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  1. 90% of the league doesn't have a starting QB dealing with 3 years worth of ongoing shoulder issues. Yes every team is fuged without their starting QB's, but I'd argue we rely on Cam to do so many things that other team don't ask their starting QBs to do. Also how many teams can say they haven't seen their QB throw a football in over 5 months?
  2. It really fuging sucks that everything boils down to Cam’s shoulder. Healthy Cam we’re super bowl contenders, without him we’re picking top ten.
  3. What teams are drafting more than one or two starters every year in the draft? I’m talking about actual contributors, not just bodies they’re throwing out on the field. If you have two starters on your roster from a draft 3 or 4 years ago that’s a huge success in the NFL.
  4. We really need to get someone who can put the puck in the net this offseason. Don't even get me started on our power play defense.
  5. So I guess Drogon went super saiyan or some poo like wtf? What was the point of all the armies and battles if Dany and one dragon could so easily just destroy everyone and everything? I could keep going on but my god did the writing really have to be this fuging bad. Nothing this season has made any logical sense. Like with each new episode everything that happened previously just gets thrown out the window. With the way things are going the final season may as well have been like 1 - 30 minute long episode and it wouldn't have made a difference. You would think Daenerys would want to kill / know Cersi is dead right? So instead of flying her dragon right to her watch tower and incinerating her she just destroys all of kings landing and never bothers to figure out if Cersi escaped or anything. fug this show I'm out. The Wire and Sopranos are the Goat and there isn't even a debate anymore.
  6. Oh yeah and I can't forget the obligatory fug Dave Gettleman for even letting Steve Smith play for anyone other than the Carolina Panthers.
  7. It's not a knock on Baldwin but he is no where near Smith. He never played with the kind of violence and explosion that Smith played with every week. Lets not even get into how much faster prime Smith was. There really hasn't ever been a player like Steve Smith so it is really hard to find a comparable player. I think that will be a major reason why he will eventually get into the hall of fame. There has never been a receiver at his size who was able to do the kind of poo Steve Smith would do. If you want to make a good Doug Baldwin comparison look no further than Derrick Mason. Just watch Steve Smith truck guys in the open field and stiff arm guys right into the dirt. You just didn't see Baldwin do those kinds of things.
  8. Scrolled too far down, saw the comments and got aids.
  9. 10. TD and 11. Olsen when they retire. After that, Cam and Luke. Everyone else is to young currently. Guys like Rucker, CJ, Minter, Stewart, Gamble, Wharton and others just aren’t quite Hall of Honor players. If you say one of the guys I just listed should be considered then you can make the case for any of them imo. Long time team captains with pro bowl success should be the baseline for HoH candidates.
  10. I just don’t like to make excuses and blame the refs for something we still had control over. You end up sounding like Saints fans who blamed the refs for losing the Rams playoff game. They had multiple opportunities to win that game and they blew it in overtime. Yes the refs made some shitty calls but we still had numerous chances to win the game and didn’t play well enough to capitalize on them. Play better defense on the power play and we beat Boston and the refs.
  11. There is no excuse giving up 2 power play goals in like 30 seconds. You have to be better than that if you expect to win the Cup.
  12. Yeah the officiating could have been better but we wasted way too many opportunities. Our power play offense and defense looks like it was back in regular season form this game. We won’t win this series if that continues.
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