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  1. Makes sense, he probably met with the top players shortly after being hired and then the virus hit and he hasn't been able to meet the others in person due to that. Everything we've heard about him is that his players love him, doesn't seem like the type of guy who would only have even "met" with only 20 of the players by teleconference.
  2. I am a huge MMA fan and I am strongly against the UFC holding events right now, but not due to the risk of spreading the virus as much as how many tests they are wasting on presumably healthy people so they can have fights when there are sick people and healthcare workers who can't get tests right now. But I can unequivocally say that the risks in regards to spreading the virus is incalculably higher for the NFL than it is for MMA. Yes, you're right, it's only 2 people fighting and there are more behind the scenes people and those who train with them. But fighters are training with no more than a dozen other people right now, there are 53 players on each football team, and then dozens of coaches, trainers, and equipment staff on top of that who are 100% a necessity to put on a game. In MMA you fight once and then don't fight again for many months, so if a fighter unfortunately caught the virus in a fight, it's well outside of the 2 week incubation period of the virus and it would obviously be detected well before they fight again. In football, if the virus is spread around in a given game, the players could play 2 more games before any symptoms are seen. And yes, they'll be tested during that time, but they can still pass the virus before they test positive, so if it takes 10 days to test positive, they can still pass the virus around in the game before they test positive and are quarantined. There is no sport I love more than the NFL, but I have a very hard time seeing how they're going to be able pull of a season this fall. The NBA will have a much better chance of playing with such smaller rosters and limited staff needed to put on a game compared to an NFL game. Just the equipment staff alone for each team is likely more people than each NBA team would need to put on a game. The #1 thing that would be needed is enough tests to test everyone involved with the team every day (and not be taking those tests away from sick people and medical workers who need the tests more than presumably healthy people). The #2 thing, and almost more important, is they need a 100% independent team running the tests as I'd have a hard time seeing teams not trying to cover up positive tests of star players, particularly QB's, and particularly in big games, so they don't have to sit them.
  3. Thoughts on signing Thaddeus Moss if he goes undrafted? From Charlotte, played for Brady, and his dad is one of the best ever to play. I’d be all about taking a shot on him as an UDFA if he makes it thru the draft without being taken.
  4. If we trade back into the first it better be for someone like Murray, I really like him and think he'd be a great long term replacement for Luke.
  5. terrible pick, how do you not take Simmons there, fire Hurney now
  6. I could see them doing something like the NBA, a lottery for the non playoff teams from last year and then a lottery amongst playoff teams for those draft spots too. Maybe even a lottery for each round too would make sense
  7. He was #5 at Louisville, Vikings, Jets, and Saints, while our #5 is a Punter... do you really think he'll have any other number than #5?
  8. I don’t think any team will want to be committed to another 20-50 million in 2021 and 2022 if he can’t make it through 2020 in one piece and show he can still be an elite starting QB in this league. If they did that and he gets hurt or is terrible, they’re then stuck for another 2 more years before they can get back on track. I think those teams would rather suck again in 2020 and go for a top QB in the draft than take that kind of risk.
  9. Even if we released or traded him, I don’t think any team would be willing to give him a contract for anything more than next season. I want him back, badly, as I think if healthy and with the weapons we now have, he could be great again. But even having said that, he needs to prove he is healthy, can stay healthy, and can just throw in game settings again before any team is giving him a new contract. So I’m not sure how much of a risk he’s taking without a long term deal since I’m not sure any team is giving him one, at least not at more then like $5 million in any season beyond this one, and he’s not taking a deal that small.
  10. That’s interesting that he’s the one reporting it. I’m a Detroiter, Bernie isn’t a beat writer and I wouldn’t even consider him a “reporter” either, he’s just one of the local channel’s main sorts anchor on the news. Just a weird person to hear that kind of rumor from
  11. I have a hard time seeing us going into the season with the CB position being manned by 3 rookies, a 2nd year player coming off a bad late season injury, and a guy who was on the PS until the end of last year. We are in a passing division in a passing league, need a vet presence at the position in my opinion.
  12. Love that intro pic of Stew, about to be the wallpaper on my 24" monitor at work for all to see!!!
  13. This is absolutely awesome to see the two state's teams get behind them like this. Hope someone makes sure the players hear about this, think it would be great for them to hear about everyone pulling together for them. Even better for me is that I'm a University of Arizona alum, and I haven't seen them tweet anything for supporting the Cardinals, LOVE IT!!
  14. Hoping Kuechly comes out and plays the first play of the second half, so we know he's alright, and then Rivera pulls him for the game
  15. Great non-block there by Funchess, most young players are going all out for that block, but if he did t would have been a sure fire block in the back
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