastly, the Defense gave up 45. Which is ALOT, but in the context of this NFL season, it isn't that crazy. Oh well, we got blasted by a contender on the road. The lions game will tell us more about this team than the Steeler game.
  9. I still think they should start 1st and 25.
  10. Wait a fuging second. I will be critical of Ron anytime, but this timeout poo is not his fault. And don't give me the crap about having the team prepared. I love them and they have been fantastic this year, but this is squarely on Cam and Norv.
  11. I hope to god that Rivera/Norm go into these games thinking that they have to score every possession. You have to match the Saints aggression. If we kick a field goal under 50 yards is a huge win for their defense.
  12. The general rule is you blitz bad QBs and play zone against good QBs. Unfortunately, the key to beating the saints is the red zone. The best way is a bend but doesn't break mentality. I hate it, but it has shown to be the best. Make them go the length of the field, taking up time, and making them execute every play. That's just the way it is with Brees and Payton. They know this too, which is why they are hyper-aggressive on 4th downs. They know they HAVE to score TDs to win. I hate the bastards, but they have built an almost unstoppable offense.
  13. PantherBrew

    Biggest concern against Baltimore?

    Sean Payton loves the guy.
  14. PantherBrew

    Biggest concern against Baltimore?

    It will be interesting how they handle the misdirection and reading plays. We could definitely be looking at a 16-13 type of game.
  15. PantherBrew

    Biggest concern against Baltimore?

    Yeah this can be an issue. Pittsburgh used to do this. One way to counter this is with the power run game. When you have you players standing they typically dont get leverage and power to stop gaps for the run. But it can be tough to block at times.