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  1. Surprised nobody has naked Minter yet.... Yes, all those other players were better, but he might be the biggest upgrade over the current players at those positions. Smitty, Pep, White, etc would all be nice, but we’re strong at those positions right now, not so much at Safety. I’d probably go with.... Gross, Minter, Norman or Gamble, and one of Kalil/Pep/Smitty as the last one.
  2. Even if someone traded for him, I don't think he can play this year because he was put on IR before the 53 man cutdown, which made him ineligible to come back this season. Don't think being traded would change that
  3. Oh god please no I don’t care about the kneeling or any of that junk, I just don’t think he is (or ever was) a good QB. He had a nice stretch at the end of that one season, all predicated on his running, but then he was garbage after that. just say no
  4. Turn him into a WR, he always talks about how great his hands are and he has the size/speed/strength combination to be a really solid possession WR with great red zone potential
  5. A mid season firing is to prevent what Rivera has done multiple times and go on late season runs to trick owners and GMs into thinking the team is going to turn a corner. He is a terrible coach, always has been, should have been fired 5 years ago, it’s time.
  6. Get rid of him even if we win the SB, because it will be like 2015, because of the players, not Rivera. He’s one of the best Monday-Saturday coaches out there I think, but he is a beyond awful game day coach. Makes mistakes that any 10 year old playing Madden knows not to make, too stubborn and can’t adjust mid game, just a terrible game day coach unfortunately. Cam only has had a few years left of possible elite play, Dump Ron and bring in a creative offensive minded coach. Cam is a Ferrari that we’ve been driving like a Prius for his whole career and I can’t stand it, we should have the most unstoppable offense in the league, but we don’t, because of too conservative Ron.
  7. I have a hard time seeing us going into the season with the CB position being manned by 3 rookies, a 2nd year player coming off a bad late season injury, and a guy who was on the PS until the end of last year. We are in a passing division in a passing league, need a vet presence at the position in my opinion.
  8. Love that intro pic of Stew, about to be the wallpaper on my 24" monitor at work for all to see!!!
  9. This is absolutely awesome to see the two state's teams get behind them like this. Hope someone makes sure the players hear about this, think it would be great for them to hear about everyone pulling together for them. Even better for me is that I'm a University of Arizona alum, and I haven't seen them tweet anything for supporting the Cardinals, LOVE IT!!
  10. Hoping Kuechly comes out and plays the first play of the second half, so we know he's alright, and then Rivera pulls him for the game
  11. Great non-block there by Funchess, most young players are going all out for that block, but if he did t would have been a sure fire block in the back
  12. What ever happened to the reports of her not having "significant injuries"? Thats some pretty significant stuff right there, I'm shocked that the reports were saying that given these photos.
  13. And now for all the recent 1/1's I've got... Used to own this one but had to give it up in the trade to finish my Prizm rainbow well over a year ago and was finally able to get it back The Greg Olsen's My 5th true 1/1 for Star (3 more plates and a blank back), have 5 of his 12 1/1's and only 7 of them have even surfaced to my knowledge This sick KB And then, the biggie from Topps Chrome Mini........
  14. My best recent non 1/1's....... Now only have 5 Star cards left to find, and only 1 of them is an auto /10 and /5 Both /10 /49 and /25
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