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  1. I actually enjoyed it and was pleasantly surprised when I found out he was calling the game. Pulled at my heart strings a bit when he referred to some past practice squad and camp body guys as his guys. XFL has some potential. I like that it pretty much allows me to keep my routine weekend schedule of beer and hot wings on the couch or at my desk for a few more months. Haven't picked a team to attach to yet tho. Hopefully it has the chance to grow because there aren't very many opportunities for growth and development for players that don't make the 53 man NFL roster. poo, there aren't many for some that do.
  2. This is bull... Why are they breeding the culture die hards wish to kill, and killing the culture we spent the last decade trying to build. Who's Cam gonna give the ball to when he hit's the endzone?
  3. sounds like i wont have to change my madden play book to much next season.
  4. It's been a rough year... Thank god it's finally over. Time to get ready for draft season.
  5. This is not what I envisioned for a Panthers vs the Manningless Colts game... But I'm not that surprised considering the rest of this season.
  6. How is it possible for something that fuging big to be that fuging magestic and graceful. Cam just isn't human.
  7. my fugin heart is about to explode so is my dick i'm throbbing right now
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