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  1. Eazy-E

    Go Rams, obviously.

    fug the Rams and their owner. They should have never left St. Louis. LA doesn't deserve a football team let alone two and there is no way in hell that city deserves a Super Bowl. There is a slim chance that a Superbowl win for the Patriots means the end of Brady, Gronk, and Belichick so I am willing to take that bet.
  2. Eazy-E

    "Hell yeah, that was PI"

    Blame the owners for signing that piece of poo Goodell to a five year extension.
  3. Eazy-E

    Those delicious salty tears...

    God awful calls happen to every team. Everyone can thank that pos Goodell for the current state of this Joke of a football league. It’s an embarrassment. On the other hand, the Saints won the toss in OT and pissed away their chance to secure a victory. The refs had no impact on that so they all need to quit bitching a shut the fug up.
  4. Maybe if Tom and Bill get one more they will just retire already.
  5. Keeping Gano was 100% a Ron Rivera decision.
  6. The officiating in both games today has been an abomination.
  7. Umm, wasn't that play illegal as fug?
  8. If the rule change had been made back then, It would have been called a completed pass.
  9. That catch was a perfect example of why they changed the rule this season. Years past that was an incomplete pass but people were going ape poo over terrible catch or no catch calls so they made it so the ball is allowed to touch the ground and move as long as the receiver doesn't lose possession. Basically if the new rule was in place, the Cotchery catch in SB50 would 100% be a completion.
  10. Mother fuger had the leg on that one to hit it from 65.
  11. Idk what you’re arguing about. I said it was an illegal strike. I just wanted the point out it wasn’t as blatant as you stated. You made it should like the guy was down on all fours and Hardy cheap shot him with a knee to the temple. Crowder was trying to stand back up and by rule if his other knee had come even an inch off the mat then the strike is legal. All the backlash from this needs to be directed towards Dana White for being a fuging scum bag who doesn’t give a fug about anyone and only cares about money. He was so visibly pissed when Cejudo won because he couldn’t just end the125 weight class right then and there. He was visibly red in the face when putting the belt on Cejudo and imidiately left the octagon after without saying a word. The guy is a grade A piece of poo.
  12. It's obvious Hardy doesn't know the rules but the second part of what you said is exactly what happened. "The guy struck was on his way up or maybe had a knee down that the opponent's angle didn't allow him to see." Go back and re-watch the knee. Hardy was holding him while he was down and when Crowder started to get up Hardy didn't strike until he lifted his first knee. http://www.espn.com/mma/story/_/id/25806248/ufc-fight-night-greg-hardy-disqualified-fight-allen-crowder To say he had both knees down and it wasn't close is completely false. Crowder was clearly trying to stand up with one knee still down when Hardy struck him. Yes it was illegal but what do you expect from a fighter who should have never been there to begin with. MMA has a lot of technical rules and a fighter with only 3 fights probably doesn't even know a quarter of them.
  13. I want him to pan out and have a great season but we need a legit safety and nickelback so we don't have to rely on a linebacker to cover TEs and slot receivers. It never worked out very well for Shaq and he was getting burnt constantly.
  14. Eazy-E

    Should Ace Aladdin be banned?

    Ace, julio santos, and hammerin cam1 all need to be banned.
  15. That Hammerin'Cam1 post is one of the top threads on the front page..... I mean c'mon man.