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  1. I like this Cam discussion much better. It actually has context and the health rationale.
  2. LMAO this is some rich stuff right here. Cam was having dinner and going out with one of his best friends who he had worked with for 10 years. He can do what ever he wants to. He didnt break laws or hurt anyone. Nobody's fuging business but theirs. Tepper grabbed his wife's ass at a head coaching introduction in front of all those cameras. And several other actions and comments below an owner of a 2.5 billon dollar franchise. I honestly don't give a shi about this, just wanting it as an example of this dumb stuff. Sadly, you are not alone.
  3. I think it still makes sense to me. Cam is still young, CMC is still young. The only one that sucks is Luke, but his was probably going to end regardless.
  4. Yep. This is so right. One thing I would really want to know is who he could get to be O-line coach. That really is the sauce behind the NO offense and LSU offense.
  5. So you don't think Rhule's success has anything to do with the experienced DC that has gone with him in his last two spots. Anyone that can hold opponents to under 20 ppg in the Big 12 and ranked in the top 20 is someone who deserves to be promoted, the next ranked Big12 defense is Ok State at 61. Impressive. Coach's dont hire guys they havent worked with. So much of building as staff requires trust and communication.
  6. Yes, and it works like this at every level of football, including high school.
  7. It really really helps to have a top 3 QB. He alone has won them so many close games.
  8. I am not so sure about that. I know Baylor was in shambles, but he has 20 seniors and 24 juniors on that team.
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