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  1. They're on the same page. Teddy just doesn't have the arm talent to get him the ball consistently. Crazy how the one game Teddy doesn't start, DJ has his highest receiving yards game of the season.
  2. You come out and say I have to make that throw. That's it, or take that damn captains patch off of your jersey.
  3. I hope Luke has been putting in work as a scout to help this team find its next great MLB.
  4. He's 22 with top 3 potential on the team. Also losing him would be another wasted Hornets 1st round pick. Some players, regardless of how good they were in college, take time to fully develop into a NBA player. Even at 25 you're still a young player. Just the reality of drafting 19 year old kids.
  5. Looks like PJ thought DJ was going to sit in the zone instead of curl out.
  6. Let Teddy rest and hop on the PJ Walker train. I want to see some bombs to DJ Moore.
  7. I disagree. This team is going to be a run and gun squad. Either be able to shoot or attack the rim. The two big men were drafted to fill the role of losing Biz. Hopefully we can develop one of them to be more than just a space eater and shot blocker when needed. Rozier isn’t a great shooter and isn’t great at attacking the basket. He just doesn’t fit with the current youth on this team. I also don’t see Batum ever seeing the floor again unless we get decimated by injuries. Forgot to add, there is no way this team lets go of Devonte.
  8. Rozier just doesn’t fit with Ball here. If anything I think Ball will be huge for Monk and I still think he has a ton of potential. Borrego saying we will be playing positionless basketball really plays into Graham’s and Monk’s strengths. Graham and Riller can be knock down spot up shooters and Monk, Miles, and PJ will be able to run the floor and hopefully LaMelo can turn this team into the new lob city. Terry just doesn’t fit the fast paced offense Borrego wants to run IMO. He just seems like the obvious odd man out. Riller also is just an incredibly efficient offensive player. Rozier is not. Nothing against Terry but we should have never done the sign and trade for him to begin with. Just screamed of a panic move when the team realized Kemba wasn’t coming back. Realistically I don’t see Riller getting playing time because I don’t think we will be able to move Terry. Possibly next year as an expiring. Monk’s value is too low currently to give up on his potential. I don’t like giving up on first round picks and players under 25. Talk of giving up on Bridges and Monk for Westbrook made me want to vomit. Only players that should be available in a trade are Zeller, Rozier, and Batum. Keep rolling with the youth movement and actually try to develop our own draft picks for once please.
  9. I live in Charleston and got to watch Riller play a ton. He was my favorite pick of this draft. Very smart player. Can easily see him as the backup PG if / when we move Terry.
  10. How's Myck Kabango doing you fuging dolt.
  11. Cam in 2011 and then Luke in 2012. Back to back ROTYs. MVP and DPOTY. One Super Bowl appearance with all that talent. Just want to give a big thanks to Dave Gettleman, Ron Rivera, and Mike Shula for being fuging terrible. Hope Rhule proves to be the real deal because this team currently needs a serious influx of talent at numerous positions. It’s funny because QB and MLB are two of those positions.
  12. The Panthers need a franchise QB.
  13. Don’t really care about wins and losses anymore this season. I just want to watch our young guys grow and make plays. On that note I hope Brain Burns fuging buries Tom Brady.
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