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  1. That was a bad challenge... While it looked like he caught it, the ball did touch the ground and it wasn’t conclusive enough for an overturn. its a minute into the second half, don’t waste the unsourced, just punt it away
  2. I actually don’t see Cam taking the max he can get. Everyone knows that in the end, on the field, all he wants to do is win and he HATES losing. Combine that with the fact that he has to be one of the top 5 money earners off the field, I see him giving up some money in his contract to build a better team around him since he knows he’ll more than make up for it off the field as he wins championships.
  3. Am I the only one who felt that there was a clear and concerted effort to NOT pass the ball to CMC throughout most of this game? He only had 2 catches on 2 targets, and I'm pretty sure they were both very late in the game if I remember correctly. Now I get it, they wanted to put tape out there that showed we don't NEED to pass the ball to him 10+ times a game to be dangerous, and it worked... but at the same time I don't think anyone could say that right now he is still the most dangerous weapon in our passing game (even if he's just a decoy). I don't think he really even ran many (any) routes during the first 3 quarters, which honestly I felt was a way to keep Cam from checking it down to him a bunch of times, and while it worked, I didn't like it as just the threat of him out there catching passes changes the way a defense attacks our offense and because of that I don't think we should ever go a quarter without him getting a couple targets in the passing game. Long story short... the tape is out there of CMC having a monster game without being utilized in the passing game, teams have to prepare for him as a legit RB now... I never want to see another game like that again, he MUST be utilized in the passing game and make defense account for him on each and every play to open up the rest of the offense. Okay... now bash me for being a "bad fan" for complaining after we won by double digits, I'm clearly a terrible fan..........
  4. tukafan21

    Thanks to David Tepper and Roger Goodell

    Wait a second here...... Did you just equate a raised fist with a Nazi salute?!?!?! WOW.....
  5. And what is the penalty if he decides to tear it down? Not like they’re going to be able to take the team away from him, so it’s got to be a financial penalty, but how big could it be that Tepper won’t just bite the bullet and pay it, guy just paid $2 Billion for the team.
  6. tukafan21

    Carolina Panthers Roster Projection

    I have a hard time seeing us going into the season with the CB position being manned by 3 rookies, a 2nd year player coming off a bad late season injury, and a guy who was on the PS until the end of last year. We are in a passing division in a passing league, need a vet presence at the position in my opinion.
  7. Love that intro pic of Stew, about to be the wallpaper on my 24" monitor at work for all to see!!!
  8. tukafan21

    One Carolina

    This is absolutely awesome to see the two state's teams get behind them like this. Hope someone makes sure the players hear about this, think it would be great for them to hear about everyone pulling together for them. Even better for me is that I'm a University of Arizona alum, and I haven't seen them tweet anything for supporting the Cardinals, LOVE IT!!
  9. Hoping Kuechly comes out and plays the first play of the second half, so we know he's alright, and then Rivera pulls him for the game
  10. Great non-block there by Funchess, most young players are going all out for that block, but if he did t would have been a sure fire block in the back
  11. So did Cam just confirm all the rumors or was that expert level trolling?
  12. tukafan21

    Hardy evidence photo somehow leaked

    What ever happened to the reports of her not having "significant injuries"? Thats some pretty significant stuff right there, I'm shocked that the reports were saying that given these photos.
  13. And now for all the recent 1/1's I've got... Used to own this one but had to give it up in the trade to finish my Prizm rainbow well over a year ago and was finally able to get it back The Greg Olsen's My 5th true 1/1 for Star (3 more plates and a blank back), have 5 of his 12 1/1's and only 7 of them have even surfaced to my knowledge This sick KB And then, the biggie from Topps Chrome Mini........
  14. My best recent non 1/1's....... Now only have 5 Star cards left to find, and only 1 of them is an auto /10 and /5 Both /10 /49 and /25
  15. man, haven't been into this thread in a while, have picked up a nice card or two since I last posted in here, haha Think keep it to just the nicest stuff I've got in that time