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  1. Kyle Allen was dog poo in the preseason as well... Last year Heinicke and Allen seemed to be getting equal opportunities until injuries happened. I don't see what the difference is now.
  2. I felt the same way last year but Tepper decided to tuck his big brass balls between his legs.
  3. And we all thought new ownership would change that.
  4. It would show that Tepper isn't afraid to fix his mistakes and admit he was wrong. Show the fans and players you are committed to winning and blowouts like this, San Francisco, and Pittsburgh will not be tolerated.
  5. If he isn't fired Monday Tepper may as well be Jerry Richardson with a mask on.
  6. He could have still fallen to us but not very likely.
  7. My perception and many others hasn't changed. If anything we are just being proven correct. So many of us were begging JB to play the young guys over the overpaid vets all last season and JB didn't do it until we were basically out of playoff contention. We then proceeded to go on a nice run to end the year and miss the playoffs by half a game. If JB would have been smart and played talent over paycheck we would have been the 7th or 8th seed last season.
  8. This is all Teppers fault to begin with. What he is seeing on the field is entirely of his own doing. He can very easily change that by doing what he should have done in the offseason and fire the coaching staff.
  9. Flame me if you want but so far Tepper hasn't shown me anything that says he gives a poo about the product on the field. If anything he brought back Ron for another season which was really concerning imo.
  10. Did you miss the first few games of the season? I was clearly not talking about today since neither player was injured today. You remember Burns breaking his hand and Little suffering a concussion?
  11. "We have too many good football players to be losing games like this" Hey Ron, That usually means the coaching is fuging terrible you moron.
  12. Burns and Little were playing great until they got injured wtf are you talking about lol.
  13. It is also not like Kyle Allen is the entrenched starting QB. He is a back up QB that is playing like poo. There is no reason to keep him n the game when you have another capable backup sitting on the sideline.
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