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  1. Well damn i'm all kindsa wrong. Should have rechecked my facts.
  2. Her name is Reily, and he is married to her. I think they have twins.
  3. Big question is, how tall are you?
  4. I remember seeing a blog once that stated Adolf Hitler was the fascist leader of Russia in the 1980's....
  5. I was just thinking about this earlier. Slap a go pro in the helmet of the new MLB and have Luke tell him what do to through earpiece lol.
  6. Cam Newton is human, and a male human at that. The majority of us on this forum are male, and it is highly likely that most of us have made poor decisions concerning sex and temptations. This goes for those of us who are undesirable to women, to those of us who can easily hook any woman they want. In addition to temptations and impulsive decision making, Cam is also a famous athlete with millions of dollars tied to his name, and it is not hard to imagine that beautiful women have a wide range of reasons for wanting to seduce him.
  7. #98 Nelson also seemed to be a mighty big, strong, and fast DE with a high motor. They looked good together.
  8. Criminally underrated and possibly legendary defensive coordinator. Hes a 3-4 guy yea?
  9. Can you imagine being the guy who received the order and carried out the attack?
  10. Why do I have the feeling all these threads would be promoting Short and bashing Star had Short went to the Bills and Star stayed here?
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