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  1. The blue jerseys alternate jerseys seem to be a different shade of blue each year. I also think the color rush blue jerseys with blue pants are a different shade then the normal blue alternate. incredibly inconsistent.
  2. She should have put the team on blast when she was still covering the Panthers. Maybe it would have prompted someone to take some accountability and make some changes. Instead we are all living out the worst possibly timeline :(
  3. While I understand stopping the spread of the virus is one of the main reasons for not wanting to play, thinking that being paralyzed wouldn't affect your team and family members is very short sighted. It won't harm them like a virus but I couldn't even fathom dealing with something like that. Imagine your husband or father is a multimillionaire superstar football player and next thing you know he is in a wheelchair for the rest of his life. That is something no one can prepare for and yet players take that risk every time they step onto the field. They are talking about playing without fans and taking every possible precaution to make sure no one is showing any signs or symptoms of having the virus.
  4. Guy is talking about the "risk".... ask a guy like Ryan Shazier about the "risk". It's fuging football. You risk getting brutally injured every time you play. You can't "eliminate" the risk of injury from football and some chose not to play. Players rather risk their brain then get covid-19. What world am I living in?
  5. Give me David Gettis and Brian St. Pierre. Hell, even though he never played for us, toss Hakeem Nicks in there for good measure and start the Mt Rushmore of Panther what if's.
  6. I always felt it was pretty obvious that was the reason he was release. I don't even think we even saved any significant money by cutting him and our safety depth at the time was abysmal.
  7. You’re looking for the Nike Elite jerseys. They usually cost around $350 on NFL Shop or the Panthers site. Seems like we are the only team that doesn’t have Elite jerseys listed. They have been discontinued according to NFL Shop. They already have Elite versions of Jerseys for teams with new uniforms like the Falcons and Bucs which leads me to believe the Panthers may have some kind of jersey alteration in the works which is why they were discontinued. You can’t even buy custom named Panther elite jerseys.
  8. I thought the same thing when we drafted Cam for the same reasons. 10 years later and I’m still saying Brees is bound to retire soon, Matt Ryan wears braided belts, and well Tampa bay is Tampa Bay.
  9. I'd imagine Boston will be a defensive captain along with Shaq and KK.
  10. If I had to bet on where I think he ends up I would put my money on the Denver Broncos. They have nothing behind Drew Lock and Elway loves his vet QBs. I personally think he should go the the Chiefs to backup Mahomes. It would be his best chance to get a ring at this point in his career even if it is as a backup.
  11. I'm sure that was the plan until Luke decided to retire.
  12. i'm going to reserve judgement on Jackson until I see what the new defensive scheme looks like. Rivera's scheme didn't really play to Bradberry or Jackson's strengths. Both have commented about not liking Rivera's soft conservative zone scheme. Bradberry has said he likes playing press man coverage but Ron hardly ever had him play press coverage. I hope with Snow we don't have to watch our corners play 10 yards deep every snap only to get dink and dunked down the field every drive.
  13. Wait so is Juston Burris as corner or safety?
  14. Manhertz may not even make the team now that Rivera is gone. He offers basically nothing in the passing game and his blocking isn't enough to justify taking a roster spot on the 53. To me, he is like the offensive version of Colin Jones.
  15. My exact sentiment, which is why I figured he must have been the one who offered the 1st rounder. If team executives tell you, "hey we turned down a killer deal for a player we just traded for peanuts", i'd imagine they would want to keep that kind of stuff in house. The trade for Okung also proves the Panthers were in the market for a LT but didn't want to give up draft capital.
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