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  1. Same here. The shitty officiating did it in for me. Haven't watched a full game since the Super Bowl. I can't take the NFL seriously if they blatantly miss or make easy calls/no calls. I still peruse this forum from time to time for old times sake. Still have a couple of friends here, but it's pretty much over for me. I still watch College Football though.
  2. It's obvious their head's not in the game after learning they won the division. Time to come back down to earth.
  3. Went over to the Patriots forums. Man, those guys are full of piss & vinegar. They sure hate them some Cam and I love it.
  4. Gano has had a tough time getting touchbacks this season. Wonder what's up with that?
  5. @josephperson: Alexander just had his head in his hands. This could be Achilles-related. GOOD GRIEF
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