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  1. cardiackat88.

    Official FUG THE STEELERS thread

    Most dumbass Steelers fans in NC say “Stillers”
  2. cardiackat88.

    David Tepper bringing the drip

    I think I’ve seen that hat before:
  3. I have always wanted to see Weird Al Yankovich do a halftime show with medleys of popular songs, with football related and playing team related lyrics.
  4. I was thinking when was the last time we beat Atlanta in their dome? I cannot remember, and in 2009 i went to a Titans game with it in mind that the panthers would get their asses kicked in Atlanta’s dome...whatta ya know?
  5. cardiackat88.

    Random Thoughts On Gano's GW FG

    This exactly! If there is any “but but” rebuttals, just imagine a 63 yard FG attempt on the opening drive instead of punting it.
  6. cardiackat88.

    OBJ implosion coming?

    He’s like “The Bizzaro” of wide receivers.
  7. cardiackat88.

    Thank you Andrew Luck!

    Luck would have dove for that ball... NOT!!
  8. Love it. We have had a major hole since Mike Mitchell left.
  9. cardiackat88.

    Rishard Matthews asks for his release

    He could just retire at halftime next game.
  10. I am sticking with someone told him his girlfriend was in the locker room going through his phone...
  11. cardiackat88.

    Ron tells a Luke story

    Do you think he's hooked up with Jourdan Rodrigue yet?
  12. cardiackat88.

    Ron tells a Luke story

    If memory serves me well, that was the day before the Panthers suffered their only loss in the 15-1 season.
  13. cardiackat88.


    This is a all Hurneys fault signing Delhomme to that huge deal and the D-Will. ALL HIS FAULT IM YELLING NOW!!!
  14. Wasn't Lynch hailed as the next big thing for the first two years in the league?
  15. That catch would not have meant much after Tolbert dropped the ball out of his hands like it was a demon hot-potato, when we were finally gaining momentum on the 50 yard line.