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  1. I didn't even know we had him. I'm so out of the loop this offseason. We've quietly acquired a lot of Name Brand guys on our coaching staff the last couple of years. I really like the knowledge he brings to the table.
  2. we need this... we really need this. we need this like we've needed Norv since day one but had to settle for his disciples. This could be the move that pushes us over the top.
  3. I just wanna understand whats happening here
  4. Steve Smith and Thomas Davis will always be my favorite Panthers. They weren't Panthers. They were PANTHERS. Lifers who gave their heart and soul to this team and didn't want to retire anywhere else. Steve's fire and chip on the shoulder along with Thomas's patience and humility are everything we are as a team. No matter if we are hot or cold we are always a threat.
  5. The browns have odell and jarvis. We have the future.
  6. How is it possible for something that fuging big to be that fuging magestic and graceful. Cam just isn't human.
  7. my fugin heart is about to explode so is my dick i'm throbbing right now
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