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  1. Oh, like the kind of guy who would not enter the draft in his junior year to avoid going to a certain team......?
  2. Made me think of the mutant companion from Fallout New Vegas...
  3. Why does everyone seem to think Henry will go so overlooked? I keep hearing "second or third round" etc. This dude will shoot up the draft boards quickly, thanks to media, hype, and where he played.
  4. Alfred Morris, would make a whole lot of sense. Younger, possibly cheaper, healthier, and possibly more effective.
  5. Oh yea, I'm such a newer fan I've been on the huddle for over 7 years... seriously, what the hell or who the hell was there to root for before manning? Cutler? fugin The Golden Calf of Bristol? manning landed and many followed from Indy. if you really think he was super great, look at all his chokes and his inability to put up much outside the likes of the Tennessee Titans and Jacksonville Jaguars. Straight up never been a fan of manning.
  6. Like 60% of the modern Broncos fanbase is people following manning from Indy. Never got the manning hype, a choke artist and guy who put up stats in the worst divisions in football for the last ten years.
  7. I mean, cmon man. These clowns keep playing the "disrespect"Ed Broncos card, when in fact not only did we beat 4 playoff teams in the refuser season, we smoked the cards and Seahags in the playoffs, and we didn't play the likes of the Chargers, Browns, raiders, and ravens. Ooh so scary you lame ass bitches.
  8. Ya I said four playoff teams , Seahawks, packers, Texans, redskins, during the regular season.
  9. "Not battle tested" but beat four teams who were in the playoffs this year, and beat the Seahawks twice.
  10. But don't you know all vets are super entitled, and God forbid offer them a job for less than $15 and hour when they get out.... vet here too, some vets REALLY annoy me.
  11. God danmit that same STUPID run around scared, lob it up, catch it for a touchdown play that happened against the packers last year.
  12. Are we intentionally letting them nickel and dime and take forever to get downfield?
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