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  1. For Peak's sake are we ever going to forgive this guy about nick picking? Tommy Jone would be so upset right now.
  2. Raiders: If Slye had made that kick earlier in the game, the offense wouldn't have to be forced to go for it on 4th. Bears: Mike Davis fumbled (after having some ridiculous stat of never fumbling) in crunch time In fairness, Teddy did quite a bit of damage on his own against the Bucs. The point is though, you can't put a loss on a sole player. That is one thing that one of the best coaches I ever played for talked to us about after a game once. One of our players was really upset that he was the last out of the game (baseball) and was being really hard on himself. Coach Kellum pointed out that there was a dropped pop fly in the 4th that let the other team score a run, an infielder errored and allowed a different guy to get a single that turned into a run. We had left men on the bases in more than one inning. I had never thought of it that way until he addressed us after that particular game. It really is a team effort in sports.
  3. As for failing for Borat, they did a very clever job of getting around his recognizable character (as far as I’ve seen from the trailers). The trailers show him chased by Americans and saying “looks it Borat!” And him running away scared. The clever way they got people to fall for him again though, was by adding a fictional daughter who is the girl in this segment with Rudy (she’s a 24 year old smoking hot Bulgarian) Adding her seemed to really open up shock gags without Borat being center stage. They also seemingly chose totally hillbillies out in the middle of nowhere that Borat is staying with. They must not have recognized him, and opened the door for lots of humor based on right-wing beliefs. Watch a trailer and this will all make sense.
  4. I think “complain” is being misused here. Rhule is constantly adjusting and noting, while implementing a “always improve and get better” attitude. Have you ever noticed that when the camera is focused on him on the sideline, he is always grabbing his radio to press the push-to-talk and is speaking into his mic? He is noting things, commenting on how it can be better next time, areas of weakness, etc. He isn’t like most coaches and clapping and giving out high fives after boneheaded plays, or like Rivera the arm-crossed statue.
  5. I am just now remembering lots of horrible small details that made my last flight into O'hare such a miserable nightmare. (This was March 2020, a little before the COVID changes) They backlogged everyone when they arrived, and the entire bag retrieval area was elbow to elbow, must have been at least 300 people. After an hour or more of waiting, I took my bag to some confusing area and they spoke really fast, threw it on a belt and turned around and walked away from me. They sat us on our next flight and told us it was delayed to weather. We sat there about an hour and a half. The weather cleared up, and the flight crew informed us we would take off after we did refuel (why they couldn't in that time frame is beyond me) and as soon as they announced we were refueled, the straight up cancelled the flight (never ever heard of this). They herded everyone back inside and pulled out cots, it legit looked like a hurricane shelter. Then they closed every single store that would sell food or drinks. I called my wife to just come get me, a six hour drive. This entire six hours was spent trying to track down my checked bag from the cancelled flight. Everyone I spoke to was completely clueless and seemed to have no idea how the baggage system worked. Because I went downstairs to investigate the bags, I couldn't make it back up the stair to the cots and vending machines. Anyways, that was my arrival. When I was leaving, they charged me an additional $500 for "not making my connecting flight" before I was allowed to check in. I was PISSED. I didn't really have the time or leverage to argue because I was heading back to my overseas job. I called an explained my experience and they offered my a Laurel and Hardy handshake, for the most part. (I know it was O'hare and not really the airline).
  6. Decent write-up about Chicago...but you missed a few things... O'hare is the second shittiest airport in the world (behind Heathrow) and......THEIR PIZZA SUCKS!!! Yea...I said it....and I had their crummy pizza as my last meal stateside before getting on a ratchet ass flight at O'hare.
  7. Pretty naïve for you to think that famous athletes with millions of dollars don't face this problem more often than not.
  8. I imagine the women they involve themselves with are probably very bad for their mental health.
  9. I was thinking more about my friend's situation also. Does your daughter have other family members or close friends that she can sweet talk for money too? I ask this because there is a play my friend's dad uses. An example of this play is my friend paid $1,000 for his dad's insulin for three months. After that was paid, his dad told a different family member that he needed $1,000 to pay for his insulin for the month and the family member gave him the cash directly for it. You can use your imagination about how that acquired $1,000 was spent.
  10. With the luxury of this coaching staff I would say trade down and load up. Teams like the Packers and Steelers never seem to pick big-named flashy guys on draft day, but then they turn into stars after playing a few games. I am still convinced the Steelers have a linebacker and wide receiver cloning machine.
  11. I would advise to do your best at refraining from giving her cash. For instance, pay the $250 for the inspection directly. Someone I know is going through similar problems with his own father. Questions: Do you own the car, or are you making payments on it currently? I ask because I am not sure what the rules are if you were to "give" her the car by signing it over in her name and then telling her tough luck on getting her own insurance.
  12. Isn’t Murray always playing the “short” game?
  13. The Chargers made a ton of mistakes, and are a not a very good team. For some reason, a lot of people are convinced the Cardinals are a team that has already made the playoffs. They have some big names, sure, but that coaching staff isn't helping them much.
  14. OP, I get it. This isn't the traditional tank/rebuild/firesale formula. Rhule wants to win, and he is doing that by instilling a winning attitude with players who want to try their hardest, and want to prove that they can flourish in this league. The right pieces will fall into place as far as future players, but instilling an "its ok to lose" "this is losing for the future" attitude is not what we are doing here with Rhule. I personally love the way Rhule is approaching this rebuild, and with your suggested way, we would look like the Dolphins right now. No thanks.
  15. Turkey. It is very lenient on travel restriction and is INCREDIBLY cheap to visit. Turkish Airlines are great! Also, the most awesome hospitality you can possibly imagine.
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