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  1. Tell me how Dante Fowler’s bum ass faired
  2. I don’t think he makes it through the game behind the current Oline. Chandler Jones is going to take Daryl Williams lunch money.
  3. Explains a lot. It’s hard to be accurate with the ball if you can’t properly plant your feet when you throw. He probably should have never been out there to start the season. Classic Ron Rivera move. Can we please get Ron out of town before he finally gets Cam killed.
  4. Here we go. Can't wait until we start getting referred to as the Carolina Steelers. Just like us and the Bills.
  5. We were fuging terrible in 2014 but luckily so was the rest of the division. Sorry, but that's not really reason for optimism.
  6. I have zero confidence in a Ron Rivera coached team. We all knew he should have been gone after last season and now we are paying the price.
  7. I don’t really enjoy football anymore. I don’t care for college sports and the NFL is becoming more and more of a joke each passing year. The amount of commercials now is just disgusting. I’m not going to go on a rant but if the Panthers ever left the Carolinas it would mark the end of football for me.
  8. I really think Cam is playing on a broken foot and they’re not saying anything. Everything has had a weird vibe since he went down in that preseason game. Super hush hush and then a few days later everything is fine like nothing happened. Cams shoulder has never kept him from running in the past and it looks like he can’t even plant his feet to throw or maneuver in the pocket.
  9. Watch Ron Rivera outlast Cam Newton as a Carolina Panther.
  10. I may be done with football after this circus. Officials have to be trolling at this point.
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