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  1. no one asked him about cutting Godwin? i feel like that was the biggest surprise. didn't even sign him to practice squad. media fail.
  2. why the hell is our oline garbage year after year? eventually you are only as good as your record and this clown hasn't ever turned out a quality line here.
  3. meanwhile no one comes within 5 steps of brady... is there some magic other teams have that we can't replicate at least once?
  4. his run style, foot quickness, and speed, all look like cmc. probably needs work in route running but this dude is by no means a cap clone
  5. you mean to say this team is lacking a sense or urgency? hmmmm... never heard of us having that problem before...
  6. strange, i thought coming out of college his run blocking skills were supposed to be the strongest part of his game and he needed to work on the route running and pass catching.
  7. i can't figure out why people are high on bryan Cox jr. cannot seem to remember a single remarkable thing he's done but everyone just keeps wanting him to be on the roster. what an i missing?
  8. Final voting is open... vote for me!

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