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  1. I don't think anyone but a Seahawks fan would choose a prime Wagner over Kuechly. Prime Luke is arguably the greatest middle linebacker to ever play.
  2. Brett Kollmann always makes quality videos. Watching this makes me incredibly sad. Luke was just on another level. Sorry not sorry Seahawks fans. Luke was better than Bobby Wagner, numbers don't lie.
  3. If Tepper decides to trade or release Cam he immediately becomes the villain to a large portion of the fan base. If Cam goes on to be successful on another team, fans will remain pissed off until a new QB wins games and takes the Panthers to the playoffs and beyond.
  4. You’re telling me that if we had made the playoffs and looked poised to make a run this season he would have still retired? Would Peppers have come back for one last season if he was told were rebuilding instead of trying to make a run at a championship?
  5. How is this low? The talk of moving on from Cam has been going on all season? If Tepper told Luke that he is planning to rebuild and part of that plan is going to require moving on from certain players that he has been teammates with his entire career on top of the fact that his only professional head coach was already fired, I am sure weighed heavily into his decision to hang it up. I would think most logical fans can see that.
  6. Our offense with a new coaching staff has the potential to be really good. If Greg plays one more year this would be the most offensive talent Cam has had since 2013. I just think it would be incredibly stupid to give up on Cam without seeing him under new coaching. Use our first on a guy like Isaiah Simmons to replace Luke and use the rest of the draft to beef up the trenches. Use FA to fill holes in the defense to cater to who ever the new coordinator is. I just think it would be a massive mistake to not give Cam an opportunity to prove himself after everything he has done for this franchise. Unfortunately I think Luke's retirement was a major indication of the direction Tepper is choosing to go. Matt Rhule may be looking for a QB his entire time in Carolina.
  7. If I was a betting man I would say that had a huge part in Luke's decision to call it quits. Olsen will probably ask for a trade to a contender or retire for the booth. Cam will be used as trade bait to try and move up in the draft and if he isn't moved I think he will be outright released. They will let Bradberry walk along with the majority of our pending free agents. This will mark the start of the rebuild. I fully expect a QB to be selected in round 1. The unfortunate victim of all this will be McCaffery who will be kept to help ticket sales and keep butts in seats. I really hate this but I have come to terms with this being the most likely reality. The fact that Tepper kept Ron another year after a disaster of a season and Marty Hurney is still employed is making it really hard to have much faith in him.
  8. I've been on record for years now saying I have wanted Ron gone since 2016. He may have been a good mentor and overall person but he was a terrible head football coach. The Panthers had so much talent from 2012-2016 and Ron and Dave some how managed to completely fug everything. There are members of the Huddle I would have rather had coaching the Panthers on gameday than Rivera and Shula. I don't even want to know the amount of 1 score games we managed to lose over those years. In 2015 alone I can recall 6 or 7 games Rivera almost managed to blow due to his total lack of clock management skills and his conservative shut the offense down and rely on the defense approach to closing out games. A lot of the players have blinders on because it would be like talking poo about your dad but Rivera wasted the primes of a bunch of rare and talented players. I am not even going to dive into his handling of injured players. Luke and the rest of the guys deserved better.
  9. We are talking about a hypothetical question. Asking for Cam to come back healthy and playing at a high level has just as much validity as signing Tom Brady.
  10. Pray the football gods that Cam comes back healthy in MVP form. If he doesn't, get ready to play QB roulette for the foreseeable future
  11. Maybe it's because I don't have a team I care about but college football just doesn't do it for me.
  12. Iol doesn't matter what league it is, football refs are trash.
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