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  1. Sounds like he needs some philosophy courses, maybe Descartes dream theory would help him some.
  2. I hope his ass is ok, some of those seats are relentless.
  3. This draft makes me wonder if it is not only for beefing up the d-line incredibly, but also enticing Luke to come back.
  4. And then Brady said "Oh, I didn't see the sign that said no goats allowed, thanks for pointing it out."
  5. The employee's opening line was probably "Do I need to call Eli Manning?"
  6. Is Heath Ledger's Joker the writer of this bill?
  7. I would love to see an offense that had Winston at QB, Ted Ginn at WR, and Leonard Fournette at RB. They could name them "Boom or bust" or "The consistently inconsistents".
  8. My nine year old son and I love playing plunder together. I work overseas and we play that for hours online.
  9. Following the free agency trend, we will trade down for lots of 3rd round or later picks. Pick up tons of low risk/high reward guys. Sign these guys to longest rookie deals that have little or no signing bonus. Cut the guys that do not work out. If there are diamonds in this rough, the humble and reasonable ones stay with good contracts. If not, trade them for all they are worth. Rinse, repeat.
  10. Didn't TB have like 2 of the leading receivers yardage wise last year? Goodwin and Evans? Why do they need this whacko?
  11. No one trades for Cam and he is on the roster. Then, Teddy gets hurt and/or is blown away by a Cam resurgence? It is not impossible to see this.... Then a big contract is left with Teddy, and a decision will have to be made there.
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