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  1. Just finished it and I was honestly blow away. Way better than I expected. I would pay good money for them to keep following the Panthers because I want more.
  2. That’s 5 less idiots in the world
  3. There are over a million people signed on to that Facebook group. I say let them all go to Area 51 and let the military do their thing. Natural selection at its finest.
  4. I’m the manager at The Alley Charleston downtown and I always have the Panthers on our projectors with audio. There really isn’t a Panthers only bar downtown unfortunately. Closest thing would probably be Local 616.
  5. At the time it didn't seem dumb since no other team took the trade. looking back now it may seem dumb but without truly knowing what was offered it's all purely speculation. You can also argue that Frank is the best player out of Johnson and Winslow. My entire point is everyone, even 4 years later, still shits on the Hornets for not making that trade but rarely brings up the fact that no one made a trade with Boston and the team in front of us and behind us supposedly turned down a similar trade. For that reason, I don't put much stock into the supposed picks offered by Boston.
  6. From the same article, so don't know why you are asking if I even read it. Not a single GM in the NBA made that trade with Boston so idk why the fug it is always brought up. Rozier and Brown picks are pure specualtion. It's laughable you think Ainge didn't offer Detroit and Miami the same deal. All 3 teams turning down his offer should tell you everything you need to know.
  7. Stop bringing up the 4 first rounders from Boston. If their offer was so great, why did every team drafting around us also turn down Boston's offer? https://nba.nbcsports.com/2018/05/18/report-celtics-offered-monster-trade-package-for-justise-winslow-to-pistons-and-heat-not-just-hornets/ The picks offered have never been revealed and it seems a bunch of other GM's laughed at the offer, so can we all just finally stop with this nonsense.
  8. We are not a playoff caliber team this year with Kemba which is MJ's excuse for not resigning Kemba. Not really sure how you are disagreeing with that.
  9. The post was Williams calling out the Panthers for not posting anything on Instagram about Catman passing away. He says the panthers don’t care about their fans and used the comparison of the Jets having a super fan hall of fame to justify his position. Hey Deangelo, the guy just pasted away a few days ago. How about having some respect for his family instead of using the death of someone to start poo on social media you piece of poo.
  10. The only thing we should have traded Kemba for was draft picks. No reason to take on players when we should be tanking. I like Smith Jr but he would have definitely helped us win games.
  11. You fail to mention how we let our two best players walk for absolutely nothing. If the plan was to tank and rebuild it would probably have been a good idea to try and get as much value as we possibly could for them.
  12. As long as the Hornets are in Charlotte I am going to root for them. I will not be giving MJ a dime though until management proves they can turn this disaster around. I'm rooting for the Hornets to get lucky as fug and land the number one pick and draft the future GOAT and win multiple championships. fug Boston they are our competition and I hope they lose every game. If I was at the game when Kemba comes to Charlotte to play the Hornets I would give him a standing ovation and thank him for his time in Charlotte. After that back to fug you Boston and I hope the Hornets blow the Celtics out and Kemba goes 0-30. I want the Hornets to tank and I want our only wins this season to come against the Celtics. Love you Kemba but you and the Celtics are the enemies now.
  13. Cody Zeller is our leading scorer right now at 10.1 ppg. We really just let our two best players leave in FA for absolutely nothing. Makes me fuging sick.
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