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  1. With the current crop of starting NFL QBs we could be doing a lot worse. The defense and offensive line on the other hand need a serious influx of talent.
  2. fug it I was close.
  3. Brind'amor is such a damn good coach.
  4. Damn that video just got me hyped for 5 wins.
  5. Dude has never thrown less that 20tds and 3500 yards in any full season he has played. His worst season would be a career best for Teddy two gloves.
  6. Also nothing against the guy, but there just isn’t anything exciting about Teddy Bridgewater.
  7. Do we have 2 different blue jerseys? Sometimes they are like a Carolina blue and sometimes it’s more of a neon electric blue.
  8. One bad apple spoils the bunch. That is what happened in baseball. A select few teams and players have not taken signs and symptoms seriously and let players play regardless of test results. The Marlins has 2 players this past Friday test positive with no symptoms and let them play anyway. (Completely against the rules) and by Sunday half their team was infected. The majority of the league seems to be following protocol and has not had any outbreaks. Same goes for the NBA. The knock on the NFL has been they have not be proactive and have not really shown a detailed plan of how the season is going to play out like the rest of the major sports leagues have. For being the wealthiest league it’s a bad look.
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