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  1. I don't think it will happen playing with Cam unless Cam's carries dramatically decrease.
  2. Did this take you a week to make? Solid post but everything you mentioned has been covered and beaten to a pulp in numerous other threads.
  3. Love Gordon Ramsay. This was spot fuging on.
  4. ooh wee mayne. That poo right there looks goood.
  5. Satisfied no, but if we ended up playing a very competitive game against a team that ends up winning the superbowl I wouldn't be mad. Anything less than that and I would expect Tepper to take a good hard look at the front office and coaching staff.
  6. When has a Ron Rivera coached team come out looking prepared and dominant after a long break?
  7. No not all the time but in that situation it was. It was third and 3. Dropping linemen into coverage on 3rd and short is just not smart defensive football.
  8. Star would be a no show in this awful defensive scheme as well. Our entire defense fuging sucks not just the D line. Swapping two players on defense, Jackson being a huge upgrade, should not effect an entire unit this much. Washington is in over his head.
  9. Regardless off communication issues, 3 linemen dropped into coverage and our best cover lb Luke was rushing the passer. I doubt Luke fuged up what he was supposed to be doing which mean Washington asked someone on the D line to drop into coverage and Luke to blitz on a 3rd and fuging 3. Even if one d lineman drops into coverage and Luke still blitzes it's a fuging terrible play call. There is no positive way to spin something this fuging stupid.
  10. Eazy-E

    GM candidates

    I don’t have any complaints about Hurney since he’s been back. Between the front office and coaching staff he may be the only one who deserves to stay. I’d say Norv as well so I can see what he can do without Ron’s conservative ass holding him back.
  11. Lol Clay Matthews hasn’t been elite in years
  12. Thursday was the worst defensive performance this team has ever had. Unless I missed something, no team has ever scored more than 52 points against us. I don’t know how the worst loss in franchise history doesn’t get someone fired.
  13. I’m not knocking Poe when the entire d line is playing like poo. Our D coordinator is asking him to drop into coverage. That isn’t Poe’s fault. Should we have signed him? No, but the deal we gave his was pretty decent considering the deal Buffalo gave Star. I would have loved to get Damon Harrison for a 5th.
  14. Eazy-E

    What is the next position of need???

    Give us Anthony Davis like we fuging deserved. fug you David Stern.